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Budget Price - But Amazing Quality! Top 10 Japanese Popular Cosmetics at Cosme Loft

Budget Price - But Amazing Quality! Top 10 Japanese Popular Cosmetics at Cosme Loft

Date published: 16 December 2019
Last updated: 16 November 2020

Harajuku is one of Tokyo’s major sightseeing locations, and known for its ability to stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, art, food, and even cosmetics. So, naturally the new shop, “COSME LOFT,” is a hot topic in town.

The shop specializes in beauty and health sundries, and it's a perfect place to find Japanese cosmetic items, which are very popular with international visitors. Here are 10 popular items recommended by one of the COSME LOFT staff.

Table of Contents
  1. What is COSME LOFT?
  5. 4. Fujiko “Mini Watery Rouge”
  6. 5. Fujiko “Shake Shadow 06 (THE BROWN)
  7. 6. WHOMEE “Long & Curl Mascara Choco Brown”
  8. 7. WHOMEE Multi Liner
  9. 8. CANMAKE “Melty Luminous Rouge 04 (Caramel Terracotta)”
  10. 9. CANMAKE “Marshmallow Finish Powder”



LOFT is a store chain that sells various sundries such as stationery, cosmetics, character goods, and interior items. COSME LOFT is a new shop that specializes in beauty and health sundries.

The first COSME LOFT opened in April 2019 on the 5th floor of Tokyo Plaza Omotesando. It became extremely popular and has become a new sightseeing spot in Harajuku.

The store is compact, but they provide many “seasonal” cosmetics to women who visit Omotesando, which is one of the central trend locations. Along with the flagship store Shibuya LOFT, they sell the latest trend items and independently developed products such as “LOFCOS,” which are highly regarded for their originality and quality.

If you want to know the latest trend, you'll be able to find it right here! This time we asked the store manager Yokoyama about popular items for overseas visitors. Let’s dive in and check it out!


“UZU BY FLOWFLUSHI MOTE MASCARA” 1,980 yen per color (tax included)

The most recommend item by the manager is “UZU BY FLOWFUSHI MOTE MASCARA.” UZU is a brand by the company FLOWFUSHI. The company originally sold products such as “MOTE MASCARA” and “MOTE LINER,” but in recent years, they decided to change their brand image and started the “UZU” series with a new package.

“MOTE MASCARA” was popular before the renewal, and people still ask for it at the store. It is has changed to “UZU BY FLOWFUSHI MOTE MASCARA,” since the renewal in November 2019. There are 5 types of black mascara with a different finishing touch, and 5 types of colored mascara that provide an exquisite color. In spring 2020, they will release a new type and make the series into a total of 11 types of mascara.

Another great point about the mascara is that it comes off just with warm water, so it is gentle on the eyelashes. With its stylish package and quality mascara, it is the manager's No.1 recommendation!


“UZU BY FLOWFLUSHI EYE OPENING LINER” 1,650 yen per color (tax included)

Like the “MOTE MASCARA,” the “MOTE LINER” attracted attention through SNS and fashion magazines and became extremely popular. So, it has since been renewed as the “UZU BY FLOWFUSHI EYE OPENING LINER.” This item still receives many inquiries from international visitors and remains a popular recommended item.

Before the renewal, the package looked like a silver pouch with a cute “MOTE LINER” logo, but with the new brand UZU, it has an even more stylish design. Unlike other brands, they have exquisite and vivid colors such as orange, yellow, white, and blue. Due to the location of Omotesando, many hairdressers and makeup artists visit the shop for the eyeliner.

In addition to the colors, the brush is specialized for its ease of use. With its superior writing comfort, it is also suitable for artistic makeup design.



Along with the mascara and eyeliner, the staff recommended this lipstick from the “UZU” series.

The FLOWFUSHI brand sells gloss type treatment such as the “+1℃” and “-1℃,” which are part of a popular lip series that are developed to achieve the ideal color temperature of “38℃.” The original gloss type treatment was renewed to UZU’s stick type lipstick.

One factor customers seem to love is how it melts on to your lips when it is applied. Components such as powder, wax and oil are balanced carefully so it can be easily applied to damaged lips. They have a total of 6 colors such as plum, brown and light orange. Each has a different concentration and texture, such as -4℃ and +5℃, which can be used depending on your mood, and how you feel it matches your skin tone.

“UZU BY FLOWFUSHI 38℃/99℉ LIPSTICK -2 (Brown)” 2,420 yen (tax included)

The “UZU BY FLOWFUSHI 38℃/99℉ LIPSTICK -2 (Brown)” color is strongly recommended. In 2019 this color was seriously trending and is expected to keep trending throughout 2020. The semi-matte texture really rounds it off.

4. Fujiko “Mini Watery Rouge”

4. Fujiko “Mini Watery Rouge”

The next recommended item is the “Mini Watery Rouge” from Fujiko. The product was newly released in October 2019 by the brand “Fujiko,” which creates unique cosmetics with their special perspective. They have a total of 12 colors including 7 colors for "Lip Colors,” 4 colors for “Lip Changes,” and 1 color for “Lip Base.”

They are small and easy to carry, and you can also combine them like blocks! With its practical design, you don't have to worry about the items spreading or leaking in your makeup bag, and it also has a cute toyish look.

“Mini Watery Rouge 05 Friday (Secret Brown)” 1,210 yen (tax included)

The recommended color is the “Mini Watery Rouge 05 Friday (Secret Brown)” We recommend using this year’s trend color as a base and adjusting the color of your lips with the “Lip Changer,” depending on your mood.

5. Fujiko “Shake Shadow 06 (THE BROWN)

5. Fujiko “Shake Shadow 06 (THE BROWN)
“Shake Shadow 06 (THE BROWN)” 1,480 yen (tax included)

This one is another item from Fujiko, known as “Shake Shadow 06 (THE BROWN).” It is an eyeshadow that mixes water and glitter; with just one coat, it will give you a refined look.

Apply an appropriate amount with the tip attached to the lid and smudge it with your finger to fully coat your eyelid. Gradation is easy, anyone can apply it neatly, and it is an excellent product that gives solid colors with one application. It's easy to adjust the color, such as layering where you want to make the color deeper, or simply smudging it further when you want to make it thinner. Also, it dries pretty quickly, so the glitter won’t come off throughout the day.

6. WHOMEE “Long & Curl Mascara Choco Brown”

6. WHOMEE “Long & Curl Mascara Choco Brown”

When you visit “Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku,” you have to make sure to check out the “WHOMEE” booth, a brand supervised by the popular hair-makeup artist Igari Shinobu. It is said that “COSME LOFT” is the only shop that has a wall with custom-built fixtures like this on the sales floor.

It's a charming cosmetic brand with a stylish package and unique color development that isn’t too eccentric.

WHOMEE “Long & Curl Mascara Choco Brown” 1650 yen (tax included)

The recommended item is the “Long & Curl Mascara Choco Brown". One reason the manager recommends this one is that it not only gives a nice curl and length feeling but also has exquisite colors. It is a bit lighter than normal brown and just by applying it, it makes your whole face seem brighter. The uniquely developed colors such as terracotta pink and carrot orange makes you want to try them out on the spot!

7. WHOMEE Multi Liner

7. WHOMEE Multi Liner
WHOMEE Multi Liner 1,650 yen per color (tax included)

Another recommended item from “WHOMEE” is the “WHOMEE Multi Liner.” They have four colors available, for a nice smoky eye finish use brown or pearl, for a bright and shiny finish use orange, or for a girly warm finish use pink. You could even go for the weird Japanese trend known as "post-crying style" by finishing up with pink.

Not only is it an easy to use eyeliner; if you stretch it further with your finger or the tip after the application, it can be used as an eyeshadow. It is perfect for quick makeup styles.

8. CANMAKE “Melty Luminous Rouge 04 (Caramel Terracotta)”

8. CANMAKE “Melty Luminous Rouge 04 (Caramel Terracotta)”

CANMAKE is a brand known for their affordable cosmetics. The recommended product is “Melty Luminous Rouge,” it is made with Vaseline and moisturizes dry lips in the fall and winter. It is a rouge that melts on your lips with a smooth texture.

CANMAKE “Melty Luminous Rouge 04 (Caramel Terracotta)” 880 yen (tax included)

They are available in 5 colors with cute color names of Sweet Pink, Pinky Red, Feminine Red, Caramel Terracotta, and Strawberry Mocha. We strongly recommend the 04 “Caramel Terracotta.” It is a new color that is like beige, which is this year’s trend and gives off a sense of refinement.

9. CANMAKE “Marshmallow Finish Powder”

9. CANMAKE “Marshmallow Finish Powder”
CANMAKE “Marshmallow Finish Powder” 1,034 yen (tax included)

Another recommended item from CANMAKE is the “Marshmallow Finish Powder.” This product has been popular with foreign visitors for many years. It enhances your impression by applying it at the end of makeup such as foundation. It is said that you can achieve a soft impression and texture.

It also prevents oily skin, so once you wipe off the oil on your skin in the evening or afternoon, all you have to do is apply the makeup and makes your skin smooth.


EXCEL “REAL CLOTHES SHADOW” 1,650 yen (tax included)

Another product that has remained a popular gift from Japan is the eyeshadow from “EXCEL.” They have developed a brown based and four color based products, and each of them has remained popular. However, the “REAL CLOTHES SHADOW” releases new colors each season.

This fashionable eyeshadow palette is a popular series that has been a hot topic on social media. The new color #7 “Flower Barretta” that was released this year, and is an especially popular color with tourists. In fact, it's the most recommended item out of the series. Since they release seasonal colors every year, you can test out the annual trend.

At COSME LOFT, they emphasize beauty and health, and it is a perfect shop to purchase current trend items and cosmetics that match your style. It is located about 4 minutes on foot from JR Harajuku Station and about a minute on foot from Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingumae Station.

Perfect for Tokyo travelers!

  • COSME LOFT Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku
    • Address Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 5th Floor, 4-30-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    • Nearest Station About a 4-minute walk from Yamanote Line Harajuku Station
      About 1-minute walk from Chiyoda Line and Fukutoshin Line “Meiji-jingumae” Station Exit #5
      About 7-minute walk from Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line “Meiji-jingumae” Station Exit # A2
    • Phone Number 03-5413-6210
    • Hours: 11:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m.
      Closed: Same as the facility it is located in

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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