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Atami Onsen: Your Guide to a Perfect Hot Springs Getaway Near Tokyo

Atami Onsen: Your Guide to a Perfect Hot Springs Getaway Near Tokyo

Date published: 26 January 2023

Atami Onsen is a hot spring resort in Shizuoka Prefecture that's only 45 minutes from Tokyo by bullet train. With its stunning views of the Izu Peninsula, Atami Onsen is a sought-after destination for swimming, beach walks, and spectacular events like fireworks festivals.

Join us as we showcase the attractions and must-visit sightseeing spots in and around this beautiful area.

Table of Contents
  1. Introducing Atami Onsen
  2. Characteristics of Atami Onsen
  3. Getting from Tokyo to Atami Onsen
  4. Best Time to Visit Atami
  5. Things to do in Atami & Recommended Sightseeing Spots
  6. Dining, Shopping, and Souvenirs at Atami Onsen
  7. Top 10 Hot Spring Ryokan & Hotels in Atami Onsen

Introducing Atami Onsen

Introducing Atami Onsen

Atami Onsen is a hot springs resort area in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Located on the Izu Peninsula at the eastern tip of Shizuoka, it has easy access to the beach and attracts many tourists in the summer who come to enjoy hot springs and swims!

Atami Onsen’s history is long, with records confirming its existence from as early as 713. It’s famously known as once being a toji (therapeutic bathing facility for long-term stays) for Tokugawa Ieyasu—the military commander who founded the Edo shogunate (1603-1867).

What’s more, about 100 years ago, royalty, politicians, and famous novelists established villas in Atami so that they could also enjoy toji. Kiunkaku, a villa built in 1919 and designated as a tangible cultural property by Atami City, is still open to the public.

We highly recommend taking a tour of other hot spring resorts on the Izu Peninsula, such as Ito Onsen and Atagawa Onsen. Yugawara Onsen is a peaceful hot spring resort located in the mountains, a 15-minute drive away from Atami Onsen, and offers a different atmosphere from the sea.

Characteristics of Atami Onsen

Properties & Benefits

Properties & Benefits

The water around Atami Onsen has no odor or fragrance and is clear and colorless. It’s mildly alkaline and gentle on the skin. The sulfate spring is said to be effective for arteriosclerosis, cuts, burns, and chronic eczema, while the chloride spring is effective for cuts, burns, chronic eczema, and chronic gynecological conditions.

What are the Seven Hot Springs of Atami?

What are the Seven Hot Springs of Atami?

Atami Onsen’s springs boast large amounts of flowing water at an estimated 16,600 liters per minute. The city has a long history of geysers erupting from various places, and seven of the most famous locations have been named Atami Shichiyu, the seven hot springs of Atami.

This includes Oyu geyser, Kawarayu, Sajiro-no-Yu or Me-no-Yu, Seizaemon-no-Yu, Furo-no-Yu/Mizu-no-Yu, Kosawa-no-Yu/Heizaemon-no-Yu, and Nonaka-no-Yu.

The Oyu geyser is a cultural asset of the city, and the spring’s eruption is currently recreated artificially. You can also enjoy other unique experiences, such as boiling eggs in the steam at Ozawa-no-Yu to create a snack known as “onsen tamago.”

A tour of the seven hot springs of Atami takes about one to two hours. We recommend taking a stroll around the city and stopping by them all!

Footbath Facilities

Footbath Facilities

Atami Onsen offers multiple footbath options for visitors to relax and rejuvenate. The most convenient option is Ieyasu-no-Yu, a free footbath right in front of Atami Station that is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is refreshed with new hot water after 4:00 p.m., ensuring a hygienic experience.

Another unique option is the Footbath Jacuzzi 120 meters Above Sea Level at Atami Castle's first-floor balcony, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean while providing moderate stimulation to relieve travel fatigue. Best of all, it's free for those visiting the castle!

Day-trip Hot Spring Facilities

Atami City is filled with day-trip hot spring options, including hotels and public bathhouses, catering to every budget. Public bathhouses start as low as 300 yen, while hotel day-trip facilities begin at around 1,000 yen. Some hot spring hotels offer private bath and lounge packages for those who desire more privacy.

For a luxurious hot spring experience, visit the Shin Kadoya Inn, starting from 6,200 yen for use between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. At Atami Onsen Hoetsu, prices start from 5,250 yen per person on weekdays for a three-hour window between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. These facilities are the ideal choice for a relaxing day trip to Atami.

Getting from Tokyo to Atami Onsen

Getting from Tokyo to Atami Onsen

The quickest and simplest way to reach Atami Onsen is by bullet train. A journey from Tokyo to Atami Onsen via the Tokaido Shinkansen Kodama train takes around 45 minutes.

Another option to reach Atami Onsen is the JR limited express train, specifically the Odoriko, which takes about 80 minutes from Tokyo Station. This train also departs from other major stations, including Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, and Yokohama, making it easy for travelers to choose the station closest to them.

Visitors to Japan with the Japan Rail Pass can also use Atami Station as a stop. If you're planning to explore nearby areas via bullet train, it may be worth purchasing a JR Pass.

If you’re renting a car and driving, it takes approximately one hour from the Atsugi Interchange on the Tomei Expressway.

Best Time to Visit Atami

(Photo: Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)
(Photo: Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)

Spring has the best weather for hiking, and hiking trails on nearby mountains, such as Mt. Hikagane, are typically crowded with visitors. Summer is a popular season throughout the year when many visitors enjoy swimming.

In autumn, the maple trees in the Atami Plum Garden are said to have the “last of Japan’s fall leaves to change color” as they begin to turn red in late November.

While winter brings snow to some parts of Japan, the mild climate of Atami allows visitors to feel the early arrival of spring! Atami cherry blossoms are in full bloom and are the most beautiful from late January to early February.

The Atami Plum Blossom Festival is held at the Atami Plum Garden in winter and will be held in 2023 from January 7 to March 5.

Things to do in Atami & Recommended Sightseeing Spots

Things to do in Atami & Recommended Sightseeing Spots

The charm of Atami is that it offers fun at the beach! Atami Sun Beach is open from July to August. Here you can enjoy a beach resort atmosphere through an illuminated palm-lined avenue and beach!

In front of Atami Station are two shopping districts, Heiwa-dori Shopping Street and Nakamise Shopping Street. Both streets are lined with souvenir shops and restaurants, where you can enjoy eating onsen manju (steamed buns filled with sweet red bean paste) and fried food.

For a panoramic view of Atami, visit Atami Castle located at the top of Nishikigaura, a stretch of scenic cliffs. On a clear day, the castle tower’s observatory also offers views of the Yugawara hot spring resort and Ito City.

(Photo: Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)
(Photo: Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)

One of Atami’s representative events is the Atami Fireworks Festival. Fireworks are launched mainly on weekends from April to December. (*Please refer to the official website for the schedule.)

Dining, Shopping, and Souvenirs at Atami Onsen

Dining, Shopping, and Souvenirs at Atami Onsen

Indulge in the fresh flavors of the Pacific Ocean at Atami Onsen! The streets near the station and shopping districts boast a mouth-watering array of sushi and seafood bowl restaurants. You won't be disappointed with the plump and juicy selection of fish, especially the locally-renowned sea bream.

Take home a taste of Atami with traditional souvenirs like saikyo zuke (sea bream pickled in miso paste), rice crackers, and Atami Pudding, which is packaged like a milk bottle and has become a hit on social media. Wash it all down with a refreshing Atami Beer, made with Hakone's natural spring water.

While exploring the shopping districts, grab a bite on the go with onsen manju buns, a sweet treat that some shops will sell by the piece. Treat yourself to the ultimate foodie experience at Atami Onsen!

Top 10 Hot Spring Ryokan & Hotels in Atami Onsen

Atami is a top tourist destination, offering a wide range of accommodation options. From luxurious hotels to traditional Japanese inns, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

And the best part? Many of these accommodations offer stunning ocean views or private baths, allowing you to fully relax and unwind. Check out our recommended list of places to stay for the ultimate Atami experience!

(Photo: Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)
(Photo: Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association)

Atami Onsen is an easily accessible hot spring resort from Tokyo. Here you can enjoy the ocean and hot springs at the same time! From fireworks displays to seasonal flowers, there is plenty of fun to be had throughout the year. Explore and discover its charms as you stroll the resort's streets!

*The information in this article is from January 2023. Please check the official websites for the latest information.

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