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Tradition has it that Akiu Onsen—one of Tohoku’s premier onsen spots—was established about 1,500 years ago. It is also known as Natori no Miyu because Emperor Kinmei fully recovered from his illness after a soak in the spring’s healing waters. Since then, it has been counted as one of the three major onsen in Japan that represent the Goryo Onsen of the Imperial Family. During the Edo Period the onsen prospered as a bathing place for Date Masamune, lord of the Sendai Domain.
Located in Akiu-cho on the upper Natori River, you can access these hot springs by a drive of 30 minutes from the city area. The dynamic natural landscape will unfold before your eyes: there’s the 55-m high Akiu-otaki waterfall; the kilometer-long Rairaikyo Gorge lined with strange rock formations; and Banjiiwa, which that looks like a folding screen made of rock. There is also a popular strolling spot called Nozokibashi Heart.
The onsen town has a time-honored onsen ryokan that served as the administrator of Akiu Onsen during the Heian to Sengoku Period, and there you can enjoy an overnight stay or a one-day bath service. There’s also a communal bath where locals gather.

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    Akiumachiyumoto, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 980-0803

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    Rikuzen-shirasawa Station
    ・ Senzan Line
    3 minutes by bus
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