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5 Best Hotels Near Universal Studios Japan: Top-Rated Places to Stay

5 Best Hotels Near Universal Studios Japan: Top-Rated Places to Stay

Date published: 19 November 2019
Last updated: 2 December 2021

Book one of these Universal Partner Hotels near Universal Studios to maximize your time at one of Japan's premier recreational spots!

For those who want to enjoy all the spacious park has to offer within a limited amount of time, an overnight stay at one of the official hotels in Osaka is the perfect solution.

Not only do these family-friendly accommodations provide quick and easy access to USJ, but you can also purchase park passes at them ahead of time, making entry to the park smooth as well. The guest rooms and lobby of the official hotels also provide the unique feeling of being at USJ, even from outside the park.

Read on to see more about the official hotels near Universal Studios!

1. Hotel Universal Port: Featuring Character-themed Suites

1. Hotel Universal Port: Featuring Character-themed Suites

Hotel Universal Port is just a three-minute walk from JR Universal City Station.

Once you pass through the hotel entrance, playfully themed on a city destroyed by a monster, you can continue on to the "T-Rex Entertainment Place," which includes a lounge featuring dinosaurs hanging from the ceiling.

The lobby at this Universal Studios accommodation alone is thrilling, but the guest suites provide an even greater dream-like experience.

From the Minions Room to the Girly Room based on a large home wardrobe, to the Party Room featuring large in-floor tables and bunk beds, the variety of themed suites is one of the hotel's selling points.

The Universal Studio Store, where you can buy park souvenirs, is one of only two such stores among all the hotels.

Japan's First USJ Collaboration Suite - The "Minions Room"
The "Minions Room" is a popular room, created as a collaboration with USJ. This guest room, based on Gru's house from the Despicable Me movie series, was opened in 2016.

The missile-shaped bed and the crocodile sofa from the movie make a big impression. There are interesting features all around the suite, including holes supposedly made by the mischievous minions in the walls and ceiling.

Don't forget to take a selfie with the minion drawn on the mirror! Your family will love this Universal Studios accommodation.

In 2017, The "Minions Room 2" Made Its Debut!
Following the first suite, the "Minions Room 2", a faithful recreation of the three sisters' room in the Despicable Me movies series, opened in 2017.

From the missile-shaped bed from the children's room in the movies and the large, pink bear-shaped chair to the door affixed to the bunk bed through which Minions will talk to you, the suite is filled with exciting features that take you inside the world of the movie.

Both the Minions Room and the Minions Room 2 come with limited edition Minions themed laundry bags and amenity pouches.

For a High-class Experience, Visit the Port Deep Ocean Floor
On the top floor of the hotel is the Port Deep Ocean Floor, designed to look like a city deep under the sea. The bright guest rooms modeled to be like houses underneath the sea, decorated in blue and white colors, provide extra luxurious space.

The largest of the five types of rooms, the "Premium Palace", provides a view of USJ from a large window. The park sparkles beautifully at night.

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  • Hotel Universal Port
    • Address Konohana-ku Sakurajima 1-1-111, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, 554-0031
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    • Nearest Station Yunibasarushitei Station (JR Sakurajima Line (yumesaki Line))
      11 minutes on foot

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2. Hotel Kintetsu Universal City: Welcomed by popular parkers

Night view from Corner Family Studio View Room
Night view from Corner Family Studio View Room

At "Hotel Kintetsu Universal City", the USJ Park "Sesame Street" characters make appearances on every floor.

The hotel has an entrance inside the "Universal City Walk Osaka" shopping complex, and its guest rooms are coordinated with interior design themed on four colors representing outer space, water, the sun, and fire.

Some of the rooms on the 14th floor and above contain a view of the park.

The "Corner Family Studio View Rooms", located on the four corners of the square building, provides a magnificent view of the entire park from floor-to-ceiling windows. (Not all views are directly of the park.)

The Newest Floor Provides a Jam-Packed "Sesame Street" Experience!

The "Universal Uki-uki Lucky Floor", produced in collaboration with USJ and just opened in February 2019, has a cheery atmosphere and is styled to look like a town. The four types of guest rooms are specially designed based on Sesame Street characters. "Elmo's Happy Room" is a red-hued, modern and fun space featuring Elmo.

In the "Sesame Street Pajama Party Room", there are depictions of characters in their pajamas, unlike any you'll see in the park. With other rooms such as the "Sesame Street Marching Band Room" and the "Moppy's Lucky Room" available as well, guests can enjoy a dream-like experience immersed in the world of Sesame Street.

Experience the Excitement of the "Sesame Street" Worldview

On the 15th floor "Universal Waku-waku Happy Floor", a collaboration with the park, was opened in 2015 in commemoration of the renewal of Universal Wonderland.

As soon as you exit the elevator, the Sesame Street world begins, and the hallways decorated with images of Sesame Street characters feels like an alternate universe.

The guest rooms include three types - the "Sesame Street Big Forest Room", with depictions of giant trees, the "Sesame Street Sky View Room" full of fluffy clouds, and the "Sesame Street Waku-waku Fun Room", featuring the characters playing hide-and-seek. Each and every room provides a playful experience true to the feel of USJ.

Universal Studio Store
Universal Studio Store

Get Your Souvenirs at the Official USJ Park Store

Within the hotel, you can also find services exclusive to official hotels. On the third floor, which connects to Universal City Walk Osaka, is the USJ official "Universal Studio Store".

There you can buy items sold at USJ, so there's no need to worry if you forget to buy souvenirs while at the park. Since the Kansai International Airport Limousine Bus makes a stop right at the hotel, it's easy to transport any souvenirs you purchase, making it a popular service for both flying nationally or internationally.

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3. The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan: Fun Scenery Everywhere You Look!

3. The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan: Fun Scenery Everywhere You Look!

The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan is located on the road connecting JR Universal City Station to the USJ park. It is the closest official hotel near Universal Studios Japan, with just a one-minute walk to the main gate.

The hotel, themed on "a trip to the U.S.A.", is notable for its interior design based on various regions from the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. Aside from guest rooms, there are six stores, including a USJ restaurant, a cafe, a dessert shop, and a convenience store.

New York Entrance
New York Entrance

Be Transported to America through the Entrance and Guest Rooms

Pocket Watch Photo Spot
Pocket Watch Photo Spot

From the time-travel tunnel themed elevator hall, you can enter the beautifully glowing, time machine-like elevator, which will then bring guests to the guest rooms based on different decades of America in the 20th century.

As one example, the “Standard” 4th to 7th floors are based on the southern U.S. in the 1900s, characterized by chic and warm interior design. The hotel also provides plenty of services for children, and in the New York Lobby is a kids-only photo spot where you can take the same photos as the Time Travel Concierge.

Children can also receive free kids' passports, with which you can collect stamps to receive novelty gifts. Finally, the Universal Globe located in the entrance, the only such globe in all the official hotels, is a 1/6th size replica of the globe in the USJ park and is another popular photo spot.

Luxury Park View
Luxury Park View

The Luxury Floor, Overlooking the Entire USJ Park

The 26th through 28th floors of the hotel make up the "Luxury Floor", designed based on the concept of a futuristic United States of America. There is a secure elevator to these top floors, and a private Luxury Front Desk for check-in. The "Park View Rooms" come with "View Baths" for enjoying a view of USJ at night, including a spacious pool bath and a circular bath.

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4. Hotel Universal Port Vita: The Newest Official Hotel

4. Hotel Universal Port Vita: The Newest Official Hotel

After passing through the station ticket gate, you'll soon see "Hotel Universal Port Vita". The hotel is the newest official USJ hotel, opened in August 2018.

True to its concept of "a place that greatly benefits from the sun and from nature", the rooms are characterized by gleaming lights and bright colors. Guests can enjoy the comfort of separated bath and toilet rooms in each suite. In the expansive entrance, a 13.5 meter high curtain of light glitters from the ceiling, and the second-floor front desk is a dynamic orange color reminiscent of the sun.

Deluxe Twin
Deluxe Twin

A Full Range of Rooms Based on Cheerful Design Concepts to Brighten Your Day

Deluxe Twin
Deluxe Twin

The option to choose between various rooms to suit your travel style is one of the hotel's appeals.

One of the rooms available, the "Cozy Maisonette Room", is a unique maisonette style room unusual to find at a hotel. The room is designed with features to allow for guests to be barefoot inside.

The lower floor is outfitted with a row of adjoining low beds, where everyone can relax comfortably together. The upper floor is equipped with a sink and microwave.

There are several other themed rooms in addition, such as the pink and silver-toned "Sparkling Corner Room", the "Starry Room" modeled on a starry night sky, and the "Rainbow Room" which contains three bunk beds and can sleep up to six people. There are yet more rooms on the upper floor, including the hotel's largest room, the extravagant "Spark Room" which contains four beds.

TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

5. Hotel Keihan Universal Tower: The Area's Premier Hotel

5. Hotel Keihan Universal Tower: The Area's Premier Hotel

After exiting JR Universal City station toward the direction of the park, on your left will be "Hotel Keihan Universal Tower".

It is an official Universal Studios accommodation, located just a one-minute walk from the station. Its 31st floor houses the high-rise natural hot spring "S-PARK", and on its top, the 32nd floor is a sky restaurant and bar overlooking the scenery from 120 meters up, where you can enjoy its chefs' fine French cuisine. The "Grand Staircase of Light" connecting the third and fourth floors is a must-see photo spot.

Superior Twin
Superior Twin

Select the perfect suite for your purpose

Hotel Keihan Universal Tower is the highest class of all hotels in the area, standing 32 floors high. It has a wide variety of guest rooms, 641 rooms in total, and its unified chic and modern interior design creates a calming atmosphere.

The spacious "Superior Twin Rooms" accommodate a maximum of five guests per room, making them perfect for families or groups.

On the exclusive "Tower Grande Floors", encompassing floors 22 to 30, there are "Tower Grande Deluxe Family Rooms", from which you can enjoy the view from the highest suites even from the bathtub.


S-PARK, a Luxury Spa 110 Meters Up

"S-PARK", the high-rise natural hot spring on the 31st floor, is a luxurious spa resort where you can enjoy the natural hot spring water from 1000 meters underground piped 110 meters high into the air. It is equipped with a jet spa, a bubbly vibration spa, and a sauna, all available to overnight guests for a fee (Those staying on the Priority Plan receive free access).

Visitors to the spa receive a special free drink coupon and the opportunity to spend a relaxing time viewing the night scenery after their spa experience. (Middle school students and up: 2000 yen. Children 3 years and over: 1000 yen. Additional bathing tax: 150 yen per adult.)

TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

Other recommended area hotels

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