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Osaka-Umeda Gourmet Guide: Amazing Wine Bar Offers Award-Winning ‘Grande Polaire’ Japanese Wines!

Osaka-Umeda Gourmet Guide: Amazing Wine Bar Offers Award-Winning ‘Grande Polaire’ Japanese Wines!

Date published: 23 March 2020
Last updated: 20 August 2020

Grande Polaire is a mellow, Japanese brand of wine that uses grapes from areas all over Japan, including Hokkaido, Nagano, Yamanashi, and Okayama. Refreshing and vibrant with the taste of excellent grapes, this brand is a rising star these days.

And at Whity Umeda, an underground shopping center in Osaka-Umeda, you can find all varieties of Grande Polaire. Specifically, the hot-topic establishment to visit there is Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka. It's a great place to both enjoy the wine and its pairings with food. Join us on a tour of four grape-growing regions from Osaka!

Osaka-Umeda: Your hub for sightseeing

Osaka-Umeda: Your hub for sightseeing

The area around the Osaka and Umeda stations is an easy starting point to get to Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, and other areas in the Kansai region if you use local JR lines or private railways. Shin-Osaka Station, a regular stop for the Shinkansen, is also nearby. You'll find a whole row of department stores in the Umeda location, like Hankyu, Hanshin, and Daimaru, plus specialty retailers like Grand Front Osaka, LUCUA Osaka, LINKS UMEDA, and Yodobashi Camera Multimedia. The area has foreign-owned hotels and business hotels; truly an excellent foothold for further travel.

Meanwhile, underground the stations at the Whity Umeda shopping center, Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka hit the scene in Winter 2019. As a location where you can have the entire line up of Grande Polaire, around 30 varieties, the bar is understandably popular.

Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka, where you can try nearly all of their wine in glasses

Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka, where you can try nearly all of their wine in glasses

Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka is a dining establishment created with the intent of letting you experience four wine-making areas all while you’re in Osaka. The wine lineup is sorted by region: Yoichi (Hokkaido), Nagano, Yamanashi, and Okayama. The food is similarly organized by ingredient source, creating culinary experiences that bring up images of natural splendor.
And except for one kind of sparkling wine, you can have all the wines by-the-glass—so you and try everything that strikes your fancy!

Counter area
Dining area

The counter area near the entrance lets you both enjoy wine and food and watch dishes being prepared. Moving further into the bar, the wide-open dining area is a relaxing place to spend your time. The dining area is also available for large parties.

The secret to Grande Polaire's deliciousness

Again, Grande Polaire is a brand of fine wine made with 100% Japanese grapes. Since 2003, the brand has gathered a following for its delicately balanced flavors and has achieved many awards at wine contests worldwide.

Japan stretches in a bow-like arc from south to north, with differing climates and ecosystems. On the whole, Japan's climate is temperate, but the southern areas are subtropical, and the northern areas can be subarctic. Even in the same season, northern and southern Japan can experience marked differences in temperature.
Each winemaking region in Japan gets the most out of their grapes by using varieties suited for their climates and soil.

■Yoichi, Hokkaido
Hokkaido is a subarctic region in the northernmost part of Japan. The chilly climate lends itself to growing grape varieties from Germany, particularly exquisite Kerner, which are aromatic, have a acidity that washes over the palate, but also a hidden sweetness.

Sandwiched by mountains, Nagano's climate is temperate. It's the perfect place for growing high-quality European grapes, making for particularly good Chardonnay, a variety loved around the world for making white wine. Their flavor is particularly fruity, with the right balance of acidity.

The origin of wine in Japan, and one of the best places in Japan for growing native grapes. Yamanashi Prefecture is hot and humid, making it the best place to grow grapes native to Japan. Try their “Kai Noir,” a wine with a bold fruity and earthen aroma.

Okayama is another area with a warm climate and is known for growing a variety of fruit. Their flavorful varieties like "Muscat Bailey A" and, more famously, the "Muscat of Alexandria," have irresistible ripe flavor.

Enjoy pairings of Grande Polaire with fine cuisine

Enjoy pairings of Grande Polaire with fine cuisine

Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka has an extensive menu of dishes explicitly created for pairings with wine. Drinking wine with your meal creates new combinations of flavor and aroma. Their menu includes dishes inspired by both Japanese and western cuisine. Let's see some wine pairings on their menu!

Galician octopus and potato (680 yen) with Okayama Muscat of Alexandoria Aromatic Blanc (1,100 yen per glass)

Boiled octopus and potato with cream dressing, sprinkled with paprika powder. A dish modeled after Spanish tapas, the perfect appetizer.
Makes for an excellent pairing with the aromatic, refined, and fruity "Okayama Muscat of Alexandria Aromatic Blanc."

Gorgonzola and dry-cured ham Caesar salad (950 yen) with Dry Koshu (650 yen per glass)

A flavorful salad marked by the deep taste of gorgonzola. Topped with plenty of Caesar salad dressing for a rich flavor.
The similarly rich Koshu wine creates an incredible flavor blend with the gorgonzola. Now, this is a pairing for adults.

Thinly sliced roast beef (980 yen) with Yoichi Pinot Noir (1,250 yen per glass)

Roast beef cut far thinner than the usual fare, creating a silky texture. It’s doused with both onion sauce and a tart sauce, creating a dish whose flavors you'll never tire of.
Its light and refreshing flavor goes best with the similarly mild Yoichi Pinot Noir from Hokkaido. Its bright aroma and mild tannin, fruity flavor, and refreshing acidity bring out the beef's rich flavor.

Grilled Hokkaido sika venison in red wine sauce (1,900 yen) with Meritage (1,800 yen per glass)

The wild flavor of Hokkaido sika venison, blanketed in a rich red wine sauce. The contrast between its juicy red meat and melt-in-your-mouth fat is irresistible.
This dish is paired with Meritage from Nagano. It possesses a powerful aroma like ripe cherries, and its tannin creates deep chocolatey notes—a perfect partner for the bold flavor of venison.

Easy to get to! What's the shortest route from Osaka / Umeda Station?

The routes around Osaka and Umeda Stations branch and merge in a complex network, outdoors and through large buildings, rendering map apps and the like difficult to use. Perhaps the best way to get around is to descend to the walkways below Osaka and Umeda Stations and follow signs hanging from the ceiling to get to your destination.
Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka is conveniently located at the fountain plaza in Whity Umeda. Let's take a look at what an actual trip from Osaka Station to the wine bar would look like.

There are a couple of ways past the ticket gates in Osaka Station, but the closest one to Whity Umeda is the Midosuji Gate. Don't forget that if you have a transit IC card like SUICA or ICOCA, you can just touch it to the gate's card reader for a smooth exit or entrance.

Having passed through the ticket gate...

Turn right and go straight forward

This will take you outside, then across the street...

Pass straight by the bus stop on your right

Before long, you'll run into an entrance connected to Whity Umeda

Descending the stairs, turn towards the direction of Osaka Metro Higashi-Umeda Station

Here's the entrance to Whity Umeda. Take the corridor on the left in this image

Passing by Higashi-Umeda Station, continue forward. Follow the directions near the ceiling towards Fountain Plaza.

Continue to Fountain Plaza

The entrance to Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka is at the plaza!

Enjoy Grande Polaire, the apex of Japanese wine!

In Grande Polaire, you can sense the passion of Japan's vineyard owners and winemakers. Their goal is to make delicious wine that brings out the tartness of grapes, their aroma and flavor, to become the flavor "grapes themselves aspire to."
And at Grande Polaire Wine Bar Osaka, you can compare wines from all four winemaking regions of Japan by the glass or half-glass in a casual environment. When in Osaka, why not take a moment to enjoy pairings of fantastic cuisine with wine from all four regions?

  • グランポレールワインバー オーサカ ホワイティうめだ店
    • Address 3-4 Umeda-chikagai, Doyamacho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0027
    • Phone Number 050-3466-0019
    • Business hours:11:00~23:00(Food L.O.22:15、Drink L.O.22:30)
      Closed: Closes on the same day as the facility

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