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Japanese Tea Ceremony Without Rules?! Enjoy Tea Your Way at 'CHASHITSU time'!

Japanese Tea Ceremony Without Rules?! Enjoy Tea Your Way at 'CHASHITSU time'!

Date published: 14 February 2024

Matcha is enjoying unprecedented popularity in trendsetting locations like New York, thanks to growing post-pandemic consumer interest in health and wellness. In 2023, CHASHITSU time, a casual tea house with “no rules, just tea,” opened its doors in Osaka to curious tea drinkers from around the world.

This stylish space invites cafe-goers to brew their own tea using authentic utensils and premium tea leaves without worrying about the strict etiquette of Japanese tea ceremony!

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Brew tea your way: Experience casual Japanese tea ceremony at CHASHITSU time

At CHASHITSU time, Japanese iron tea kettles full of piping hot water sit gracefully on top of each table and counter, ready for customers to try their hand at brewing tea.

However, unlike traditional tea rooms, this one comes with a twist. Although the traditional Japanese tea ceremony is notorious for its strict etiquette and rules, at CHASHITSU time, guests are instead encouraged to brew tea freely in their own way. Rather than detailed lessons and guidelines, the tea utensils are instead accompanied by a simple instruction leaflet with tips on how to brew tea to your liking.

Adjust the tea to your desired strength, play around with differences in how matcha tastes by comparing it whisked or stirred—or if you like your tea on the sweeter side, add sugar! Put tea ceremony etiquette aside and let curiosity guide your tea-tasting experience.

The cafe also caters to English speakers, and they have a vegan product list that includes soy lattes.

Each tea making experience varies depending on the course you choose. Courses priced at 1,000 yen or more come with complimentary sweets. In addition to matcha, tea choices include brown rice tea, roasted green tea, barley tea, green tea lattes, and the cafe’s exclusive “Hojicha-Coffee Jelly Tea. ” You can also choose your favorite tea bowl from a variety of unique options , so there is always something fresh and fun to enjoy, no matter how many times you visit.

“Roasted Green Tea and Sweet Bean Chocolate Gâteau  ,” and “Special Roasted Green Tea” from Wazuka Town, Kyoto’s teatopia
“Roasted Green Tea and Sweet Bean Chocolate Gâteau ,” and “Special Roasted Green Tea” from Wazuka Town, Kyoto’s teatopia

Use the cafe as a cozy space to chat and brew tea with friends, to relax and think alone, or to casually experience Japanese culture—perfect for those visiting from overseas.

In-store tea courses to suit every mood

The tea leaves and seating times vary depending on the chosen course. From “Ippuku,” which is perfect for a quick pick-me-up, to “Jikkuri,” which allows for slow and full enjoyment of the tea experience, simply choose an option according to how you want to spend your time!

1. Ippuku
・500 yen (max. 30 min.)
・Choice of tea: Matcha / Brown Rice Tea
・Sweets: One mini sweet

2. Totonoeru
・1,000 yen (max. 60 min.)
・Choice of tea: Matcha / Brown Rice Tea / Special Roasted Green Tea / Clear Barley Tea / Hojicha-Coffee Jelly Tea
・Sweets: Choose between 6 types of Ohagi Burger or Pound Cake

3. Hitoyasumi
・1,500 yen (max. 90 min.)
・Choice of tea: Same as “Totonoeru” course, plus Matcha Latte / Roasted Green Tea Latte
* Lattes are prepared by the staff, but customers can fine-tune the flavor
・Sweets: Same as “Totonoeru” course

4. Jikkuri
・2,000 yen (max. 120 min.)
・Choice of tea: 2 teas from the “Hitoyasumi” course
・Sweets: Same as “Totonoeru” course

“Ohagi Burger” Japanese sweets and take-out service also available

“Ohagi Burger” Japanese sweets and take-out service also available

The “Ohagi Burger” is a creative Japanese confectionary that adapts the traditional Ohagi sweet rice ball to the modern age. Red bean paste and other seasonal ingredients are sandwiched in between high-grade, honey-soaked steamed Habutae-mochi glutinous rice and lightly baked to perfection. Indulge in the chewy texture and gentle sweetness that makes the most of the premium ingredients. In addition to the standard “Sesame, ” two seasonal flavors are also available for take-out.

Some drinks, such as matcha latte, are also available for take-out. Why not enjoy a picnic in the nearby park with a delicious cup of tea in hand?

CHASHITSU time is a 5-minute walk from Osaka Metro Hommachi Station -Reservations can be made in advance

CHASHITSU time is a 5-minute walk from Exit 28 of Hommachi Station, a convenient point of convergence for three metro lines.
The cafe is right in front of Utsubo Park, which showcases its seasonal beauty with cherry blossoms, roses, and fall foliage, and the lush greenery of the park can be viewed from inside.

There are plenty of fashionable stores and restaurants nearby, perfect for a post- or pre-tea lunch date or stroll when changing metro lines.

Advance reservations are recommended for CHASHITSU time, as sweets and tea utensils are limited, but feel free to drop in and see if there are any spare seats! Take a well-deserved breather through an authentic and laidback Japanese tea experience at CHASHITSU time.

  • CHASHITSU time
    CHASHITSU time
    • Address 1-16-14 Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
    • Access
      ・A 5-minute walk from Exit 28 of Osaka Metro Hommachi Station
      ・A 10-minute walk from Exit 7 of Osaka Metro Higobashi Station

      Hours: 11 AM – 6 PM (last order at 5 PM) / Take-out available

      Closed: Second Tuesday of the month (unless the day falls on a national holiday)

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