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Funky Japanese Products?! What Tourists Are REALLY Buying at Osaka's Don Quijote!

Funky Japanese Products?! What Tourists Are REALLY Buying at Osaka's Don Quijote!

Date published: 3 September 2019
Last updated: 29 January 2021

The Don Quijote Dotonbori Midosuji Branch, opened in 2015, is a giant-scale discount shop, each of its six floors packed with various categories of products. It's a popular tourist spot in Namba, always busy with shoppers from within Japan and from overseas.

Through social media shares of the store's overflowing shelves of items, the store has recently acquired a reputation for having something interesting for everyone.

To tourists, it's said to be something akin to a shopping amusement park. So, we did some research into what visitors to Japan are actually buying.

Table of Contents
  1. Store-exclusive products are a big hit! What are the most popular items in the "snack corner"?
  2. In the “Beauty Corner”, functional and useful items are big hits
  3. But there are many popular items besides snacks and beauty products, too!
  4. Exclusive deal! Discount tickets to the Dotonbori Branch’s “Ebisu Tower”!
  5. Book an unforgettable experience in Osaka!

Store-exclusive products are a big hit! What are the most popular items in the "snack corner"?

Store-exclusive products are a big hit! What are the most popular items in the "snack corner"?

First of all, the product lineups targeting foreign visitors are a huge success. For example, the store expanded its line-up of matcha-flavored sweets, concentrating them in one area of the store, and sells souvenir snacks from all different regions of Japan, making it a saving grace for tourists looking for gifts to bring home. Now, from among the products as numerous as stars in the sky, let's take a look at a few of the most standard and popular items for foreign tourists!

"Kit Kat Mini Itohkyuemon Uji Hojicha" (12 pieces, 800 yen plus tax). "Kyoto Souvenirs" includes this as well as the Uji matcha (green tea) flavor.

Everyone knows Kit Kats, but are you familiar with the limited-edition regional products? These items let you enjoy the flavors of famous products from different regions of Japan, making them popular as souvenirs.

At Don Quijote’s Dotonbori Midosuji Branch, several flavors of these local Kit Kat varieties are always on sale. Products are changed out seasonally, so what you find when you visit is always a pleasant surprise. Maybe you'll even discover a rare version of these local flavors? Be sure to check it out!

"Almond Kozakana" (430 g, 980 yen plus tax)

"Almond Kozakana" (almonds and small dried fish) is popular as a snack for both children and adults. As a private, Don Quijote-branded product, you can buy large quantities for an extremely budget-friendly price. The addicting harmony of the sweet-and-salty dried fish and plain roasted almonds is seemingly a beloved flavor worldwide.

Individually packaged sweets seem to be popular to hand out as gifts for family and friends

The great deals on large bags of chocolates and candies are also popular with foreign visitors. Treats such as the “Tiramisu Choco” (168 g, 598 yen plus tax) and the “Warabekokeshi” rice candies (about 120 pieces, 1,600 yen plus tax) with adorable depictions of kimono-wearing kokeshi dolls on the wrappers are bought by many foreigners because of their design to bring back as souvenirs from Japan.

“Marugoto! Osatsu” (5 bags, 700 yen plus tax) include two different flavors to enjoy, with three bags of “plain” and two bags of “salted caramel”.

This product is a collaboration between Calbee and Don Quijote, so it’s a rare find that can only be bought at an Osaka Don Quijote store. The sweet snack, made from the orange sweet potatoes of Tanegashima Island known for their powerfully sweet flavor, has a tasty crunch and deliciousness you won’t be able to resist!

In the “Beauty Corner”, functional and useful items are big hits

In the “Beauty Corner”, functional and useful items are big hits
At the cosmetics and beauty products’ section on the third floor, you can find a huge variety of beauty-related items, from make-up products to skin and hair goods.
“Biore UV Athlizm Skin Protect Essence” (70 g, 1,500 yen plus tax) promises the highest rank of UV protection, rated SPF50+ and PA++++, making it a must-have item for summer.

Exceptionally popular items in the beauty genre are UV protection products. Seeking protection against UV rays to prevent skin damage seems to be a worldwide theme among women, and there are many tourists who stop by to pick up sunscreen products before they head out sightseeing.

One outstanding product is the “Biore UV Athlizm”, which is ultra-waterproof, contains moisturizing ingredients, can be used underneath make-up, and can be removed easily with soap. The white floral scent is soothing, as well.

“Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NA9A” (13,800 yen plus tax) features a variety of useful functions, including “split end concentrated-care mode”, “scalp mode”, and “skin mode”.

This hair dryer paves the way to moist hair with twice the ionic minerals and "nanoe", superfine particles that contain over 1,000 times the moisture of normal negative ions. With reviews that it increases hair shine and makes it easier to style, not only it is popular within Japan, but it also has tremendous backing from overseas visitors as well.

"Makizume Care PRO Support Seal" (80 strips, 1,280 yen plus tax)

These stickers, designed to heal ingrown nails with the corrective force of the resin plate inside, are not often sold in other countries, making them popular with visitors to Japan. They’re not very noticeable either, so they’re good for use even when wearing sandals.

"Cho-gokuboso Misshu Premium" ultra-fine bristle toothbrush (198 yen plus tax) You can choose from two types of this toothbrush, one with a whitening pad on the back side of the brush head, and one with a tongue brush for preventing bad breath.

Utilizing a wide brush area and both extra-tapered and flat bristles, the privately-branded toothbrush thoroughly removes plaque. It's a hit product that continues to gather repeat buyers who praise how easy it is to brush with.

“Foaming Face Wash Bub Sponge” (580 yen plus tax) is a two-in-one product with a brush on top (for use with face wash), and bumps on the bottom (for massages)

This product easily creates creamy foam from your own face wash simply by putting it inside and squeezing. You can also wash your face while massaging your skin with the silicon bumps. The product gets extra points for the cute mascot-like design. These are popular not only for self-use but as gifts as well.

But there are many popular items besides snacks and beauty products, too!

At the shopping wonderland that is Osaka Don Quijote, there is plenty more to enjoy than just beauty products and snacks! We will also share some useful information and special offers.

“Tomica” cars are hugely popular all around the world! (420 yen and up, plus tax)
“Tomica Toyota Dyna Wrecker Truck” (420 yen plus tax)

It seems there are many tourists who visit Don Quijote specifically for the Tomica cars, sold in dozens of countries worldwide. Recently, the so-called “working cars” such as firetrucks, ambulances, and excavator trucks are especially popular. Many people even buy them as educational toys. Being small, they’re easy to bring with you, making them perfect souvenirs.

“Samsonite Suitcases” (prices vary by season and availability) are sought-after for being not only durable and highly functional, but stylish as well

Since tourists from overseas often buy lots of souvenirs to bring back home with them, Samsonite suitcases, the premier name in luxury suitcases, are also popular items. They come in a wide variety of types and materials, including lightweight polycarbonate and durable aluminum. It seems lots of people buy these while traveling, citing the affordable prices available at Don Quijote.

For Don Quijote’s own version of fast food, look no further than the sweet and delicious “Yaki-imo” sweet potatoes (98 yen plus tax)

One famous and unforgettable Don Quijote specialty is their roasted sweet potatoes. You can buy the hot, fresh potatoes individually, making them perfect to bring along as you go sightseeing. You might expect them to be popular in winter, but apparently their convenience makes them just as popular in summer, too.

To remember your trip to Don Quijote, how about a “Donpen” souvenir?

Products based on the Don Quijote original penguin character “Donpen” are actually also quite popular. Originally, there weren’t many varieties of products, but it’s said that many were added at the requests of fans. These products are bought for the novelty of a unique local character, since you can’t find them anywhere else.

If you have any trouble while shopping, ask an assistant! This is Mr. Cáo, the Chinese language specialist of the Welcome Crew.

At Don Quijote, there is a “Welcome Crew” of employees that can provide assistance in many foreign languages, so don’t worry if you can’t speak Japanese. Crew members are located on the floor and at the cash registers, so feel free to ask for help in order to enjoy a smooth shopping experience.

The foreign currency payment machines located in the store can be operated in five different languages

Even if you realize while shopping that you’ve forgotten to exchange your money or that you don’t have enough cash in yen, that’s not a problem! Don Quijote provides foreign currency check-out services. You can pay by using the payment machines located around the store, so use these if you’re running low on Japanese yen.

Exclusive deal! Discount tickets to the Dotonbori Branch’s “Ebisu Tower”!

If you show this article to a staff member at the Don Quijote Dotonbori Midosuji Branch, you can receive a discount ticket to Don Quijote Dotonbori Branch’s famous Ferris wheel, Ebisu Tower (normal pricing: 600 yen per person; VR gondola: 1,600 yen)! Ride time is 15 minutes. This Ferris wheel, the first elliptical-shaped one in the world, is now famous as a symbol of Dotonbori. You’ll be treated with a view of Osaka City from Dotonbori, so be sure to give it a try! (There is no Ebisu Tower at the Dotonbori Midosuji Branch. To ride the Ferris wheel, visit the Dotonbori Branch, a 3-minute walk from the Dotonbori Midosuji Branch! Address: 7-13 Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City)

※Products and pricing were photographed on March 31, 2019 and are subject to change.

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      Closed: Open daily

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