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Where to Get Wi-Fi at Kansai International Airport: List of Nearby Wi-Fi Rental Facilities

Where to Get Wi-Fi at Kansai International Airport: List of Nearby Wi-Fi Rental Facilities

Date published: 29 November 2019
Last updated: 19 June 2020

Kansai International Airport can truly be called the gateway for travelers to the Kansai area. The first thing you'll want to do upon arriving is secure Wi-Fi access. With rental Wi-Fi, you'll be able to enjoy sightseeing Japan stress-free, no matter what your destination.

Rental fees are set at a per-day rate, so you can borrow Wi-Fi for only as many days as you need it. This article will list Wi-Fi rental services within Kansai International Airport.

Which is Better - a Prior Reservation or a Day-of Application Directly at the Shop?

There are two basic categories of Wi-Fi rental at Kansai International Airport. The first involves making a prior reservation with a rental service company, having it mailed to the airport, and receiving it when you arrive. The second method is making a day-of application at the service counter of a rental company inside the airport. This article will introduce three rental shops, to allow you to choose the best option to use for your personal situation.

"Japan WiFi Rental", the Cheapest Rental Service Industry-wide

The first such service, "JAPAN WiFi Rental" (Japanese: "WiFi Rental Honpo"), provides the cheapest level of rental service in the entire industry, with Wi-Fi usage available starting from the low price of 430 yen per day or 6450 yen per month (both tax included). When you make an online reservation ahead of time, you can select the Kansai International Airport post office as the delivery destination, so you can receive the hardware immediately upon your arrival within the airport.

In order to use this service, you need to complete a reservation two days prior before 4:00 PM. You can pick up routers from the Kansai International Airport post office during business hours (9:00 AM - 5:00 AM). It is possible to order a router one day before your arrival, but in that case, the earliest possible delivery of the router is 12:00 PM, so be sure to check the timing of your flight.

One physical device option is "Y!mobile", an LTE-capable device installed with a high-capacity battery. Data usage is limited to 5 GB per month, so it is recommended for those planning to mainly use it for web-browsing and email. One other device option is "WiMAX", with no monthly data cap and unlimited internet usage. This option is recommended for heavy users, who plan on streaming video for two or more hours daily. The "SoftBank" carrier is also available, providing a wide service area and stable network speed with a data usage limit of 30-50 GB per month. Look into this option if you will be traveling widely throughout the country.

Routers can be returned via the provided return envelope, so all you have to do is place the package in the nearest post box before the last day of your rental period, making this a useful service for those not returning via Kansai International Airport.

The "JAPAN WiFi Rental" website is available in foreign languages (English and Chinese), so be sure to check it out.

Y!Mobile Rental "WiFi Tokyo Rental Shop" for Usage Throughout Japan

At "WiFi Tokyo Rental Shop", it is also possible to place orders online at least three days prior to pick-up, and then receive the router at Kansai International Airport. Included in the rental set along with the main Wi-Fi device is an AC adapter and USB cable, as well as a letter pack envelope for return. Among the Y!Mobile devices, the "Y!Mobile 502HW" terminal, with its particularly high stability and coverage area, is also available for rental.

Rates begin at 800 yen for a 2-day-1-night period. There are large discounts the longer your length of service, at 3500 yen (tax not included) for 15 days or 6000 yen (tax not included) for 30 days, so this service is especially recommended for those traveling for longer periods.

Another nice thing about this service is the capability to specify where you receive your device, not only airport pick-up but also delivery to your hotel or other locations. Get an even better deal by registering online at https://www.wifi-tokyo-rentalshop.com. After registering, the normally 500 yen safety insurance option, which includes full protection in case of water damage or damage from accidental dropping and 15000 yen insurance in case of theft or loss, is available for free.

Easy Even for Beginners! Rent Directly at the Airport Service Counter with "Telecom Square"

Easy Even for Beginners! Rent Directly at the Airport Service Counter with "Telecom Square"

"Telecom Square", with a service counter at Kansai International Airport, always has staff available to provide customer service in not only English but Chinese and Korean as well, so even first-time users of Wi-Fi rental can use the service with ease.

In light of the upward trend in demand for unlimited data transmission products among visitors to Japan, Telecom Square provides both Wi-Fi routers and SIM cards with unlimited usage at reasonable prices. You can use the Wi-Fi wherever you go, to research information about tourist sites, look up directions, and watch your favorite movies during your downtime.

Wi-Fi devices can be returned simply by placing them in the return box at the service counter at any airport. There is no need for filling out paperwork or documentation, so it's easy to utilize even when you're in a hurry.

In addition to Wi-Fi service, check out "PinnAR", a navigation app that's extremely useful for anyone traveling the world.
(Application download website: https://pinnar.onelink.me/3IhY/6927c4ef)

You can use the app's character scan function to easily set your destination and display directions, so that even people who cannot read Japanese can use the app. With the local search function, you can quickly find nearby train stations, restaurants, and more. Use the app along with your Wi-Fi for a comfortable experience while you enjoy your trip to Japan.

What do you think? Whenever you visit Japan, be sure to effectively utilize the quick and simple Wi-Fi options to research and gather information. Have fun exploring new places and foods, meeting new Japanese friends, and much more.

  • Telecom Square
    テレコムスクエア 関西国際空港 第1ターミナル 1階 到着ロビー モバイルセンター関西空港南
    • Address 1 Senshukuko Naka, Sennan-gun Tajiri-cho, Osaka, 549-0011
    • Phone Number 03-3239-2333
    • Business Hours: 7:00 AM - 10:30 PM
      Closed: Open Daily

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