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Japan Brings Cat-Shaped, Matcha-Flavored Bread into the World - Too Far or Just Far Enough?

Japan Brings Cat-Shaped, Matcha-Flavored Bread into the World - Too Far or Just Far Enough?

Date published: 27 October 2020

Cat lovers rejoice! Japan has brought into the world a gorgeous Kyoto cat bread, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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  1. Kyoto Neko Neko’s Tasty Treats
  2. Matcha Cat Bread?!

After the success of their cat-shaped bread and sweets elsewhere throughout Japan, the All Hearts Company (オールハーツ・カンパニー) has decided to bring forth a new bakery: Kyoto Neko Neko. The bakery opened on June 1, 2020, and specializes in high-quality, cat-shaped bread, and a gorgeous cat-shaped cheesecake, among so many other cat related tasty treats!

Kyoto Neko Neko’s Tasty Treats

“Neko” in Japanese simply means “cat,” so it’s no wonder Neko Neko became the name of this feline loving establishment. So, what tasty bakes do they have in store?

“Goen wo Manekineko” Danish Inspired Kyoto Cat Bread
A “manekineko” is often referred to as a lucky cat doll. The adorable waving hand is said to be calling out to good luck, or “goen”. So perhaps this Danish style cat bread is more than just a tasty treat!

This Danish-inspired bread is made with a special fermented butter from France. The dough is woven into a sort of plait before being put into the mold for baking, meaning that minimal moisture is lost to the heat of the oven, creating a beautifully soft texture on the inside, while the outer ears offer a crispy contrast. We highly recommend eating it lightly toasted, as it will bring out the rich flavors of the fermented butter. To be honest, this bread makes a great snack all on its own!

・Product name: Kyoto Neko Neko Danish bread
・Price: 1,200 yen + tax

Fun Fact! In Japanese, bread crusts are referred to as “ears” (mimi / 耳), so the cat ears are a bit of a play on words!

A Meaning Behind the Logo?
The logo of the Kyoto branch features a cute cat silhouette inside two circles. This was very purposefully chosen, as the ring has a few meanings in Japanese – relationship ties, peace, and a traditional family crest. These, along with the tilted head of the cat representing a slight bow, were chosen to represent the traditions of Kyoto.

Kyoto Neko Neko Cheesecake
This luxurious cheesecake is made with a tart batter combined with indulgent black cocoa, and a velvety, creamy Brie de Meaux. Alongside these distinctly Western flavors are the traditionally Japanese flavors of Kuromame (black beans) and Kuromitsu (Black honey) gelee. Be careful though, because this is definitely one of those desserts that’ll make you keep saying “just one more little sliver...”

*Scheduled to be sold in mid-June.

Matcha Cat Bread?!

Matcha Cat Bread?!

Alongside the beautiful bread and cheesecake above, Kyoto Neko Neko will also be selling three other delicious cat-shaped bread loaves. These are all Kyoto exclusives!

Kyoto Neko Neko Bread (Plain)
Made with milk, soy milk, honey, and a special soy butter, this sweet and spongy bread is a perfect breakfast treat.
・Product name: Kyoto Neko Neko Bread (Plain)
・Price for 1 loaf: ¥550 (not including tax)

Kyoto Neko Neko Bread (Hojicha)
This delightfully sweet bread is somewhat cake-like, with fragrant hojicha (roasted green tea) and sweet white chocolate kneaded into the ears.
・Product name: Kyoto Neko Neko Bread (Houjicha)
・Price for 1 loaf: 680 yen (not including tax)

Kyoto Neko Neko Bread (Matcha)
Something about matcha green tea just seems so Kyoto... This gorgeous green cat bread has a mix of matcha and kuromame beans in the ears.
・Product name: Kyoto Nekoneko Bread (Matcha)
・Price for 1 loaf: 680 yen (not including tax)

100% Local Soy!
One of the most delicious characteristics of Neko Neko bread is that in place of water, the dough uses locally made soy milk. All these fresh cat breads use soy from a local Kyoto tofu shop! This gives the bread a wonderfully rich and moist mouthfeel.

They even use soy cream in place of mascarpone cheese, and soy butter in place of normal butter, giving it a distinctly Japanese taste that you would expect from a Kyoto bakery.

If you stop by, don’t forget to try out their “Neko Neko Hot Sando” sandwich, or their “Neko Neko Tapioca” bubble tea!

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Information is based on the following site: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000040.000035909.html

  • Kyoto Neko Neko (Shijo Branch)
    京都ねこねこ 四条店
    • Address 578 Takakura-dori Shijokamiru Obiyamachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8124, Kyoto Prefecture
    • Phone Number 075-221-1001
    • Hours: 10:30 - 18:00
      Regular holidays: Year-end and New Year holidays
      *Business hours have been shortened for the time being due to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Please check official site and social media for more information. https://allheartscompany.com/
      Online store: https://hbantique.official.ec/

Written by:

Cassandra Lord

Cassandra Lord

Cassandra is a British writer and translator living the residential life just outside of Tokyo. She loves finding out hidden things about Japan, and more importantly sniffing out the best food! She's never satisfied with just one hobby, and spends her time finding out new ways to use her creative skills – though the most pertinent here might be her love of Japanese calligraphy!

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