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11 Fun Sapporo Tours: Enjoy a Deep Dive With Locals - Famous Landmarks, Food, Excursions & More

11 Fun Sapporo Tours: Enjoy a Deep Dive With Locals - Famous Landmarks, Food, Excursions & More

Date published: 5 October 2023

Discover Sapporo like never before on a local-led tour of the city's hidden treasures and cultural delights. In this article, we'll introduce you to a curated selection of fun Sapporo tours led by knowledgeable locals. These immersive experiences will take you beyond the surface of this vibrant city, allowing you to delve deep into its rich history, stunning landscapes, and authentic local culture. Join us as we explore Sapporo through the eyes of passionate guides, unveiling the heart of this enchanting Hokkaido capital, one tour at a time.

Main image: Klook

1. Sapporo Private Car Tour with English-speaking Guide

(Photo: Klook)
(Photo: Klook)

While traveling abroad, navigating public transportation can be quite daunting. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have someone pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, or even take you on a sightseeing adventure in their car?

Well, guess what? There's an amazing offer that can make this dream a reality. With the Sapporo Private Car Tour led by an English-speaking guide, you can enjoy the comfort of a chauffeured car and explore the iconic tourist attractions of Sapporo. This 4-hour excursion includes visits to renowned landmarks such as the famous clock tower, Hokkaido Shrine, Odori Park, and Shiroi Koibito Park. These destinations are spread out, but thanks to the provided car service, you'll have a smooth and hassle-free journey between them.

This tour is exclusively private, ensuring that you have the car all to yourself, whether you're traveling with family or friends. So, take your time to immerse yourself in Sapporo's rich culture and history, and capture countless unforgettable moments along the way.

  • Enjoy the highlights of Sapporo stress free without you doing the navigating.
  • Enjoy sightseeing with the convenience of a car ride.
  • Explore Sapporo's culture and history at your own pace.

2. Sapporo Half Day Private Tour with a Local Guide

(Photo: Klook)
(Photo: Klook)

If a full-day tour feels too lengthy for your itinerary, consider a half-day option. This four-hour tour, led by a multilingual guide fluent in Japanese and English, offers an insider's view of Sapporo, accommodating up to 8 guests - perfect for families or groups of friends.

Designed for the global traveler, this Sapporo tour artfully combines the city's contemporary and historic elements. While customizable to your interests, your tour could include a visit to the bustling Tanukikoji Street for a unique shopping experience or a dive into a traditional Japanese market teeming with local flavors. Traverse Sapporo's varied neighborhoods, capturing memorable shots of its urban vistas, serene parks, and architectural wonders along the way.

  • Discover Sapporo's unique sights and landscapes in a private half-day tour.
  • Venture to Tanukikoji shopping arcade, enjoy a traditional Japanese market experience, or visit other areas.
  • Capture Sapporo's stunning landscapes and iconic attractions to make your journey unforgettable.

3. Private Market Tour, Cooking Class and Lunch with a Local in Sapporo

(Photo: Viator)
(Photo: Viator)

Hokkaido is renowned for its abundance of fresh seafood and local produce, making it a treasure trove for food enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, the best way to immerse yourself in the prefecture's incredible food scene is by exploring its local markets. However, for tourists, navigating these markets can be a bit challenging. Wouldn't it be a relief to entrust the planning to a seasoned pro?

Enter the "Private Market Tour, Cooking Class, and Lunch with a Local in Sapporo" tour. Your local guide will expertly curate a selection of the finest local markets for you to explore and even offer cooking lessons in her own kitchen.

This interesting tour includes visits to two must-see markets: the Sapporo Morning Market and Jogai Market, followed by an enriching culinary experience at her home.

After perusing the markets, you'll have the opportunity for some hands-on cooking, preparing Sapporo's local delicacies like Chan Chan yaki, Soup curry, and Kaisen don (sashimi bowl). Meeting a Sapporo local isn't an everyday occurrence, so why not seize this chance to delve into their way of life and gain invaluable local insights?

  • Experience Hokkaido's food scene without the stress of navigation.
  • Engage with a Sapporo local and access insider knowledge
  • Sample unique local delicacies and master the art of cooking them yourself.

4. Sapporo Bar Hopping Food Tour

(Photo: Viator)
(Photo: Viator)

In Sapporo, you'll discover a plethora of local specialties that elevate the exquisite flavors of Hokkaido's fresh ingredients. Many avid food enthusiasts flock to the city to savor these culinary delights, but given the extensive selection, language barriers can pose a significant obstacle.

What if you could have an expert handle the translation and guide you through this gastronomic journey?

Enter the Sapporo Bar Hopping Food Tour, where your local tour guide will lead you on a 3-hour exploration of Sapporo's food scene and vibrant nightlife.

Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to sample a diverse array of local delicacies served at some of the city's most beloved hangouts. You'll hop between three local Izakaya establishments, each offering a unique food set and two plates, along with three beverages included.

Typically, Sapporo locals wrap up their night with a bowl of Sapporo Ramen or a Parfait. While this might appear unusual and filling, it's remarkable how this tradition contributes to a satisfying conclusion to any Nomikai (drinking party)!

  • Perfect for those who love to eat and drink and wish to experience it the local way.
  • An exciting avenue to explore Sapporo's nightlife.
  • Benefit from a seamless drinking adventure in Sapporo, guided by an English-speaking local.

5. Hokkaido Ainu Culture 1-Day Tour

(Photo: KKday)
(Photo: KKday)

Did you know that Japan is home to a native group known as the Ainu? The Ainu culture has captivated the curiosity of many, and for a captivating glimpse into their rich heritage, consider joining the Hokkaido Ainu Culture 1-Day Tour.

Over the course of approximately 12 hours, you'll have the unique opportunity to explore the Historical Hokkaido Village "Kaitaku no Mura" Pioneer Village, and the Biratori-cho Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum. Each of these destinations holds profound significance in unraveling the history of Hokkaido. Additionally, you'll immerse yourself in Hokkaido's vast wilderness at Utochiko and even have the chance to interact with horses at the Northern Horse Park.

If you're seeking an experience beyond ordinary sightseeing, you might consider enriching your historical knowledge with this interesting Sapporo tour.

  • Get in touch with the historical and cultural side of Japan's native group.
  • Have a Japanese or Chinese speaking local to guide and provide you with translation.
  • Enjoy a day in nature and mingle with horses.

6. Hokkaido Sake Brewery and Tasting Tour

(Photo: Klook)
(Photo: Klook)

Blessed with pristine nature, Hokkaido is renowned for cultivating premium rice, a crucial ingredient for crafting Sake. Given this natural advantage, Hokkaido stands out as an ideal destination for producing top-tier sake.

To immerse yourself in Hokkaido's fascinating sake culture, consider joining the Hokkaido Sake Brewery and Tasting Tour.

During this 3-hour excursion, led by a knowledgeable local English-speaking guide, you'll visit various destinations, including a sake museum, liquor shops, and Izakaya establishments in the vicinity of Sapporo. These stops will unveil the secrets behind sake production.

Throughout the tour, you'll have the opportunity to sample 4-6 sake varieties, expertly paired with traditional drinking snacks like Gyoza—a perfect complement to your libations.

Hokkaido is not only renowned for its sake but also for other fine beverages like whiskey. You can even savor a well-crafted highball in between your sake tastings. When in Sapporo, why not seize this chance to explore the captivating artistry of sake?

  • Enjoy drinking and would love an opportunity to taste and explore the world of sake.
  • Buy the perfect souvenir to take home with you.
  • Have an English speaking local guide help you learn about the art of sake.

7. Susukino Tour with a Local Guide in Sapporo

(Photo: Klook)
(Photo: Klook)

Tucked away in southeastern Sapporo lies Susukino - one of Japan's renowned red-light districts with many "adult-entertainment" establishments. As daylight gives way to dusk, Susukino's streets come alive with vibrant neon lights and bustling activity.

While Susukino may be a familiar name to many Japanese, it remains relatively undiscovered by foreign travelers, making it a somewhat challenging area to navigate independently.

But fear not! With the Susukino Tour accompanied by a Local Guide in Sapporo, you'll have an experienced local to guide you through your first foray into the enigmatic realm of Sapporo's nightlife.

Over the course of 3 hours, your guide will curate a personalized tour that includes visits to recommended spots around Susukino. It's a chance to break from the ordinary and delve into a different side of Japan.

  • Explore a side of Sapporo that is not introduced on your guidebook.
  • Have a trustworthy English speaking local guide have your back exploring the red light district.
  • Looking for an eccentric experience that is not your ordinary night tour.

8. Nijo Market and Tanukikoji Street in Sapporo

(Photo: Klook)
(Photo: Klook)

For any foodie, a visit to Hokkaido is an absolute must, and what better way to immerse yourself in Hokkaido's culinary culture than by exploring the local markets?

Join the Nijo Market and Tanukikoji Street Tour in Sapporo, where, over the course of approximately 3 hours, your local guide will lead you to their favorite culinary haunts, offering a taste of some of the region's finest delicacies.

Nijo Market is a bustling hub brimming with stalls and eateries, where you can indulge in the freshest seafood, including delectable crabs, succulent salmon, and much more.

For an unforgettable lunch, savor a seafood rice ball adorned with the freshest sashimi! In addition to a tour of Nijo Market, you'll also have the opportunity to explore Tanukikoji Street, one of Hokkaido's oldest Shotengai shopping streets, marking its 150th anniversary in 2023. This charming shopping street is home to a variety of stores catering to the everyday needs of locals and makes for the perfect place to acquire Omiyage, or souvenirs.

During the tour, you'll visit a traditional tea stall and a warehouse specializing in knives and blades. Many of these traditional shops may not typically cater to foreign tourists, but with our tour, you'll have the hassle-free opportunity to explore them.

  • Discover the food scene of Hokkaido at local markets that are lesser known to tourists.
  • A foodie tour with visits to local stalls offering superb local delicacies.
  • Meet locals and take a sneak peek into places tourists are usually uninvited.

9. Sapporo Food Tour with a local guide

(Photo: Klook)
(Photo: Klook)

Hokkaido stands as an exceptional destination for food enthusiasts seeking out delectable yet lesser-known local dishes.

From Hokkaido Ramen and Jingisukan (mutton BBQ) to the comforting warmth of soup curry, these regional delicacies are culinary sensations that should not be missed when visiting Japan's north. For an exceptional foodie adventure in Sapporo, the Sapporo Food Tour is for you.

Over the course of 3 delightful hours, your knowledgeable local guide will lead you to their handpicked, preferred restaurants, Izakayas, and street stalls, offering you the opportunity to savor some of the finest local fare available.

The tour is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to communicate your culinary preferences before the tour, enabling your local guide to select the most optimal venues for your visit.

If you're looking for a delectable and exclusively customized culinary experience in Sapporo, either for yourself or your group, why not embark on this delicious journey?

  • Enjoy food and looking for a chance to try local delicacies of Sapporo
  • Enjoy the convenience of an English speaking tour guide to help you enjoy a foolproof foodie experience.
  • The tour is flexible and can be customized to your preference.

10. Jozankei Onsen, Otaru and Shiroi Koibito Park Day tour from Sapporo

(Photo: Klook)
(Photo: Klook)

Hokkaido is a vast prefecture, covering a staggering 22% of Japan's total land area. If you're eager to explore beyond the boundaries of Sapporo and discover the treasures that the rest of this magnificent region has to offer, consider joining the Jozankei Onsen, Otaru, and Shiroi Koibito Park Day Tour departing from Sapporo.

In just a single day, you'll have the opportunity to visit some of Hokkaido's most popular tourist destinations, all while enjoying the convenience of a comfortable bus ride. Your journey begins with a stop at Jozankei Onsen, where you can luxuriate in a premium onsen experience. If soaking in hot springs isn't your preference, you can opt to visit the Jozankei Shrine for a delightful cultural stroll.

Next on the itinerary is Otaru, an enchanting canal city that stands as an iconic tourist hotspot in Hokkaido. Here, you'll savor a superb lunch while taking in the breathtaking views along the riverbank.

Before your adventure concludes, during the return bus trip to Sapporo, there will be a brief stop by Shiroi Koibito Park—a renowned chocolate factory famous for its delectable chocolate sandwiched biscuits. You'll embark on a guided tour of the factory and even have the opportunity to participate in workshops, making it an ideal source of entertainment, especially for families with children.

  • Looking for great day trip ideas from Sapporo.
  • Enjoy a premium hot spring soak at Hokkaido's famous Jozankei Onsen.
  • Visit iconic tourist destinations in and around Sapporo with the convenience of a chartered bus.

11. Horseback-Riding Tour in the Sapporo Countryside

(Photo: Viator)
(Photo: Viator)

Enjoy the charm of the Wild West near Sapporo on a Horseback Riding Expedition. Start your adventure in Mustang Town, a beautifully designed Old West-inspired village filled with stables and quaint wooden edifices, taking you back to the days of cowboys and settlers.

Join your seasoned cowboy guide, fondly known as 'the Sheriff.' With their expert guidance, undergo a concise yet thorough riding tutorial, preparing you with the necessary skills and assurance to embark on your horse-riding tour.

With your new skills and confidence, you will begin your exploration along the beautiful, well-maintained mountain paths that lie ahead. Choose between a relaxing 50-minute or an 80-minute ride, as you meander through fruit orchards and lush green slopes.

The gentle and friendly horses are ideal for riders of all proficiencies, ensuring the excursion is open to all. For your convenience, round-trip hotel transportation via taxi is included, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable cowboy experience.

  • Explore Mustang Town near Sapporo: an immersive Wild West-inspired village.
  • Receive a hands-on riding tutorial, then enjoy a 50- or 80-minute scenic trail ride with beautiful mountain views.
  • Enjoy friendly horses suitable for all skill levels and hassle-free round-trip hotel taxi transfers.

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Hiroko Ariga

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