HOME Sakura Season 2022: Latest Cherry Blossom Treats at Starbucks, Doutor & Other Popular Cafes in Japan
Sakura Season 2022: Latest Cherry Blossom Treats at Starbucks, Doutor & Other Popular Cafes in Japan

Sakura Season 2022: Latest Cherry Blossom Treats at Starbucks, Doutor & Other Popular Cafes in Japan

Date published: 24 February 2022

Nothing marks the arrival of spring in Japan like the arrival of the country's signature seasonal sakura sweets and drinks popping up at popular cafes.

Let's take a look at the latest cherry blossom treats that are already lining the counters at popular cafe chains like Starbucks, Doutor Coffee, Tully's Coffee, and Cafe de Crié!

Starbucks: Nama Yatsuhashi Frappuccino® and Assorted Sakura Sweets

Starbucks: Nama Yatsuhashi Frappuccino® and Assorted Sakura Sweets

Starbucks' annual Sakura Series 2022 is now on sale, whose theme includes the catchphrase, "It's a blooming party!" Not only do these menu items look cute, they taste great, too!

The menu's highlight is the new Sakura Saita Milk Latte (right). This delicious blend of warm milk with sakura strawberry sauce and topped off with special, hand-drawn latte art. The artwork depicts a cherry blossom tree in full bloom, and is crafted by the barista with love, using chocolate sauce and shaved sakura strawberry chocolate.

The Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino® (left) is another perfect spring-time treat. This blend of sakura strawberry sauce and milk is accompanied by a rosy shiratama dumpling, and topped with yatsuhashi, one of Kyoto's specialty sweets. The gentle sakura and strawberry flavors, together with the chewy yatsuhashi and shiratama dumplings, are the perfect combination to get you excited for spring!

If you want some sweets to enjoy with your sakura-flavored drinks, you can't go wrong with a Sakura Donut (right). The generous coating of sweet sakura sauce and just the right amount of salt create the perfect flavor balance for this delectable donut.

Product Name & Price:
・Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino®
Tall: 668 yen (takeout), Tall: 680 yen (in-store)
・Sakura Saita Milk Latte:
Short: 501 yen, Tall: 540 yen, Grande: 579 yen, Venti®: 618 yen (takeout)
Short: 510 yen, Tall: 550 yen, Grande: 590 yen, Venti®: 630 yen (in-store)
・Sakura Donut:
270 yen (takeout), 275 yen (in-store)

Sales Period:
Tuesday, February 15 - Tuesday, March 15, 2022
*Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino® and Sakura Donut available until Tuesday, April 12, 2022.
*Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino® toppings may vary starting Wednesday, March 16, 2022. Price and product name will remain the same.
Location: Starbucks locations nationwide (some exclusions may apply)
*While supplies last

Doutor Coffee Shop: Sakura Au Lait, Mont Blanc, and Dorayaki!

Doutor Coffee Shop: Sakura Au Lait, Mont Blanc, and Dorayaki!

Starting Thursday, February 24th, Doutor Coffee Shop will celebrate the arrival of spring with its first #Spring Doutor Sakura Fair.

The Marshmallow Fluffy Sakura Au Lait, available both hot and iced, is a baby-pink drink topped with whipped cream and sakura paste and finished with sakura-shaped marshmallows and pink edible pearls. Iced drinks include pieces of chewy warabimochi inside.

The Sakura Mont Blanc, available in limited quantities, is a confectionary of sakura strawberry dough topped with sakura whipped cream and filled with sakura Mont Blanc cream. Powdered sugar and sakura crunch add a finishing touch, bringing together the perfect flavor combination of sakura and strawberries to mark the arrival of spring.

If you enjoy Japanese sweets, we also recommend the Mocchiri Sakura Dorayaki. This springtime-only dorayaki includes a red bean sakura daifuku with cherry leaves and Hokkaido azuki sandwiched in dough. With its gentle sakura flavor and chewy texture, this treat will bring you happiness in every bite!

Product Name & Price:
・Marshmallow Fluffy Sakura Au Lait with Warabimochi (iced):
M size only: 540 yen (takeout), 550 yen (in-store)
・Marshmallow Fluffy Sakura Au Lait (hot):
M size only: 510 yen (takeout), 520 yen (in-store)
・Sakura Mont Blanc:
450 yen (takeout), 458 yen (in-store)
・Mocchiri Sakura Dorayaki:
255 yen (takeout), 260 yen (in-store)

Sales Period:
Starts Thursday, February 24, 2022
*Size, price, and availability may vary by location.

Tully's Coffee: Limited-Time Only Tom and Jerry Collaboration!

Tully's Coffee: Limited-Time Only Tom and Jerry Collaboration!

This spring, Tully's Coffee is launching a full collaboration with popular cartoon series, Tom and Jerry. The collaboration lineup, called 'Tom and Jerry Sakura Dance Special Coffee Time,' includes a number of fun food and drink items sure to add some excitement to your meal!

The lineup includes two drinks. The Tom and Jerry Sakura Dance Strawberry Cafe Latte is a gently-sweetened latte containing condensed milk and topped with sauce and strawberry chocolate petals.

The Tom and Jerry & TEA Sakura Scented Peach Tea Au Lait is a mellow, fruity drink made with creamy white peach sauce and a fragrant, fluffy sakura sauce.

Collaboration drinks are served in original cups designed with drawings of our favorite Tom and Jerry characters watching the cherry blossoms.

The collaboration menu also includes seven food items (on sale Thursday, February 24). The Tom and Jerry Hot Dog Aged Cheddar & Cheese Melt (bottom right) is a Tully's Coffee original hot dog topped with Jerry's favorite aged cheddar cheese sauce and fragrant fried onions. The packaging is designed with illustrations in the cartoon's classic American style.

Product Name & Price:
・Tom & Jerry Cherry Sakura Dance Strawberry Cafe Latte:
Tall 693 yen
・Tom & Jerry & TEA Cherry Blossom Scented Peach Tea Au Lait:
693 yen
・Tom and Jerry Hot Dog Aged Cheddar & Cheese Melt:
495 yen

Sales Period:
Starts Thursday, February 10, 2022
*Some items available after Thursday, February 24th.
*Food and drinks prices including tax reflect in-store/eat-in prices.
*May be unavailable at some locations

Cafe de Crié: Celebrate Spring with Sakura and Matcha

Cafe de Crié: Celebrate Spring with Sakura and Matcha

Cafe de Crié's menu brings you the taste of spring with drinks and sweets featuring two popular spring flavors: cherry blossom and matcha.

The Sakura Milk Tea is a combination of royal milk tea and an original sakura sauce. This secret sakura sauce includes a pinch of salt, which works to bring out the sakura flavor even more. Topped with sakura whipped cream and crunchy cherry blossoms, petals of cherry blossoms appear to be dancing right inside your cup!

The Scented Uji Matcha Latte brings you the rich scent of Uji Matcha and its delicious, bittersweet taste.

Sol Beige® Sakura Biyori Momokaru is a frozen drink that combines Sol Beige® with sakura sauce, Hokkaido milk, and a juicy peach jam. The fresh peach jelly blended in milk looks like a snowstorm in your cup!

The Sakura Roll Cake (left) is a refreshing, pink-and-white sakura spongecake filled with whipped cream and topped with sakura sauce and salted sakura petals. The Deep Uji Matcha Mont Blanc (right) is a rich combination of Uji Matcha whipped cream and Mont Blanc cream. A layer of Uji matcha cream coats the cocoa sponge cake, which is further wrapped in an Uji matcha Mont Blanc cream.

Product Name & Price
・Sakura Milk Tea:
S: 440 yen, M: 500 yen
・Scented Uji Matcha Latte
S: 420 yen, M: 480 yen, L: 540 yen
・Sol Beige® Sakura Biyori Momokaru
Starting at 530 yen
・Sakura Roll Cake:
450 yen
・Deep Uji Matcha Mont Blanc:
450 yen

Sales Period:
Starts Wednesday, February 16, 2022
*Sol Beige® Sakura Biyori Momokaru available Wednesday, March 2, 2022.
Stores: Cafe de Crié, Cafe de Crié Plus
*Prices and contents may vary at some locations.

The cheerful pink colors of these sakura-flavored sweets and drinks are sure to wipe away any lingering winter blues. For a head start on spring, head to one of these popular cafes and grab a drink!

*All product prices in article include tax.

Translated by: Krys Suzuki

Written by:

Ran Tanaka

Ran Tanaka

A writer based in Southeast Asia. Happy life is with cheap beer.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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