This shrine is the object of strong faith as the local deity of Haneda. The Haneda Fuji, which was created due to the people's admiration for Mt. Fuji, is another highlight of the shrine's grounds.

Haneda Shrine attracts worshipers from the entire Haneda area, including the Haneda Airport. It is dedicated to two gods, Susanoo-no-Mikoto and Kushinada-hime-no-Mikoto (the legendary imperial prince and princess). Also, many airline and airport employees visit to pray for the safe operation of aircraft and aviation security throughout the year. When an infectious disease spread in 1861, the 13th shogun, Tokugawa Iesada, visited the shrine and recovered from the disease. Since then, many worshipers have come to pray for the recovery of their health. An artificial mountain, Haneda Fuji, was created in 1868 and is said to have imitated the appearance of the beautiful Mt. Fuji, which the people in those days also admired. The shrine is designated as a cultural property of the Ota ward. Inside the premises, many events are held throughout the year. In particular, the summer festival is a powerful festival where 3,000 people carry a portable shrine, so the shrine bustles with many spectators. It is a five-minute walk from the Otorii Station on the Keihin Electric Express Railway.


  • Address

    3-9-12, Honhaneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0044

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  • Nearest Station
    Otorii Station
    ・ Keikyu Airport Line
    5 minutes on foot
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    Our staff may only be able to communicate in Japanese.


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    9:00am - 5:00pm