NoyamaKita・Rokudoyama Koen


NoyamaKita・Rokudoyama Koen

The largest Tokyo Metropolitan Park rich with nature. Offers various leisure activities such as viewing the fields and the woods and playing in the forest.

One of the four Tokyo Metropolitan parks in Sayama Hills, located in the northwest of Tokyo. You can still see the precious rural landscape of Japan here, such as growths of the pretty purple katakuri flowers (dogtooth violets), firefly habitats and rice fields. Each season offers a different way to enjoy the park, including the new leaves in spring; turning leaves in autumn; beetles, butterfly and frogs in summer; and birdwatching in winter. In addition to enjoying the rich nature, you can also visit the Japanese-style house and warehouse that are renovated and restored buildings from the Edo Period, and has facilities such as a heath and furnace to give you a glimpse of life during that period. Moreover, in the Adventure forest and Countryside experience area, there are athletic wooden playground equipment and an 8-meter hight observation platform with a 60-meter perimeter, where children can play to their heart's content. The park is a 10-minute walk from the Mine bus stop on the bus towards Hakonegasaki Station or Mitsufuji-jyutaku from Tachikawa Station on the JR Chuo Line.


  • Address

    4, Mitsugi, Musashimurayama-shi, Tokyo, 208-0032

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  • Nearest Station
    Tachikawa Station
    ・ JR Nambu Line
    ・ JR Chuo Main Line
    ・ JR Ome Line
    North Exit
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