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Public Transportation Etiquette

Public Transportation Etiquette

Date published: 22 March 2016
Last updated: 28 October 2019

Transportation by train is an essential way of getting around. Know the proper way to ride the train and practice polite train etiquette.

When you take a train

It is standard procedure to let passengers off before getting on a train. Leave the area in front of the center of the door open while you are waiting. Once on the train, there tends to be more space inside than near the door.

When you are on the train

Try to leave the priority seats on both ends of the car for the elderly and pregnant. Note that some lines have female-only cars during weekday rush hours to protect women from sexual harassment.

Inside the train

Inside the train

Be considerate of other passengers and refrain from talking on a cell phone or listening to loud music. When sitting down, occupy just the space marked for one person and don't throw your legs out into the aisle. Do not sit on the floor as you will obstruct other passengers. Bear in mind that you are in a public place to be shared with others.

Eating and drinking on the train

Eating and drinking on the train

Some trains allow eating and drinking, but basically, it is better not to do so. Avoid alcohol and food with strong smells, such fast food. If you have trash, throw it away in a garbage bin at the station.

Even children need to have good manners

Even children need to have good manners

Move buggies and strollers to the side if possible. When accompanying children, make sure they do not scream or run around. Avoid occupying more seats than needed or standing on the seats with shoes.

Getting off a train

When getting off a train, please remember to get off in an orderly manner and refrain from dangerously pushing others. If there is a line for the staircase or escalators, be sure to get in line properly.

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