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Tokyo’s Tastiest Tempura

Tokyo’s Tastiest Tempura

Date published: 25 May 2016
Last updated: 24 April 2018

Tokyo’s most popular specialty dating back to the Edo period: tempura! Incorporating frying techniques from abroad, Japanese tempura is made to bring out the flavor of its delicious ingredients.

Kaneko Hannosuke’s super popular tempura set

Kaneko Hannosuke’s super popular tempura set

Amidst the abundant luxury shops that line the streets of Nihonbashi Honcho just like they do on Ginza lies Kaneko Hannosuke. This is a reasonably priced tempura shop that specializes in popular tempura dishes and you can enjoy the delicious snacks one after another. The seats are all along the counter, allowing you to see how tempura is made right before your eyes! While the storefront looks high-class like all of Nihonbashi Honcho, the price of 980 yen for the menu’s tempura set is more than reasonable, so rest assured. The set includes nine dishes of fried tempura, rice and clam miso soup – the size of the portions won’t leave you hungry either. There are also three types of pickles that are all-you-can-eat, so feel free to dig in!

  • Tenpurameshi Kaneko Hannosuke
    天ぷらめし 金子半之助
    • Address 1-4-3, Nihonbashi, chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0032, Japan

Serving Edomae tempura since 130 years: Tenmo

Serving Edomae tempura since 130 years: Tenmo

This renowned restaurant was founded in 1885 by a man called Mosaburo Okuda. Using the same style of sesame oil frying ever since the founding day, Tenmo specializes in Edomae tempura – this means that the dishes served here taste the same like they did 130 years ago on the streets of Edo (the old name of Tokyo). The current store has been used continuously since it was built in 1947.

They can seat 9 people on the counter, up to 8 people can dine in a traditional Japanese room, and a space with an open hearth is also available. Tenmo’s use of sesame oil for frying, as it is typical for Edomae tempura, makes their dishes highly popular and a reservation is always required. You can select from three courses for lunch (starting at 6,480 yen) and two courses for dinner (starting at 9,720 yen).

  • Tenmo
    • Address 4-1-3, Nihonbashi-Honcho, chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0023, Japan
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