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Cute & Convenient: The 6 Must-Buy Japanese Suitcases at Shibuya Loft!

Cute & Convenient: The 6 Must-Buy Japanese Suitcases at Shibuya Loft!

Date published: 1 April 2020
Last updated: 6 April 2020

Shibuya Loft is a prime spot for all things souvenirs, accessories, stationery, living goods...pretty much anything, actually! Among the colorful and diverse selection of goodies, Loft has a surprisingly rich selection of high-quality suitcases from both Japanese and international brands. We’ve asked the staff to show us the absolute must-have suitcases and travel bags of 6 Japanese brands!

Estimated size (by Loft)
30-40L: 1-3 nights (carry-on size)
45-60L: 3-4 nights
60-74L: about 5 days
75-84L: about 1 week
85-95L: 1 week to 10 days
Over 95L: long trips, such as studying abroad etc.

Table of Contents
  1. The Lojel Cubo: Sturdy, Classy, and Mega-Convenient Flat-Top Open Suitcase
  2. Endo Luggage’s “Frequenter Clam Advance:” High Performance with Amazingly Quiet Wheels
  3. Solo-Tourist’s A-Broad Carry: a Backpacker’s Best Friend
  4. Siffler’s Trident: a Classic and Elegant Aluminum Look
  5. HaNT Mine: a Cute Suitcase that Pops!
  6. CARGO Airtrans: Simple and Reasonably Priced!

The Lojel Cubo: Sturdy, Classy, and Mega-Convenient Flat-Top Open Suitcase

37-42L: 26,000 yen / 70-77L: 30,000 yen / 100-110L: 34,000 yen

The Lojel Cubo currently dominates the lineup of hardshell suitcases because it is incredibly sturdy but lightweight at the same time, made out of polycarbonate. Its biggest characteristic is the “flat-top opening,” meaning it opens from the top as a flap instead of becoming two halves. That means it takes up much less space while being open and makes the packing process so much easier and more convenient! It also features an expansion system that adds even more space if needed. That can be done simply by using the zipper in the center of the suitcase, increasing its capacity by 10%. For those who love buying a lot of souvenirs as they travel, this suitcase is a lifesaver! On top of that, the Lojel Cubo has a TSA lock, a dual wheels system and comes in seven different colors.

The most popular Lojel Cubo is the 100-110L size, opened with a zipper. It can fit a lot, so there’s plenty of space for souvenirs.
There are three mesh pockets in the top flap, convenient for small things that you want to access quickly.
A long zipper pocket that can be moved out of the way easily.
The handle locks in four different positions.
The dual wheel system makes the suitcase particularly sturdy and hard to break, as it distributes the weight evenly.
The suitcase is opened and closed via zipper, while the dial-type TSA lock makes sure that no one but you opens it.
The 37-42L size. It comes with an extra pocket and nothing falls out even if you open it while standing.
With the top opened. Even the smaller size boasts a lot of depth and room for spontaneous purchases and more.
The zipper in the middle expands the suitcase further. The rubber knobs on the side ensure that the suitcase stands properly in every position.

Endo Luggage’s “Frequenter Clam Advance:” High Performance with Amazingly Quiet Wheels

23l: 23,000 yen / 34l: 26,000 yen

The Frequenter Clam Advance is a high-performance suitcase by a long-established Japanese bag manufacturer. It comes in two carry-on sizes of 23L and 34L – both are light and sturdy because they’re made out of polycarbonate. It opens from the front as well so packing and unpacking is extra convenient, but its most impressive feature is the wheels. They’re specially developed to absorb shock from whatever surface you’re rolling them over. The manufacturer says that about 70% of the vibration is reduced in comparison to regular tires. This smooth rolling experience is because of the high-precision ball bearings and we promise you’ll be surprised by just how quiet this suitcase is! On top of that, you can buy a kit that lets you exchange the tires easily by yourself once you feel like they’re starting to get worn. Another convenient function of this product is the stopper, keeping the suitcase from rolling all over the place on a bus or train. Rather than blocking the wheels, it uses an extendable rubber foot at the bottom, boasting outstanding stability. It’s a great choice for short trips of about one to three days.

The 34L size. The waves on the front add an elegant touch.
The tires and the ball bearings work together to create an astoundingly silent rolling experience while absorbing vibration from the ground.
The stopper is on the back. It extends a stabilizing rubber foot.
The front, opened just a bit. The large, cushioned pocket easily fits a laptop.
With the front flap opened.
It features belts to hold your luggage in place.
The suitcase can also be opened from the center.
There’s a slim pocket where the halves connect.
Opened and closed with a zipper, featuring a mechanism that locks them in place. It also comes with a TSA lock.

Solo-Tourist’s A-Broad Carry: a Backpacker’s Best Friend

43L: 19,000 yen / 57L: 20,000 yen / 70L: 23,000 yen

Solo-Tourist is a Japanese brand that offers a diverse selection of travel goods fit for all types of trips. We’d like to show you one that is especially great for backpacking purposes – while it rolls smoothly on wheels via the handle, it also features shoulder straps. Made to be carried around on one’s back, it is wonderfully padded, sturdy, and comfortable. While you can simply let the bag roll along on paved streets, the backpack function is a lifesaver in more rural areas with cobblestone paths or when hiking. The shoulder straps can be stowed in the back pocket when not in use, so they won’t get in the way. This model is an excellent choice for long trips through various countries!

There’s a cloth partition in the bag to prevent all your luggage from sagging down, and an extra belt helps to secure it firmly to your back. It can be extended for an extra 5cm by opening a zipper. With an extra handle at the bottom, this suitcase-bag boasts excellent usability for various situations.

The sturdy, padded shoulder straps are stored in the back pocket.
With the shoulder belt. The waist belt used to evenly spread the weight also acts as a cover for the hole. This design prevents the dirt of the wheels from touching your back.
This is how it looks when used as a trolley bag, with two large wheels and a broad foot for a sturdy footing.
The partition cloth inside the bag. Putting heavy things in the top compartment will make them easier to carry.
The luggage is secured with two belts.
The bag is opened and closed with a zipper. The upper one extends the storage space.
The large front pocket fits all sorts of things.
The handle on the top snaps at four positions.

Siffler’s Trident: a Classic and Elegant Aluminum Look

33L: 27,000 yen / 66L: 34,000 yen / 92L: 37,000

What looks like fancy aluminum is actually a light, sturdy polycarbonate case. The Trident suitcase does not have a zipper but clasps instead, committing to sturdiness entirely. The elegant silver (or gold) exterior is shaped in a vertical column pattern that seems to change depending on at which angle you look at it, and the vertical slit protects the luggage inside. Of course, the suitcase’s interior boasts the same kind of elegant design. The partition has the Trident comes with a hanger and letter stickers to personalize your suitcase if desired. It also has two-wheel casters and is thus wonderfully easy to use.

The 92L suitcase. The two clasps both feature proper dial-type locks that conform to TSA standards.
The two locks are fixed to the aluminum frame. With its stripe mold, it is especially sturdy.
The brown interior is elegant as well and matches the silver exterior beautifully.
Several small pockets help organizing your luggage.
The interior storage of the front side.
The compact hanger offers proper storage of jackets and so on.
The corners of the body are sturdily reinforced.
The handle snaps in four positions.
Double wheels share the weight evenly, so you won’t have to worry even if your suitcase is heavy.

HaNT Mine: a Cute Suitcase that Pops!

HaNT Mine: a Cute Suitcase that Pops!

HaNT is a brand that focuses entirely on making suitcases for women. It was founded by a female employee of the travel company Ace. It is committed to paying great attention to every aspect of a great suitcase, such as design and usability. For example, the body is covered with a matte finish on which scratches are barely noticeable. The caster stopper is a convenient turn switch that keeps your suitcase in place. Each color comes with its own original print on the inside, so people who enjoy a great design will love the Mine. The inside also features partitions with small pockets to organize your luggage as you like.

Because sometimes you have to open a suitcase at the airport, the interior partitions aren’t see-through. One side can be closed off by zipper, so it’s perfect for smaller items that might tumble around. The three suitcase types come in four colors and some people even have all three sizes in different designs. The “Mio” series opens from the front, making it particularly convenient for quick access and easy packing. It is recommended for business or weekend trips.

The 75L suitcase. The switch underneath the handle lets you lock the wheels in place.
The handle extends with the push of a button. It snaps into four positions.
The suitcase is opened with a zipper and it has a TSA lock.
The interior of the red suitcase has a colorful floral pattern on the inside. The covers for the wheels are of the same design.
The open suitcase. There are plenty of pockets for small items. Everything private that you don’t want others to see when you open your suitcase should go on the left side.
Two designs of the Mine. The left one has a blue exterior while the right one is white. The colorful design makes packing even more fun!
The Mio series that opens from the front. It is similar to the Mine in concept.
With the open front, you’ll find everything you packed easily.
The front and central zippers lock in the same place.

CARGO Airtrans: Simple and Reasonably Priced!

35L: 15,800 yen / 55L: 17,800 yen / 84L: 19,800 yen / front-open 35L: 18,800 yen

This suitcase combines sturdiness with elegance, protecting your luggage reliably while still looking good. That’s why the Airtrans is a popular choice for business trips. Compared to other brands, it also boasts a lower price. It has a three-layer polycarbonate shell, making it lightweight, sturdy, and friction-fast. The corners are reinforced as well, so it will withstand even rough treatment. The casters are jointly developed by a caster maker and material company, reducing the noise by half compared to other suitcases. The interior has mesh partitions, opened and closed with zippers – the Airtrans is all about usability. The front-open type allows you to quickly grab important items without taking up much space and it also has an easy-to-organize front pocket for laptops and other devices. That’s why this suitcase is perfect for short business trips of about one or two days.

The 55l suitcase. The design is simple elegance.
The wheels are quiet and wonderfully smooth.
It is opened and closed by zipper and it has a TSA lock.
The partitions are mesh fabric so that you can check your luggage at a single glance. The upper partition also has pockets.
The upper part, open. The glossy material adds a hint of luxury.
The front-open suitcase. In addition to the laptop pocket, it also has several smaller pockets for chargers and devices.
The lock system holds both zippers in place.
The front cover, fully opened.
The front-open suitcase has a slim pocket for passports, tickets, and so on.

Shibuya Loft has a wonderful selection of stylish goods of pretty much every category. It’s just a 5-minute walk away from Shibuya Station, making it a popular spot for shoppers from all over the world. The shop boasts seven floors in total and has a wide range of items, from cosmetics to travel goods. The suitcase selection is made up of six Japanese brands and several international brands. Loft carefully selects the most popular models of each company to make your choice easier!

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Closed: open daily
Access: Shibuya Station (JR Lines, Ginza Line, Fukutoshin Line, Hanzomon Line, Den-en-toshi Line), 3 minutes from Subway Station Exit 3, 5 minutes from JR Station Hachiko Exit

  • Shibuya LOFT
    • Address 21-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042, Japan

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*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
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