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Tokyo Hotel Opens With Incredible Views of TOKYO SKYTREE®: Perfect for Groups

Tokyo Hotel Opens With Incredible Views of TOKYO SKYTREE®: Perfect for Groups

Date published: 20 June 2022

When traveling with big groups or families, it can be hard to find great accommodation that’s also in a great location without breaking the bank. Usually, you have to skimp on one or the other. But this newly re-opened AET HOTEL in Tokyo is designed in a way that is perfect for larger groups, and in an excellent location to boot!

The AET HOTEL (which stand for 'Alternative Entrance Tokyo') is located near Oshiage Station, which seasoned Tokyoites will know is the home to Tokyo’s iconic TOKYO SKYTREE®, which you can see from the deck at the hotel. But what else makes this newly opened hotel great for your next group trip?

The Roof Terrace

The Roof Terrace

One of the best things about the AET HOTEL is its stunning rooftop terrace. Not only do you get great views of TOKYO SKYTREE®, night and day, but you can enjoy those views from an open-air bath or while having a BBQ!

The outdoor stone bath is lightly covered, so you can enjoy the sun or the cool air without worrying about light rain or heavy sun.

If you fancy something grilled, you can pay a separate fee to have a BBQ on that very same terrace, watching the twinkling Tokyo lights around the warmth of the grill.

Another Tokyo

Another Tokyo

Under the theme of “another Tokyo” (“mou hitotsu no Tokyo” in Japanese), the hotel aims to give groups and families the experience of living in Tokyo, with all the comforts of a hotel.


The rooms are decked out in a stylish but minimalistic way that oozes Tokyo-ness from every corner. From the artwork that changes with the seasons to the tatami-style furniture, you’ll get a sense of that typical Tokyo refrain, “old meets new.”

What’s inside AET HOTEL?

Double bed
Double bed

When booking for AET HOTEL, you’ll find a package for the terrace apartment (3F Room). Unless you really fancy having the space to yourself, this hotel is best for families and groups, because the package starts from three people.

The terrace apartment on the third floor is luxurious, giving you an entire 70m2 of space. There, you’ll find a 4m-long sofa perfect for an afternoon nap, as well as a double bed in its own wooden box to allow for privacy. There is also a kitchen and a laundry area.

In the shower room, you’ll find MARKS & WEB amenities and SHINTO towels, but more can be bought from the first floor gift shop.

Restaurant and Café

On the first floor is the EMC restaurant, which doubles as a café during the day, and offers delicious wagyu beef coupled with natural wine by night. You can order room service from the restaurant, or grab your breakfast and lunch at the café.

The second floor is another hotel called o3inn tokyo, which houses eight beds.

The AET HOTEL is a great place to experience Tokyo in a group or with your family, up to eight people. If you have an eight-person group, that’s just 4,625 per person for a luxurious Tokyo stay with a TOKYO SKYTREE® view!

  • AET & o3 HOTEL
    • Address Sumida-ku Oshiage 3-25-17, Tokyo, 131-0045
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    • Nearest Station Oshiage "SKYTREE" Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line / Toei Asakusa Line / Tobu Isesaki Line (Tobu Sky Tree Line) / Keisei Oshiage Line)
      7 minutes on foot

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Written by:

Cassandra Lord

Cassandra Lord

Cassandra Lord is a British journalist specialising in food, travel, and culture, and has been in Japan for five years after studying Japanese at Edinburgh University for four. With a year of experience as co-editor for LIVE JAPAN, Cassandra has since transitioned to freelance writing, contributing to a variety of platforms including The Japan Times and Tokyo Weekender. During her time in Japan she has visited 25 prefectures, with a goal to eventually visit all 47. She also manages her own YouTube channel, "Cassandra Lord", which is dedicated to all things related to Japanese culinary culture. She also works as a translator and photographer. Website: https://cassandralord.com/. YouTube: @cassandra_lord. Instagram: @incassieskitchen.

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