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Tokyo Travel Tips: The Best Times to Visit Odaiba, Tokyo's Popular Island!

Tokyo Travel Tips: The Best Times to Visit Odaiba, Tokyo's Popular Island!

Last updated: 17 October 2019

Though originally built as a defensive structure, Odaiba has evolved since the early 90’s to become one of the top destinations in Tokyo for both tourists and locals alike. Now home to a variety of shops and restaurants, one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world, and even a replica of the Statue of Liberty, Odaiba is a unique Tokyo locale that undoubtedly warrants a visit. People often ask when the best time to come to Odaiba is. Here, we’ll discuss our suggestions on when to go and what to see!

When is the Best Season to Visit Odaiba, Tokyo

When is the Best Season to Visit Odaiba, Tokyo

While some Tokyo experiences are arguably better at certain times of the year, Odaiba has something special to offer for every season. With so much to see and do, it’s impossible to go wrong. That being said, we’ve put together some of the seasonal highlights to ensure you have the best visit possible.

Odaiba in Spring
Spring is one of the busiest tourism seasons in Japan, as visitors flock from all over the world to view the cherry blossoms. Rather than shuffle shoulder to shoulder with the crowds of fellow onlookers in Tokyo’s many parks, take to the water for a cherry blossom river cruise out of Odaiba Marine Park. It’s a great way to avoid the crowds and enjoy the views from a unique perspective.

Odaiba in Summer
Summer in Japan is festival season. Called “matsuri” in Japanese; these celebrations are home to colorful yukata, traditional street foods, and most famously, jaw-dropping fireworks displays. One of the biggest fireworks displays in the world, named Edomode, is held every August in Odaiba. Four of Japan’s biggest pyrotechnic companies come together illuminate the night sky with over 12,000 fireworks. Even on regular days, hanging out by the waters of Tokyo Bay is a great way to beat the summer heat. However, the occasionally hazy skies may limit the typically beautiful skyline views.

Odaiba in Autumn
Once the oppressive humidity of summer finally passes and the temperature starts to drop, Odaiba is the perfect place to spend an autumn afternoon. After all, who doesn’t love sweater weather? Much like in spring, climb aboard a river cruise boat to enjoy the seasonal displays; this time in the form of fall foliage along the river banks.

Odaiba in Winter
Though the cold winds blowing in off of Tokyo Bay may not seem all that inviting, winter is still a fantastic time to visit Odaiba. With the impressive variety of restaurants nearby, you can sample many traditional Japanese winter dishes such as oden and nabe. Additionally, the air is very clear this time of year, meaning you’ll have unhindered views of the distant landscapes. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji in the distance.

Best Time of Day to Visit Odaiba

Best Time of Day to Visit Odaiba

Odaiba is a fantastic place to visit at any time of the day, but if you had to pick one, early evening would typically be your best bet. As the sun starts to set, you will be treated to gorgeous, golden hour panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline. Once the sky goes dark, the city is awash in a sea of twinkling lights.

Nearby Rainbow Bridge also lives up to its namesake in the evening, as it becomes illuminated by a cascade of colorful lights. If you’d like to leave yourself a bit of daylight to walk around before watching the sunset, take a look at the chart below for the approximate sunset time by season.

Between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM

Between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM

Between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM

Between 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM

What to See in Odaiba and Where to Be

Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge
Though already mentioned earlier in this article, Rainbow Bridge is an experience that bears repeating. The view of the bridge is gorgeous from a distance, but the best views are found by walking across the bridge itself. Take the Yurikamome Line to Shibaura-Futo Station and walk towards Rainbow Bridge to find the elevator that will take you up to the pedestrian walkway. From up here, you’ll see some of the best views to be found in Tokyo.

Mini Statue of Liberty
It may seem like a towering figure from the distance, but at 40 feet (12.2 meters) tall, this 1/7th scale replica of New York’s Statue of Liberty is actually a clever trick of perspective. Miniature or not, the statue still makes for some memorable vacation photos.

Gundam Unicorn Statue
Whether you consider yourself an anime fan or not, the sight of a giant warrior robot is bound to leave an impression on you. Standing guard at the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, this 65 foot (19.7 meters) tall Gundam statue transforms from Unicorn mode to Destroyer mode roughly every two hours throughout the day starting at 1:00 PM. The statue is even more impressive when lit up at night with nearby speakers playing the Gundam theme song.

Odaiba Marine Park
If you’re looking to escape central Tokyo’s endless crowds, you would be hard-pressed to find a better spot to do so than at Odaiba Marine Park. Here, you’ll find numerous bars and restaurants near the water, a boardwalk stretching along Tokyo Bay, and even a beach area to lay out and take in the sun or enjoy the city lights at night. It’s the perfect place for a romantic date or to simply enjoy a little “me time”.

No matter when you decide to come to Odaiba, you are guaranteed to find something here you will love, but by planning your visit carefully with our guide, you can be sure to have the perfect day.

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Matt Vachon

Matt Vachon

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