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There are six shopping streets and areas around the Tokyu Toyoko Line Gakugei-daigaku Station. They are the Higachiguchi shopping street, the Nishiguchi shopping street, the Hondori shopping street, the Koen dori Shouei-kai association, the Tokyu corridor-kai association, and the Gakudai juji-gai crossroad. Altogether, they are called the Gakugei-daigaku shopping district. From fresh food stores, restaurants, beauty salons, and fashion shops to sports clubs, medical clinics, pharmacies, banks, and more, the shopping district has indispensable shops and facilities gathered. The Higashiguchi shopping street maintains its street by color-coding the pavement and setting rules for the shop owners so that the pedestrians can safely walk and shop there. The Nishiguchi shopping street is located on the left side from the station's west exit. It has a variety of shops, from new shops introduced on TV to famous old-fashioned shops. Beyond the Higashiguchi shopping street, there is a street light of the Juji-gai crossroad, where modern bars and yakitori (grilled chicken) stalls are lined. The Tokyu corridor-kai association consists of five small shopping areas under the elevated bridge crossing the Toyoko Line rail tracks. The Hondori shopping street focuses on ecology. Each shopping street or area is unique, and you can feel the heart-warming, homey, shitamachi (traditionally commercial and working-class) atmosphere although it is situated in the yamanote (traditionally upper-class) area.

Location Information

  • Address

    3, Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0004

  • Nearest Station
    Gakugeidaigaku Station
    ・ Tokyu Toyoko Line
    1 minute on foot

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