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Asakusa Kokonoe

浅草 九重


Asakusa Kokonoe, is a popular Agemanju store located in Asakusa, for which there is always a line. The manju is fried in oil and loved for its crispy yet puffy texture. There are many varieties of fillings such as strained azuki bean paste, bean paste containing whole azukis, green tea filling, sweet potato filling, pumpkin filling, cherry blossom filling and custard filling. Care is taken to maintain the popular taste by using only ingredients made in Japan, including frying oil of the highest quality. A deep-fried sweet called Yumekizuku, which is sold on a limited basis on the local ennichi (day of connection) on18th of every month, is also popular. Agemanju has become representative of Asakusa among all the many stores in the area, and is popular as a souvenir, but many tourists enjoy nibbling on the fresh made manju while walking around the area. The shop is located a 2-minute walk away from the Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station, the third store from the Sensoji Temple side on Nakamise-dori.

Location Information

  • Address

    2-3-1, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 111-0032

  • Nearest Station
    Asakusa Station
    ・ Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
    ・ Toei Asakusa Line
    ・ Tobu Isesaki Line (Tobu Sky Tree Line)
    ・ Tsukuba Express
    5 minutes on foot
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese
  • Hours
    9:30am - 6:30pm
    Opening hours change during events and in Nov. and Dec.
  • Closed

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