• Ryuzu Falls
  • Ryuzu Falls

Ryuzu Falls



Ryuzu Falls, one of the three largest waterfalls in Oku-Nikko, lies between Yudaki Falls at Yunoko Lake and Kegon Falls at Lake Chuzenji. The falls are 210 meters long and flow rapidly over the 10-meter-wide stepped rocks created by the eruption of Mt. Nantai. The water hits the large rocks violently and forks near the basin, a shape that resembles the head of a dragon and gives the falls its name, Ryuzu (dragon head). The rock at the center is the ”head,” while the forks are the ”barbs.” The falls are best seen from the observation deck facing them downstream. Or, take the walking path on the east side to see them flowing over the steep cliff. The surrounding scenery worth a look, too: the autumn landscape colored by red leaves such as azalea is spectacular. One hour by Tobu Bus heading for Yumoto Onsen from Tobu Nikko Station on the Tobu Line, then two minutes' walk from the Ryuzu-no-taki bus stop.

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    Chuguushi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 231-1661

  • Nearest Station
    Tobu Nikko Station
    ・ Tobu Nikko Line

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