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Shigakogen Resort Central Area (Sunvalley - Ichinose)



Shigakogen consists of 19 ski resorts. Sumvalley, Maruike, and Hasuike areas are located at the entrance part of Shigakogen and the altitude is over 1400m. Sunvalley and Maruike areas facilitate artificial snow fall machines and Hasuike area keeps natural snow long. You can come and go among those areas and also access the Giant area. Those areas are popular for beginners and families because there are a variety of slopes from gentle to steep.
Giant, Hoppo-bunadaira, Nishitateyama, and Higashitateyama areas line up prestigous courses that have fielded world competitions. Higashitateyama locates up 2,000m and provides a 3.5km long course where you can fully enjoy snow sports with wide slopes and fantastic views. Forest courses make you feel good and it is accessible to the Takamagahara area.
Terakoya and Takamagahara areas fully supply powder snow. Not only superb panorama views but notable roads to neighbor ski resorts are features in those areas. It is recommended to experience all courses partitioned by planted trees.
Tanne-no-mori Okojo, Ichinose family, Ichinose Diamond, and Ichinose Yamanokami ski resorts are close to hotels and there is spacious parking. There is a forest course next to the main slope so beginners can also enjoy nature. In wide slopes, you can practice at your own pace as well as you can enjoy easy skiing as a couple. It is accssible to Yakebitai area.

Location Information

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    7149 Oaza Hirao, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture, 381-0401

  • Nearest Station
    Yudanaka Station
    ・ Nagano-Dentetsu Nagano Line
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    Available languages
    only in Japanese

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  • Parking Lot: available
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