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Okushiga Kogen

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Skiing or snowboarding in Japow is unlike any other powder experience.  Japanese powder has very low water content compared with other impressive snow-fall regions. This creates beautifully light, dry snow that is an entirely unique experience to ski or snowboard through.

So here in Okushiga, you don't have to be an expert to recreate the iconic images of waist-deep powder riding. 

While pow continues to amaze, it is hard to miss the unnbelievably eye-catching, maybe too eye-catchingly distracting views of awe-striking mountains from 2000 meters high.

Hit a right at the downhill course from the Gondola to catch the vibes that brings good people and sick tricks at the safety-first High Cascade Park, designed by head digger Caleb Hamilton.

Much fun, so pow.


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    Nagano Prefecture, Shimotakai District, Yamanouchi, 381-0405

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    Yudanaka Station
    ・ Nagano-Dentetsu Nagano Line
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    only in Japanese
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  • Parking Lot: available
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