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Japan’s Famous Fujiya Hotel is Back!

Japan’s Famous Fujiya Hotel is Back!

Date published: 11 August 2020
Last updated: 5 February 2021

Fujiya Hotel, one of Japan's leading classic hotels, was reopened on July 15, 2020 after approximately two years of huge renovation work. This is an incredibly popular hotel where famous people from Japan and overseas have stayed, including John Lennon, Charlie Chaplin, Helen Keller, Natsume Soseki, and Yukio Mishima.

140 years after its founding, how has the hotel been reborn? Let’s take a look.

Enhancing safety measures while preserving important cultural landmarks

Enhancing safety measures while preserving important cultural landmarks
Artist’s illustration of the Fujiya Hotel. Site area is 25,089 square meters, total floor area is 17,935 square meters (17,896 square meters before renovation).

The Fujiya Hotel, which originally opened in 1878, is a historic hotel whose building is designated as a national “Registered Tangible Cultural Property”. Since 2018, it has been closed due to earthquake-resistant renovations, its largest renovation work since it was constructed.

The retro-classic atmosphere has been maintained, but the earthquake resistance measures have been enhanced. The building's pillars are reinforced, and the walls are lined with state-of-the-art equipment that absorbs the impact of earthquakes.

The Fujiya Hotel "Main Building" (in the back left is the "West Building"). Strengthened earthquake resistance while preserving the original appearance.
The iconic wooden revolving door in the main building also remains.

The area around the lobby and lounge was restored to the state before the Showa era, and they’ve established a new elevator, spa, and a quaint museum that shows the history of the Fujiya Hotel.

A majestic staircase with scarlet ridges often used for wedding photography
The new lobby is designed to feel more spacious than before
Some seats are said to have been used by John Lennon himself!

In the restaurant "Main Dining Room The Fujiya", there have been major restoration works, including 636 paintings on the ceiling, sculptures, and even the chairs.

The paintings on the ceiling were beautifully restored one by one

Reparations to furniture and paintings in the guest rooms

Fujiya Hotel has 120 guest rooms (146 before renovation). This encompasses 12 rooms in “The Main” constructed in 1891, 21 rooms in the "Comfy Lodge & Restful Cottage” constructed in 1906, 40 rooms in the "Flower Palace" constructed in 1936, and 47 rooms in the "Forest Wing" (formerly Forest Hall), which was constructed in 1960.

The "Heritage Room Chrysanthemum" (69 square meters), part of the “Flower Palace.” This is the room where John Lennon and Yukio Mishima stayed.
Room charge is 180,000 yen/night for 2 people (excluding tax)
"Comfy Lodge & Restful Cottage”: 4 of the 40 rooms are on the pink walls discovered during restoration. The room charge in the photo is 56,000 yen/night (excluding tax)

Newly established spots for rest and relaxation

In addition, as part of the renovations, there is a new gym in the Flower Palace, a spa & relaxation center in the Forest Wing, and a lounge for guests only will be added. There is also a new building (reconstructed), called the Cascade Wing with a restaurant and banquet hall.

Enjoy magnificent views of Hakone from the Forest Wing Spa
Gym and pool

The "Fujiya Hotel Historical Materials Exhibit Room" in the Flower Palace has been transformed into a Hotel Museum by expanding the exhibits.

Countermeasures to coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Fujiya Hotel has introduced a thermography system that automatically measures the body temperatures of guests at the reception as a precaution against the new coronavirus. Hand sanitizer is located in multiple places such as in front of the elevator, restaurant entrance, and guest rooms.

For the time being, the policy is to operate with a room occupancy rate of around 70%.

Hakone is popular both locally and abroad, and the much sought-after Hakone Tozan Cable Car and Hakone Ropeway even experienced some renovations to “Sounzan” station in July 2020. Seeing as the area is easily reached from Tokyo in about two hours, this is one of those classic tourist destinations.

*The above article is based on information from July 2020

Written by Kamiguchi Shoko, translated by Cassandra Lord

  • Fujiya Hotel
    • Address 359 Miyanoshita, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa 250-0404
    • Nearest Station 15 minutes from Hakone Yumoto Station on the Hakone Tozan Bus/Izu Hakone Bus (get off at "Hotel Mae" Bus Stop)
      About 20 minutes by car from Odawara Atsugi Road "Hakoneguchi IC Exit"

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