• Aomori Nebuta Festival
  • Aomori Nebuta Festival
  • Aomori Nebuta Festival

Aomori Nebuta Festival

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This festival is one of the most symbolic events of Aomori, certified in 1980 as an important intangible national folk cultural property.
It is famous as a dynamic festival with gigantic floats called ”nebuta” in the shape of humans parading through the city, and dancers called haneto, jumping and dancing along, cheering ”rassera-rassera.”
The festival is said to have originated from the Chinese Tanabata (star) festival and Japanese folk culture, such as the tradition of sending off the spirits of the deceased once a year. The festival runs from August 2 through to 7 and the gigantic nebuta floats parade throughout this period. On the last day the nebuta floats parade out on the sea, giving you a chance to see the fireworks festival that serves as the grand finale of the festival along with nebuta floats that march through Aomori Port.
Can't go to the festival? Then visit Nebuta Museum WA RASSE, which is only a minute’s walk from Aomori Station. There you can see a regular display of huge nebuta floats that have actually been used, so you can still feel as if you’ve been to the festival.

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    Aomori Chamber of Commerce Hall 4F, 1-2-18 Shinmachi, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, 030-0801

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