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Kyoto Burgers With a Heart Of Gold, Delivered To Your Doorstep via...Taxi!?

Kyoto Burgers With a Heart Of Gold, Delivered To Your Doorstep via...Taxi!?

Date published: 25 May 2020
Last updated: 25 January 2021

Kyoto is often considered the traditional heart of Japan. Full of delicious and sacred ancient secrets, Kyoto boasts an impressive assortment of traditional Japanese cuisine and activities.

Sometimes, however, American ex-pats are looking for a little taste of home. Especially in these trying times, it can feel really isolating to be a foreign resident or tourist in Kyoto, and something as little as an American style meal can make a big difference.

Luckily for those in Kyoto, American classic chain restaurant Hard Rock Cafe has teamed up with MK Taxi Corporation to offer an extra special delivery service. Starting May 11, 2020, Hard Rock Cafe will be offering their full menu available to be delivered to your house via taxi. MK Taxi is a reputable taxi company with special permission from the City of Kyoto.

Originally famous for its combination of rock and roll memorabilia and classic American staples, Hard Rock Cafe has become ubiquitous with classic Americana. Offering foods like Chicken Cobb Salad, Nachos, and Mac & Cheese, there’s nothing overly fussy about this hearty cuisine.

Hard Rock Kyoto is mostly loved for its burgers, and there are also several special menu items using classic Japanese flavors and ingredients. Since these are unique to Kyoto, you won’t get a chance to try some of these amazing dishes again. Fusions like the Miso Mushroom Cheesy burger and the Miso Wasabi Burger are offered along with the 24-karat Gold Leaf Burger: splurge for a celebration, or just treat yourself! Part of the proceeds goes directly to Tohoku Disaster Relief, the foundation running aid through the unrecovered parts of the area.

Taxis have also been hit hard during coronavirus stay-at-home restrictions, with services like delivery left as the only option for the livelihoods of taxi drivers. With new special regulations allowing them to operate as delivery drivers, the iconically meticulous customer service and driving technique will now be lavished on your takeout containers. Enjoy your treat while knowing you’re helping drivers in your own community: what could be better than that?

Ordering is available online as well as a full English menu. Hard Rock Cafe’s Taxi Delivery Service is only available if you use your smartphone to order. Unlike other delivery competitors that use bicycles, MK Taxi Delivery Service goes farther-- up to 5 km from the store. Essentially all of Kyoto except for Kyokitamachi are included, so check on their website today!

Best of all, the delivery fee is free. This promotion will continue up until lockdown orders are lifted or circumstances change. Pay nothing extra, get a great treat, and support the local economy? Sounds like a real deal!

Written by:

HanaSara Ito

HanaSara Ito

HanaSara Ito is a writer, actor, and educator born in Japan and raised in the U.S.A. She loves writing about her experiences across Japan, and hopes everyone enjoys the beautiful amalgam of novelty and tradition that defines modern Japan. Happy trails!

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