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Located at the center of Sapporo City, Odori Park is about 1.5 km across from east to west. The Sapporo TV Tower stands 147.2 m tall at the eastern edge of this park and is seen by residents as a landmark for Sapporo.
Accessible via an elevator inside the tower, the observation deck is 90.38 m above ground with a 360-degree view of the city of Sapporo.
The TV Tower glows under floodlights and LED lighting after sunset, with special illuminations to mark some national holidays and memorial dates.
You'll find a tourist information center on the first floor of the tower that provides sightseeing information. The TV Tower also includes a souvenir shop and a restaurant with Western cuisine, and the basement floor features several other places to eat and drink.

Access Info
The tower is about 5 minutes by foot from Exit 27 of Odori Station (on the Tozai Line and Namboku Line) on the Sapporo Municipal Subway.
It is also about 1 minute by foot from Exit 27 of Odori Station (on the Toho Line) on the Sapporo Municipal Subway, and about 15 minutes' walk from the South Exit of JR Sapporo Station.

Observation Deck Admission Fee
Admission to the observation deck costs 720 JPY for adults, 600 JPY for high school students, 400 JPY for junior high school students, 300 JPY for elementary school students, and 100 JPY for preschool children (aged 3 years and above)

TV Dad, the Tower's Famous Mascot
Sapporo TV Tower has a mascot character called TV Dad, the name is a play on the Japanese words for ”Tower” and ”Dad.” You can spot this mascot's distinctive mustachioed face in several locations inside the TV Tower such as on the tables and chairs in the TV Dad Funpark, as well as in the TV Dad Shrine, the highest place in Sapporo City. The souvenir shop offers many TV Dad products.

Take a Thrilling Dive from the TV Tower!
This event commemorates the tower reaching its 60th anniversary in 2017. You can put on a harness and jump from the TV Tower about 27 m above ground, equivalent to the ninth floor of a regular building, toward Odori Park.
The event is planned to be held from early July to early October. Check the website for fees and the event schedule.

The Romantic View at Night is also a Must-See
The observation deck offers a panoramic view of the city of Sapporo, the nearby mountains, and even the Ishikari Plains. The daytime view is indeed spectacular, but there is also romance to be found in the gradual change of colors in the sky around sunset and the view of the surroundings at night. Winter illuminations are particularly beautiful.

Location Information

  • Address

    1, Odorinishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 060-0042

  • Nearest Station
    Odori Station
    ・ Namboku Line
    ・ Tozai Line
    ・ Toho Line
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese
  • Hours
    9:00am - 10:00pm
    *Last entry: 9:50 p.m.*Operating hours may be extended during the Sapporo Snow Festival period
  • Closed
    Irregular holidays
  • Public Site
    Official Site

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