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Exploring Moyuk Sapporo: A New Tanukikoji Landmark with an Aquarium and New Donki Store!

Exploring Moyuk Sapporo: A New Tanukikoji Landmark with an Aquarium and New Donki Store!

Date published: 22 February 2024

Moyuk Sapporo emerged as a tourist hot spot in 2023 along Tanukikoji shopping street, a bustling arcade located in the heart of Sapporo.

Table of Contents
  1. What is Moyuk Sapporo?
  2. Getting to Moyuk Sapporo
  3. Sapporo Writer's Guide to Moyuk Sapporo
  4. Enjoying Sapporo Tanukikoji to the Fullest

From a popular urban aquarium to an array of souvenir shops, to delicious eateries serving local delicacies, Moyuk Sapporo has something for everyone. So if you’re in Sapporo, a visit to Moyuk Sapporo is a must!

Yuko, a Sapporo-based writer with a penchant for new experiences, provides a comprehensive and detailed account of her own experiences after checking it out for herself.

What is Moyuk Sapporo?

What is Moyuk Sapporo?

Moyuk Sapporo is a new commercial complex that opened in central Sapporo in July 2023. Situated along Tanukikoji, a historic Sapporo shopping street, the complex derives its name, “moyuk,” from the Ainu term for “tanuki (raccoon dog).”

Comprising two basement floors and seven levels above ground, the layout is as follows:

Outdoor terrace (open to all)
AOAO SAPPORO, an urban aquarium
The latest technology and trends, including general shops
Fashion accessories and other shops for an enriched lifestyle
Various shops showcasing new culture and styles
Souvenir shops, drugstores, and more
Dining floor

Getting to Moyuk Sapporo

Getting to Moyuk Sapporo

The nearest stations, Odori Station and Susukino Station, located along the Nanboku Subway Line, are positioned at the crossroads of Sapporo's main street, Sapporo Ekimae-dori, and Tanukikoji Shopping Street. Tanukikoji Shopping Street extends southward from Sapporo Station’s South Exit, leading to Odori Park and Susukino. Moyuk Sapporo is conveniently located just a 3-minute stroll from Odori Station, and a 5-minute walk from Susukino Station.

The heart of Sapporo features a well-developed network of underground passageways, with JR Sapporo Station, Odori Station, and Susukino Station connected in a straight line underground.

Moyuk Sapporo is directly connected to Sapporo Underground Mall Pole Town, an underground mall connecting Odori and Susukino. It is accessible via the underground passage from the nearby Odori and Susukino stations, as well as from JR Sapporo Station, which is about 20 minutes away on foot. This convenient underground access allows visitors to reach the building comfortably, even on bad weather days with rain or snow.

Sapporo Writer's Guide to Moyuk Sapporo

Sapporo Writer's Guide to Moyuk Sapporo

So without further ado, here’s a brief overview of this exciting attraction, starting from the basement and moving up!

1) AOAO SAPPORO: A Must-Visit Urban Aquarium

1) AOAO SAPPORO: A Must-Visit Urban Aquarium

Take the escalator up to 4F, where AOAO SAPPORO, a newly opened aquarium as of July 2023, awaits. The entrance is located on this floor, however visitors have the freedom to explore the exhibits in any order they wish, allowing them to go around the facility as they please.

First, buy your tickets from the touch-screen ticket machine. Ticket machine is also available in English.

After purchasing your ticket, grab a pamphlet at the entrance before entering the aquarium. Pamphlets are available in Japanese, traditional Chinese, and Korean, with English translations included on all brochures.

On 4F, you will see equipment for producing artificial seawater, an essential component of an urban aquarium, as well as an exhibit offering a close-up view of the backyard.

Our preferred exhibit was the one on the sixth floor, where visitors can get up close and personal with the yellow-feathered penguins. These penguins have distinct yellow feathers atop their heads and the habit of hopping on the rocks with both feet.

The hexagonal blocks of land are designed and arranged to make it easier for visitors to watch as the penguins leap from one block to another, their adorable antics never failing to captivate onlookers as they leap from one block to another!

During our visit, we were fortunate to be there to witness their mealtime ritual!

Feeding sessions occur daily at 11 AM and 4 PM, with an additional feeding at 2 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Each penguin is affectionately named after a location in Hokkaido, such as Niseko.

Watch closely as the penguins call out while enjoying their meals!

There is also a zone where visitors can watch the penguins swimming around.

Next to the penguin exhibit is the Plankton Room, featuring moon jellyfish and other jellyfish species. Take a moment to marvel at their mesmerizing movements as they slowly drift along.

Also on the sixth floor is Shirokuma Bakery &, offering a delightful selection of bread and beverages from a popular Sapporo bakery. Here you can enjoy croissants made from Hokkaido wheat, original cocktails, and a bar menu featuring Hokkaido-sourced ingredients.

The display window showcases an array of croissants, totaling 12 varieties, ranging from sweet ones covered with chocolate and other toppings to savory ones with stuffed with sausages or fries. However, do note that some items sell out by evening, so be sure to arrive early if you want to guarantee getting your hands on your favorite!

We tried the aquarium's limited-edition chocolate mint croissant (490 yen, tax included) and the original cocktail, AOAO Sparkling (790 yen, tax included). The chocolate mint croissant was a delicious combination of mint chocolate and crunchy chocolate chips that perfectly pair with the dough. The cocktail, a combination of Hpnotiq and Sparkling Wine, was refreshing with an enchanting hue.

Tables and counters near the exhibits allow visitors to photograph their food with the aquarium as a backdrop, while enjoying their meals amidst these captivating creatures.

There are also power strips throughout the building, including under tables, making it easy to charge your phone or camera while taking sitting down for a break!

Our recommended exhibit on the fifth floor is the Nature Aquarium. This exhibit is a recreation of an ecosystem in an aquarium tank featuring lush aquatic plants that mimic the beautiful scenery, of nature where visitors can observe the lives of these small creatures. It exhibit is its third permanent installment in the world, following Tokyo and Lisbon.

Each tank has its own theme, ranging from picturesque landscapes inspired by Japanese autumn leaves to those reminiscent of traditional Japanese gardens.

The photo above depicts the only exhibit not filled with water, portraying a tropical rainforest complete with fallen trees and lush vegetation. Visitors can also see displays of rain and wind every hour on the dot.

In the Japanese-style space, designed to evoke a sense of "wabi sabi," there are several long benches where you can sit and relax while admiring the aquarium. Enjoy a peaceful respite amidst the ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

After exploring the exhibits, conclude your visit by browsing the 4F store for some souvenir shopping. There are a number of exclusive AOAO SAPPORO goods, including cookies designed with adorable aquarium creatures on them (1,180 yen, tax included).

Our recommendation is the Happy Penguin Lottery (1,500 yen per ticket, tax included), offering the chance to win adorable stuffed penguins in varying sizes (1st to 3rd prizes).

We won third prize! We had our pick from these adorable stuffed animals on the shelf.

・Facility Information: AOAO SAPPORO
・Phone: 011-212-1316
・Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM (Last Admission: 9 PM)
- Fare A:
- Adults (High school & up): 2,200 yen
- Children (Elementary/junior high): 1,100 yen
- Toddlers (3 & up): 200 yen
- Fare B:
- Adults (High school & up): 2,000 yen
- Children (Elementary/junior high): 1,000 yen
- Toddlers (3 & up): 200 yen
- *Admission varies (Fare A or B) depending on the day of visit. Please see official website for more information.
・Closed: Open daily
・Multilingual Support: English-speaking may be available (Not available on some days)

2) Kita Kitchen: Hokkaido Souvenir Shopping, Selected through Food Sampling

2) Kita Kitchen: Hokkaido Souvenir Shopping, Selected through Food Sampling

Next is the Kita Kitchen Moyuku branch, located on B1F, a must-stop spot for Hokkaido souvenirs. This select shop offers seafood, dairy products, sweets, and other items from various parts of Hokkaido. With three Sapporo locations, Kita Kitchen Moyuku also sells locally-made tableware and glasses, perfect for complementing your food purchases!

The standout feature of the Moyuk branch is the paid tasting space, the first of its kind at a Kita Kitchen store. This designated area allows visitors to sample Kita Kitchen products, allowing potential customers to try before they buy!

Browse the menu, select your desired meal, and purchase a meal ticket. Hand over the meal ticket at the next window, where you will receive your items. The menu offers a selection of recommended snacks and treats you can try, along with a variety of wines and juices. You can also indulge in their super-popular soft serve ice cream!

We opted for three kinds of snacks for comparison priced at 250 yen each, along with two types of Hokkaido white wine at 500 yen each (prices include tax). They include crispy kelp snacks, Ezo-shika deer carpaccio, and a grilled cheese resembling a pizza with salami on top. The wines were served in original cup holders made of Hokkaido wood. While available wine selections may vary, the ones we sampled came from wineries in Otaru and Okushiri Island, respectively.

Don't forget to grab your favorite products as souvenirs before leaving! The selection of wines on the menu is subject to change, and seasonal snacks may also be available for, giving you the chance to sample new items with every visit!

Another feature of the Moyuku store is its well-stocked liquor department. Amongst their popular souvenirs is their plum wine (1,501 yen, tax included), designed with an illustration of the zebra finch, a bird exclusive to Hokkaido. There’s also a selection of snacks perfectly suited for sake, including scallop-flavored rice crackers (250 yen, tax included). We recommend buying these together as a set!

The store offers a variety of other wonderful products, including adorable drip bags decorated with images of Hokkaido animals (270 yen each, tax included), which also make great gifts! You may also want to try the limited-edition Kita Kitchen Hokkaido exclusive peppermint oil spray (1,080 yen, tax included), which also feature animal designs, making them the perfect Hokkaido souvenir. With a wide array of enticing products, there's something for everyone here!

・Facility Information: Kita Kitchen Moyuk Branch
・TEL: 011-206-8715
・Hours: 10 AM - 8 PM
・Closed: Open daily

3) Kira Kira Donki: Your Destination for Bulk Buying Hokkaido Brands

3) Kira Kira Donki: Your Destination for Bulk Buying Hokkaido Brands

From B1F to the third floor above ground, you'll find a Standard Products shop, a new branch of the 100 yen store Daiso, along with a Loft and Sapporo Drug Store.

During our visit, we went to Kira Kira Don Quijote on the first floor, an ideal stop for buying souvenirs, sweets, and unique Japanese goods in bulk. As a new style of Don Quijote store, Kira Kira Donki caters to the youth, featuring an extensive range of sweets, cosmetics, medicines, and other trendy items that have gained attention on social media platforms.

The handwritten signs, colorful balloons, and characters suspended from the ceiling add an extra touch of charm and sparkle to the atmosphere!

Near the entrance, accessible from directly inside the building, you'll find the popular sweets corner. Here, you’ll discover sweets unique to Hokkaido, including those made from melon, milk, and cheese, all super popular amongst international visitors.

We also recommend the T-shirts (1,990 yen, tax included) and hoodies (3,990 yen, tax included), available exclusively at the Tanukikoji store. Designs features Don Quijote characters dressed as tanuki. Keep an eye out for the store staff sporting them too!

The signs throughout the store were primarily in Japanese, however, in the pharmaceutical area, product category signs were also displayed in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Next to the cash register at the back of the pharmaceutical section, you'll find Don Quijote's popular yaki-imo (baked potatoes), available for purchase (213 yen each, tax included). We recommend grabbing one to enjoy as you take a leisurely stroll around Tanukikoji.

Pharmaceuticals in the store are eligible for duty-free shopping. LIVE JAPAN also offers an exclusive coupon for international tourists, with savings of up to 10% + 5% on purchases at Don Quijote. Simply tap the coupon below and present it at the cashier during checkout.

4) Savor Hokkaido-Inspired Hamburgers at This Favorite Sapporo Restaurant!

4) Savor Hokkaido-Inspired Hamburgers at This Favorite Sapporo Restaurant!

Located on BF2 and directly connected to the underground mall is the Moyuk Dining floor, complete with eight popular restaurants originating from Hokkaido, including ramen, okonomiyaki, along with other new options. Between each restaurant are rows of counter and table seating, allowing patrons the flexibility to bring and enjoy their own food, too.

Amongst these establishments, we checked out the hamburger restaurant Jacksonville Moyuk Sapporo, famous for authentic hamburgers crafted with Hokkaido ingredients. It’s a popular dining spot beloved by the Sapporo locals!

The restaurant was founded by its owner who was inspired by a memorable hamburger experience they had in Jacksonville, a quaint town in Oregon, U.S.A., who sought to share that same delight with the world. Originally opening in Sapporo, this restaurant has since expanded to four other locations across the city.

The brick walls are embellished with guidebooks and postcards collected by the owner from his travels abroad, resulting in a stylish Western ambiance.

Today, we ordered the restaurant's recommended hamburger, a drink, and their homemade ketchup, a must-try for anyone visiting Hokkaido. After placing our order and enjoying the ambiance of the restaurant, our burgers arrived in no time!

Just look at the size of this meal! This is the Niseko Cheeseburger (1,600 yen, tax included), topped with Mimolette and Gouda cheese sourced from a Niseko cheese factory. We also added bacon (200 yen, tax included), another recommended item by the restaurant.

The patties are a distinctive blend of Hokkaido beef, and served on original buns made from Hokkaido wheat. It also includes seasonal vegetables, such as tomatoes and lettuce from Mukawa, onions from Niseko, and an array of other Hokkaido veggies. Even the side of potatoes is from Hokkaido!

We can’t help but gobble up our meals! The moment you take a bite, your senses are overtaken by the rich aroma of charred cheese and crispy bacon. Made from 100% beef, the patties provide the unmistakable taste of the meat's natural flavor. The burger was hearty and bold, and proved so irresistibly delicious we finished it up in no time!

The additional order of homemade tomato ketchup (50 yen, tax included, when ordered with the burger) is made from tomatoes grown in Mukawa Town, which are the same that are used in the burger. Known for its refreshing acidity, the ketchup boasts the taste of traditional tomato sauce. It is also available for purchase in jars, making for a delightful souvenir for those in love with its flavor!

The drink was a pink lemonade with a charming pink hue. Set drinks are available in three sizes (S, M, and L). The M size we ordered was quite generous! (20 oz., 290 yen, tax included, when ordered as set with burger). Altogether, it was a gratifying gourmet experience.

・Facility Information: Jacksonville Hamburger Restaurant Moyuk Sapporo Branch
・TEL: 011-206-6411
・Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM (Last order at 9:30 PM)
・Closed: Open daily
・Multilingual Support: English-speaking staff may be available. *Availability may vary.

5) Noteworthy Seasonal Monuments and Rooftop Gardens at Moyuk Sapporo!

5) Noteworthy Seasonal Monuments and Rooftop Gardens at Moyuk Sapporo!

The Moyuk Sky Garden, an outdoor terrace, sits on the seventh floor of the building. Positioned near the west entrance on both B2F and 1F, it is accessible by a dedicated elevator.

The Moyuk Sky Garden, an outdoor terrace, sits on the seventh floor of the building. Positioned near the west entrance on both B2F and 1F, it is accessible by a dedicated elevator.

Also, the monument at the entrance of the facility is decorated differently each season, so be sure to take a look whenever you visit!

Amongst the stores introduced here, the pharmaceutical section of Kirakira Donki is available for duty-free shopping. Please note that specific details regarding duty-free services may vary by shop.

Enjoying Sapporo Tanukikoji to the Fullest

Photo credit: KLOOK
Photo credit: KLOOK

As the oldest shopping street in Hokkaido, Tanukikoji Shopping Street offers a wealth of shopping and dining experiences. Consider exploring its unique charms with a guided tour!

Moyuk Sapporo offers a diverse range of attractions, including an aquarium, shopping, and more, all conveniently located under one roof. Beyond Moyuk Sapporo, there are also ongoing redevelopment projects underway in the vicinity of Sapporo Station, Odori, and Susukino, continually introducing new high-rises and commercial facilities. So if you're exploring the Sapporo area, be sure to add Moyuk Sapporo to your itinerary for an enjoyable time of shopping and leisure!

  • moyuk SAPPORO
    moyuk SAPPORO
    • Address 3-20, Minami2-jonishi, Sapporo Shi Chuo Ku, Hokkaido, 060-0062, Japan
    • ・Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM (Hours of entire building; individual shop hours may vary)
      ・Closed: Open daily

Information in article as of February 2024. Please see official website for the latest updates and information.

English translation by: Krys Suzuki

Written by:

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