Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty


Having the highest life expectancy in the world, the people in Japan are conscious of their health on a daily basis and tend to eat healthy food. Many people also take advantage of traditional methods to stay fit and beautiful from the old times and regularly go to beauty and nail salons.

Health and beauty for the Japanese

In Japan, many people are conscious of their health and beauty, so they take supplements, which are even sold at convenience stores. Many people wear a mask when riding trains to prevent colds in winter. From the world's perspective, there are not so many obese people in Japan but many people take care of their body weight and both men and women go on a diet. Some adult men do exercises and restrict food to prevent lifestyle diseases called "metabolic syndrome."

Typical Japanese health and beauty methods

Japan has the culture of "Hayane Hayaoki", meaning that it's good for the health to go to bed early and get up early. Japan also has the health method called "Kanpu Masatsu" (dry-skin brushing) from the old times. It is practiced to prevent colds in kindergartens, nursery school and nursing homes. Typical exercises are walking and running. Many people are also conscious of eating soybean products such as natto (a kind of fermented soy bean) and tofu, and seaweeds such as nori (laver) since they are good for beauty and health. There are also a lot of beauty and nail salons where you can experience the method and therapy to maintain beauty.

Food that Japanese people think is good for health and beauty

Japan has the culture to maintain health with food so they eat foods related to seasons and events. As major examples, on "Doyounoushi day" in the hot summertime, people eat nutritious eel. During the New Year's Holidays, people eat "Nanakusa gayu (rice porridge with seven herbs) to rest their stomach. "Macrobiotics", the diet of eating brown rice and vegetables is popular in recent years and there are even macrobiotic restaurants. There are also "specified health foods" approved by the Consumer Affairs Agency so you can easily purchase food and drinks at convenience stores that reduces putting on fat.

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