Update: 23 January 2017

This is an introduction to different types of Japanese entertainment, from traditional rakugo (storytelling comedy) and manzai (two-man stand up comedy) to more recent types of entertainment.


The main characteristic of rakugo, where you tell silly stories of village life, is that there is always a punchline at the end. Rakugo storytellers sit on square cushions and use their voices to act out two or more characters by themselves. They also use fans and handkerchiefs as small props.


To perform manzai, two people talk about something funny on stage. The main characteristic of manzai is that each person plays a part, the one who says silly things ("boke"), or the one who points out his mistakes ("tsukkomi"). Like rakugo, there is always a punchline at the end.


Japanese anime and manga have evolved to become a form of entertainment the Japanese people proudly show off to the rest of the world. Concerts featuring voice actors are popular and held all over the world, and anime and manga conventions are well-attended. Akihabara, the sacred ground of anime and manga, is also popular among foreign tourists in Japan.


There are many idol groups in Japan. At idol concerts, both the idol's performance and the audience's response are enjoyed together as a form of entertainment.

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