Yoshoku (Western-style Dishes)

Yoshoku (Western-style Dishes)

Update: 29 December 2016

Many traditional dishes of Western countries were introduced in Japan throughout the years and Japanese people added their own adaptations to these dishes. These dishes are known today as yoshoku (Western-style dishes). There are many yoshoku dishes available to choose from and you might find that some go better with rice than bread.

Curry Rice

Curry, originally an Indian dish, was first brought into England, and Japan later added its own flair to the dish. It is thicker and milder than the original Indian curry, and it is typically eaten by pouring curry roux on top of cooked rice.

Cutlet (katsu)

Katsu-retsu (cutlet) is a fried meat dish made by coating a slice of meat with egg, covering it with bread crumbs, and then deep-frying it. Pork, beef, and chicken are used for cutlet dishes, and cutlet using seafood are called furai (fried seafood). Katsu dishes that specifically use pork are called tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is very popular and there are many restaurants serving tonkatsu as their specialty dish.

Omu-rice (omelette with fried rice)

This is a dish made by wrapping fried rice with ketchup in an omelette. It was created between the Meiji period (1868 - 1912) and Taisho period (1912 - 1926). This is popular in Japan as a signature yoshoku dish. There are several types of sauce in addition to ketchup, such as demiglace sauce and white sauce. Also, there is a dish called omu-soba, which wraps fried noodles in an omelette.

Korokke (croquette)

This is a dish made by mashing cooked potatoes, adding chopped meat and vegetables, shaping them, rolling them in flour, egg and bread crumbs, and finally deep-frying them. This was an expensive dish in the Meiji period, but it is now a popular dish loved by everyone.


This is a dish created in Japan. Pilaf or butter rice topped with white sauce, and cooked in an oven. It is a type of gratin.

Recent State of Yoshoku

Even in recent years, the number of yoshoku dishes in Japan continue to increase. For instance, there are original Japanese meals called tarako spaghetti using tarako (salted cod roe), and wafu (Japanese-style) spaghetti flavored with soy sauce. New yoshoku dishes continue to be created by using Japanese ingredients and seasoning western dishes with Japanese flavors.

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