Lacquer art

Lacquer art


Lacquer art is one of the traditional arts representing Japan.

The world of lacquer art

Lacquer art indicates the techniques and methods of making a bowl using lacquer. It has been practiced for several thousand years, and its art has been passed down continuously to this day. A bowl made with lacquer art is called "lacquerware". Many layers of coating from the sap of the lacquer tree is applied on the bowl to give it the beautiful glossy finish. Once it has dried up, it will become a strong coating layer that increases the durability of the product.

The history of lacquer art

Lacquerware is considered to have been already made ten thousand years ago. The lacquer work technique came to be used for many temples, Buddha statues and Buddhist altar implements. In the Edo period (1600 -1868), lacquer art was used for daily necessities , furniture of building interiors.

Major lacquerware producing areas

In various regions of Japan lacquerware unique to that particular region is produced. Currently, there are around 30 areas that produce lacquerware in Japan. Places such as Ishikawa and Kyoto are famous for it.

Before using lacquerware

Newly bought lacquerware has a peculiar smell. If the smell bothers you, try to wipe the product with a soft cloth soaked to the remaining water of washed rice with a little bit of vinegar. The smell can also be removed by keeping it in a place out of the sun with good ventilation for about one to two weeks. However, it should be noted that it is sensitive to direct sunlight, high temperature and dryness so be careful.

Using lacquerware

After using lacquerware, you should not soak it in water for a long time, but wash it lightly with a soft sponge and warm water with some dishwashing liquid not long after usage. Do not let it dry naturally, but wipe the condensation off with a soft and dry cloth. In addition, do not use lacquerware in combination with a dishwasher, dish dryer, or a microwave oven.

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