I want to remember this!  How to use 100% of Itoya
Update: 19 October 2016

I want to remember this! How to use 100% of Itoya

The renovated Ginza Itoya opened again in June 2015. The famous store, which has been watching over Ginza for more than 110 years as a stationery shop, has been reborn as a stylish place with selected refined items.

Nomad's Nook overlooks Ginza-dori

Nomad's Nook overlooks Ginza-dori

Merchandise used for travelling and working is gathered on the 5th floor. They sell simple and active travel bags that can be used even for business trips, as well as highly convenient portable water bottles among other merchandise. It's ultimate form is a complete nomad work space! You can freely use it when you want to type emails, charge your devices, or when you want to open your guidebook during your trip.

Finding congratulatory and farewell gifts

Finding congratulatory and farewell gifts

If you're searching for a small gift, you'll find it on the 6th and 8th floor. The 6th floor has items that will help you do work around the house. It has kitchen supplies and tableware, as well as living room items. It's as if you came to an interior shop.

The 8th floor sells a lot of cover paper and tools for making handicrafts. Japanese paper items in particular are popular replacements for home tapestries, aside from being gifts or souvenirs. It's very stylish!

A cafe with an impressive view and atmosphere

A cafe with an impressive view and atmosphere

In addition, the reason why a lot of people come here is because of the cafe restaurant located on the top floor. With it's spaciousness, this cafe is so mysteriously soothing that you might end up overstaying. The bright atmosphere with all the natural lighting during the day changes into a moody atmosphere when the surroundings start to get darker in the evening. The cafe, which shows different looks throughout the day, serves a variety of healthy menu items.

The fig and blue cheese salad, which is made of crunchy caramelized nuts, blue cheese and fig, is mixed with lettuce and arugula among plenty other leafy vegetables. They also serve white wine, which has been carefully selected by as senior sommelier, together with this dish.

The lettuce used in the salad is cultivated by Itoya employees through hydroponics on the 11th floor. They harvest everyday, so the lettuce is very fresh. it's juicy and crisp, so be sure to try it.

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    2-7-15, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
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    Nearest Station
    Ginza Station
    ・ Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
    ・ Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
    ・ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
    2 minutes on foot
    Phone Number
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