Fashion Specialty Stores Around Japan

Fashion Specialty Stores Around Japan

Update: 3 April 2017

We would like introduce you to typical fashion streets in Japan, areas with buildings containing fashion-related stores, and Japanese original kimono specialty shops.

Typical Fashion Streets in Tokyo

Two of the places where young people gather in Tokyo are Shibuya and Harajuku. High-end customers tend to visit the hip places of Daikanyama and Omotesando. Many second-hand clothing shops and other unique shops can be found over in Shimokitazawa. If you want a wide range of shops, head on over to Ginza, a place where many celebrities go. Finally, the place to go to for elderly people is Sugamo, where there are a ton of great shops catered for the elderly.

Fashion Streets Outside Tokyo

Usually surrounding areas of stations in central Tokyo have a characteristic of having many shops suitable for men and women of all ages. Outside of Tokyo, there are several other areas that are catered for young people. Amerikamura (American village) in Osaka, normally abbreviated as Ame-mura, is the birthplace of youth culture. You can buy many brands imported from the USA which are popular for their reasonable prices. In Fukuoka, Daimyo is viewed as THE gathering spot for young people.

Kimono and Yukata Specialty Stores

In the popular sightseeing spot Kyoto, it is popular to walk down the typical Japanese streets and go sightseeing in traditional Japanese clothing. There are many kimono specialty stores and they rent out kimono. The staff can show you how to wear a kimono and teach you about Japanese culture, which makes these stores very popular. If you want to buy a kimono, make sure to consult with a store first since it is much more expensive than standard clothes.

Buildings Containing Fashion-related Stores

Buildings containing fashion-related stores are located in the center of urban districts. The characteristic of these buildings is that the target audience differs depending on the floor. Buildings containing fashion-related stores usually have specialty stores of top-quality cosmetics and jewellery on the 1st floor and fashion specialty stores from the 2nd floor upwards.

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