How to interact with Japanese people

How to interact with Japanese people

Update: 19 June 2017

What are Japanese people like? What kinds of personalities do they have? ...If you know these sorts of things, you will undoubtedly find it easy to chat with Japanese people!

Are Japanese people shy?!

Japanese people are shy, and many of them don't seem eager to communicate with strangers. Some Japanese even find it hard to ask for directions or start up conversations with other Japanese people. Also, an unwillingness to outwardly express feelings of anger, happiness, and sadness should be included under the umbrella of unique traits that belong to the Japanese.

Japanese people don't say what they mean?!

Japanese people seem to hesitate to express their minds and feelings. Many of them find it hard to say a negative opinion to others or to refuse someone's request. They feel strongly motivated to avoid hurting or offending others, and will be considerate at the expense of expressing their own feelings, because such behavior is considered to be a fundamental virtue within Japanese culture.

Japanese people can't speak English?!

Many Japanese people find it difficult to speak English. When speaking English, talk slowly and use simple words. Some Japanese people are not good at listening to or speaking English, but they can be a bit better at reading and writing, so try writing your words down in English if you really want to try and communicate.

The most important thing is to create an emotional connection

Japanese people are shy so some people might find it hard to talk to them, but if you are able to show your genuine eagerness to interact with them, they will likely response in kind.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.

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