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    화장품 페어 2021.12.31까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.10.15 10:00 - 2021.12.31 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ October 15th (Friday) -December 31st (Friday)
      ■ Building A 1st floor = Cosmetics section, Building A M2 floor = Cosmetic Salon

      In addition to skin care items during the dry season, you can update your personality with a name stamping service and a makeup advice meeting.
      We will deliver valuable cosmetics information such as Seibu Shibuya limited kits and sample gifts.
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    액세서리 페어 2021.12.31까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.10.01 10:00 - 2021.12.31 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ October 1st (Friday) -December 31st (Friday)
      ■ Building A 3rd floor = Accessories / Plus Vendome

      From <Plus Vendome>, which proposes accessories that add a sense of seasonal mode to a playful design and "+ plus" the fun of coordination, "Starry" with a wish for many stars twinkling in the winter night sky.・ Pearl ”series is now available.
      The necklace with a design in which two stars overlap will be released as a set with the original flower box in collaboration with Yuki Maeda, who presides over gui flower design.

      In addition, an "original pouch" will be presented to those who purchase over 17,600 yen including tax during the period.
      * The number is limited. It will end as soon as it runs out.

      \ Limited quantity /
      ◇ STARRY-PEARL Necklace [with gui flower box]
      Price: 16,500 yen each
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    화장품 페어 2021.10.31까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.10.01 10:00 - 2021.10.31 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ Released in October
      ■ Building A 1st floor = cosmetics

      Every year, fun holiday items are released.
      Introducing this time-limited item that you will want as a gift or for yourself.

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    남성 패션 페어 오늘까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.09.29 10:00 - 2021.10.19 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ September 29th (Wednesday) -October 19th (Tuesday)
      ■ Building B 6th floor = Brooks Brothers

      -Relaxing modern work wear

      We have clothes that suit the new lifestyle.
      During the period, those who purchase the target product for 11,000 yen or more including tax will receive a "shopping ticket (1,000 yen excluding tax)" that can be used with <BROOKS BROTHERS>.
  • 기간 한정

    식품 페어 2021.10.31까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.10.01 00:00 - 2021.10.31 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ October 1st (Friday) -31st (Sunday)
      ■ Building A B1F = Seibu Food Museum

      Trick or Treat-I'll play a trick-

      October 31st (Sun) is Halloween.
      Here are some recommended cookies and sweets for Halloween.
      The cute Halloween package is also recommended as a gift.

      ▽ Click here for details

      * Some items are limited in number. Please forgive it when it is sold out.
      ※The photograph is an image.
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    식품 페어 2021.12.20까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.10.05 10:00 - 2021.12.20 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 <Reservation at the store>
      ■ Reception period: October 5th (Tuesday) to December 20th (Monday) 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
      ■ Reception Venue: Building A B1F = Seibu Food Museum Special Venue
      <Reservation by phone>
      ■ Reception period: October 5th (Tuesday) to December 15th (Wednesday) 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
      ■ Accepted phone number: 0120 (02) 0111 <Toll-free number>

      To the brilliance of the dawn and a better year.

      <Special feature> New Year dishes to color a safe time with your loved ones.
      Gathering with people and surrounding the dining table together. I still want to celebrate the New Year with my loved ones.
      This year, we have a wider variety of New Year dishes suitable for the New Year with your family.
      Since it is the New Year when various generations gather, please enjoy the new year's osechi with peace of mind and cleanliness as much as possible.

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  • 기간 한정

    주류 페어 2021.11.03까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.10.05 10:00 - 2021.11.03 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ October 5th (Tuesday) -November 3rd (Wednesday / holiday)
      ■ Building A B1F = Seibu Foods Hall Liquor store, e. Department store

      Arrival, arrival.
      New season of Yenomi.

      The long autumn nights, the autumn harvest, and the fun season for Yenomi have arrived. Nowadays, I often drink alcohol at home, but change my mood and enjoy Beaujolais nouveau.
      This year's Beaujolais Nouveau will be unveiled on Thursday, November 18th.
      In addition to Beaujolais Nouveau, we accept reservations for new sake from Japanese wine. At the liquor store, we will also introduce sake that is unique to this season, such as sake, grated sake, and whiskey.

      ■ Handing over period: From Thursday, November 18th, the opening date
      * Some delivery dates may differ.
      * People under the age of 20 are prohibited by law from drinking alcohol.

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    기타 페어 2021.11.01까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.09.21 10:00 - 2021.11.01 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ Session: September 21st (Tuesday) -November 1st (Monday)
      ■ Each floor = target sales floor
      What should we do today in the deep blue autumn weather?
      Have a relaxing time outdoors, cook in your house, or be blown by the refreshing autumn breeze and dance your heart and body.
      How to spend your time so that you can be yourself the most.
      A truly comfortable life will surely lead to someone's happiness.
      Welcome to Sustainable Wonderland!

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    식품 페어 2022.02.28까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.09.01 10:00 - 2022.02.28 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ September 1, 2021 (Wednesday) -February 28, 2022 (Monday)
      ■ Seibu / Sogo shopping site e. Department store, 7th floor of Building B = Gift gallery

      A little rich house time to give in the catalog.
      Celebrate a new start, give a reward, and enjoy a great time.
      You can smartly deliver gifts suitable for any occasion online.
      The product lineup is just like being in a store, with the quality unique to a department store.
      Would you like to find a gift that will enrich that person's home time?

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    기타 페어 2021.10.31까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.07.20 00:00 - 2021.10.31 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ Acceptance period: Until Sunday, October 31, 2021
      ■ Payment: Tuesday, January 4, 2022
      ■ Each floor = target sales floor

      * Some specialty stores may be excluded.
      * E. Department stores are eligible for purchases from July 16th (Friday) to November 30th (Tuesday), 2021.

      At Club On / Millennium Card Saison, you can choose "Winter Bonus One-time Payment".
      During the period from June 1st (Tuesday) to October 31st (Sunday), 2021, if you use the winter bonus lump sum payment, you can pay in a lump sum on January 4th (Tuesday) 2022 with no fee. I will.
      Please use this opportunity.
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