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  • 기간 한정

    시계 페어 2021.03.31까지

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.03.01 10:00 - 2021.03.31 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ March 1st (Monday) -31st (Wednesday)
      ■ Building B 8th floor = Watch Salon

      From Seiko, which will celebrate its 140th anniversary in 2021, we will introduce a lineup suitable for the new normal era. Focusing on the three styles of "business," "business casual," and "worcation," we have a wide selection of new and popular models that suit the current era. Please take this opportunity to take a look.
      During the fair period, Seiko original goods will be presented to those who purchase Seiko watches on a first-come, first-served basis.
      * The number is limited. It will end as soon as it runs out.
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    여성 패션 페어 2021.03.09부터

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    • 개최 기간 2021.03.09 10:00 - 2021.03.15 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ March 9th (Tuesday) to 15th (Monday)
      Building A 4th floor = promotion space

      Introducing the Spring / Summer 2021 collection, including dresses with pursued designs and classic leather items from <All Saints>, both men's and women's.
  • 인기

    식품 페어 2021.03.31까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.03.01 10:00 - 2021.03.31 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ Building A 5th floor = Tops

      <Club on card members only> Special price 3,025 yen
      ● Tomato French salad (special Japanese style dressing)
      ● Vichyssoise
      ● Curry of your choice
      ● Your favorite drink (please choose from the menu)

      * Please ask the hall staff about allergies.
      * The curry in the photo is an example.

      [A word from the store manager]
      It is a curry that we are proud of, using carefully selected ingredients one by one to create the best taste. Please enjoy it.
  • 신발매

    화장품 페어 2021.03.31까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.03.01 10:00 - 2021.03.31 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ Released in March
      ■ Building A 1st floor = cosmetics

      Introducing new skin care items that you want to use wherever you are interested and base items that are familiar to your skin!
      We are paying attention to new product items that are ready to fight.

      ▽ Click here for details
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    여성 패션 페어 2021.03.25까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.03.01 10:00 - 2021.03.25 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ March 1st (Monday) to 25th (Thursday)
      ■ Building A 3rd floor = theory

      Theory We are proposing a new spring / summer 21 work in the "Oggi April issue" with Karen Takizawa dressed up.
      Check out the new lineup of basic and essential Theory.

      <Comment by Karen Takizawa>
      I used to buy "clothes that I don't mind wearing tomorrow for me today".
      But now I've chosen a lot of fabrics and shapes and bought "clothes I want to wear in the future".
      I want to cherish pants that tell my future without being embarrassed wherever I put them, like my own children.

      Price: 17,600 yen
      Size: Free
      Color: Gray x White, Red x White
      Price: 27,500 yen
      Size: xxx0,xx0,00,0,2,4
      Color: blue, white, light gray, navy, black

      [Pants wage free campaign]
      ■ March 1st (Monday) to 25th (Thursday)
      During the period, we will provide a hemming fee to customers who purchase the target pants.

      ▽ Click here for other information
  • 일본 문화

    미술품 페어 2021.04.18까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.02.25 00:00 - 2021.04.18 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 Rugged feelings go beyond time.

      ■ February 23 (Tuesday / holiday) -April 18 (Sunday)
      ■ Building A 6th floor = Children's clothing special venue
      * May dolls will be on sale until May 3, 2021 (Monday / holiday).

      "Tango no Sekku" wishing for healthy growth. We have a wide variety of May dolls suitable for a radiant celebration.

      Buy May dolls for 150,000 yen (tax excluded) or more and get 15% off, and purchase less than 150,000 yen (tax excluded) for 10% off.

      From compact-sized May dolls to storage decorations that are easy to decorate and close, to gems that support the skills of Kyoto craftsmen. Introducing a number of wonderful interior decorations that are close to the feelings for your precious child.

      May the group of Halle have a happy time.

      * Some items are excluded.
      *% OFF display is the discount rate from the regular selling price at the May doll section.
      * Please ask the sales floor staff for details.
  • 새로운

    여성 패션 페어 2021.03.16까지

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    • 개최 기간 2021.02.24 10:00 - 2021.03.16 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ February 24th (Wednesday) -March 16th (Tuesday)
      ■ Building B 3rd floor = Yohji Yamamoto

      The world view of designer Yohji Yamamoto is expressed by creating clothes to the maximum.
      Since his debut in the Paris Collection in 1981, he has continued to revolutionize the modal world under the philosophy of "dominate mode with antithesis", an antithesis to traditional Western clothing making.
      With that rebellious spirit, he expresses his philosophy by making clothes that constantly break taboos and create new values ​​that are not passed on by the times.

      Collection theme:
      2021S / S la raison d'être (reason d'etre / reason for existence)

      The challenge to roots, which coexists with two opposite elements, creates new values.

      [Contact Us]
      Telephone 03 (5459) 9167 <Direct>
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    잡화·일용품 페어 2021.03.02부터

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    • 개최 기간 2021.03.02 10:00 - 2021.03.08 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ Building A 1st floor = Promotion space

      A handmade stuffed animal <Karapau> born in Portugal, which was born for the purpose of protecting wild animals. Introducing stuffed animals that will enrich your time at home with a soothing expression and calm colors that blend in with the interior.
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    여성 패션 바겐 세일 2021.03.02부터

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.03.02 10:00 - 2021.03.07 17:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ Building A 7th floor = Exhibition Hall
      * Closed at 5 pm on the last day

      We offer bargains on autumn / winter clothing and miscellaneous goods from each sales floor such as "Polo Ralph Lauren", "Lauren Ralph Lauren", and "Polo Ralph Lauren Children".

      [Contact Us]
      ■ Building A 7th floor = Exhibition Hall
      Telephone 03 (3462) 3600 <direct>
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    아동 패션 페어 2021.03.02부터

    이벤트 설명・조건 보기
    • 개최 기간 2021.03.02 10:00 - 2021.03.08 20:00
    • 이벤트 상세 ■ Building A 6th floor = Promotion space

      Introducing the formal collection of <Polo Ralph Lauren Children> that supports the beginning of children.
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