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Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza: Staying at Japan's Quirky Robot Hotel! (Video)

Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza: Staying at Japan's Quirky Robot Hotel! (Video)

Date published: 4 December 2018
Last updated: 12 October 2020

If you are coming to Japan look for a truly weird and new experience try out Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza. This is the world’s first hotel run by robot.

"Henn" means like “to change”, and this Ginza hotel has even been named in the Guinness Book of Records for its unique take on staff. This hotel is perfect for the antisocial traveler who after a long day in the crowds of Tokyo wants to escape from other people. There isn’t another human in sight while checking-in to this hotel.

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  1. Are the Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza Staff Real?
  2. Clean at the Press of a Button!
  3. A Truly Universal Remote

Are the Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza Staff Real?

Are the Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza Staff Real?

Walk into the Henn na Hotel and be greeted by their signature Japanese robot hotel receptionists. These incredibly life-like robots might even trick you into thinking they are human with their realistic motions and appearance.

They blink and turn their heads, and when you walk up to their desk they will welcome you to their strange hotel. The robots can speak in 4 different languages, Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese so all of your needs will be taken care of in the language most comfortable for you.

Next to their desk is a touch-screen monitor that will help you interact with the robots and check-in and out properly. International guests can even check-in just by scanning their passports.

Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza has created a system where there is no need to interact with a human employee anymore. Robots run the cleaning, lobby, and reception area of the hotel.

One can even argue that they run it more efficiently than their human counterparts could. Without a need for sleep or breaks, the robot receptionist will help with your check-in process, even in the middle of the night.

Clean at the Press of a Button!

Clean at the Press of a Button!

It’s not just robots running the reception, Henn na Hotel Ginza also relies on robot cleaning services. Every room has a closet that actually doubles as an automatic dry cleaner.

Instead of having to rely on external services, set the timer and wait for your clothes to be cleaned overnight in the comfort of your own room. There is also an automatic vacuum cleaner scurrying around the building making sure everything is always clean.

Each floor of the hotel sports a different color scheme. Hotels in Tokyo can be notoriously small to save space, but with Henn na Hotel you can get a surprisingly comfortable, double bed-room that won’t leave you feeling cramped.

While the other Henn na Hotel facilities are more focused on entertainment and displaying is bizarre nature, the Ginza hotel focuses on convenience and comfort to satisfy more the conservative needs of the usual business worker.

A Truly Universal Remote

A Truly Universal Remote

After being checked in at Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza, you will receive the key to your room, which can come in the form of your smartphone. Customers can also borrow a phone called “handy”.

The phone connects to the free Wi-Fi throughout the whole building so you could use it while you’re staying. But the biggest benefit is that you can also bring it with you and use it for free while you’re traveling around the city. So this phone acts as your room key device remote and free internet service, you can call people with it too.

Each room comes with a 49 inch TV. This TV is equipped with Google Chromecast in it so you can connect to your phone, can play music, online video or about anything through the monitor.

International guests might be amused at first by the famous Japanese variety game shows, but if they want something familiar and entertaining they are able to easily watch shows or movies they actually enjoy. This way everyone is able to enjoy their stay at Henn-na Hotel and watch youtube videos or Netflix or whatever they want through their phone.

Down in the lobby, you can take away breakfast in Henn-na Hotel’s little cafe nook.

This cafe is complete with massive sandwiches and any coffee beverage you desire.

It also turns its face – you can use here as a resting space and from 5pm it’ll be a stand in bar. It's a great way to cap off your stay at this weird hotel.

If you are interested in staying at Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza and experiencing its utter strangeness, there are many locations around Japan that can suit your needs. But if you want to try out the Ginza location for a more refined feel, be sure to visit their website listed below.

Check out this uniquely Japanese experience and visit the world’s first robot hotel.

  • Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza
    変なホテル 東京 銀座
    • Address 2-2-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 1040045, Japan
    • Nearest Station Shintomi-cho Station, Tsukiji Station
    • Phone Number 050-5894-3771
    • http://www.h-n-h.jp/en/

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