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Maybelline New York and Furifu Fuse Trend with Tradition!

Maybelline New York and Furifu Fuse Trend with Tradition!

Date published: 1 July 2021

Japanese summers are all about festivals and yukata. Unfortunately, due to Covid, many of these festivals have been canceled. However, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy dressing up!

Cosmetics company Maybelline New York and traditional Japanese clothing brand Furifu have teamed up to offer a new summer yukata collection called "Traditions of Japan."

These gorgeous new designs encompass both retro and modern elements, offering all the trendiness of the season's latest looks with Japan's traditional summer vibes.

These complimentary combos are guaranteed to leave you feeling cool while looking hot!

Maybelline New York and Furifu Summer Campaign

Maybelline New York and Furifu Summer Campaign
(Left to right): Half-British, half-Japanese fashion model and photographer Mala Morgan; J-Pop star, model and YouTuber Hina (Girl's Union FAKY); fashion model Nanaho Ezaki

Earlier this year, Maybelline and Furifu announced their collaboration which would feature six yukata and lipstick combinations. These combinations pair original Furifu yukata with matching lipstick from Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick series.

The collaboration aims to offer new fashion coordinations that blend traditional Japanese summer themes with funky New York fashion. As part of the campaign, Furifu and Maybelline have released a limited quantity of original LOVE LIP yukata, inspired by Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink series.

Summer Yukata & Luscious Lipsticks

Summer Yukata & Luscious Lipsticks

Furifu's LOVE LIP Yukata Series
Furifu is a Japanese clothing brand that designs kimono based on their own original textiles. Under their brand message, "Sugu ni kawareru mahō ga aru (There's a magic that can change things quickly)," Furifu represents women who value individuality.

The original yukata in Furifu's LOVE LIP series have been purposefully designed to match six of Maybelline’s popular Super Stay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks. The lipsticks selected are those that are believed to represent the traditional summer colors of Japan best.

LOVE LIP Yukata are available for pre-order at the Furifu store and online site.

Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink Yukata Collection Lipstick

・Long-lasting (up to 16 hours)
・Quick-drying (2-3 min)
・Easy-to-apply arrow-tipped applicator

Six Colors:
・Walnut (70)
・Pomegranate (80)
・Crimson (117)
・Daybreak (130 *Popular item!)
・Light Crimson (175)
・Apricot (210)

Participating Locations and Details
・Rakuten Ichiba Maybelline New York Official Store
From 5/18 - 7/12/2021. Six people who enter and purchase over 2,000 yen (tax included) of qualifying products will be selected by lottery to win one of three original LOVE LIP Yukata and Obi sets. For details, see the campaign site here.

・Rakuten Ichiba Furifu Official Store
From 6/28 - 7/12/2021. A limited number of 10% OFF coupons for qualifying products at Rakuten Ichiba Maybelline New York will be distributed only at Rakuten Ichiba Furifu Official Store. For details, see here

・Furifu Stores/Rakuten Ichiba Furifu Official Store/Furifu Official Online Shop (MGOS)
From 6/11/2021, while supplies last. The first 50 people to purchase a yukata will receive Super Stay Matte Ink (130, 117, 175). Participating Locations: Furifu Stores/Rakuten Ichiba Furifu Official Store/Furifu Official Online Shop (MGOS)

・Maybelline New York Stores
From 6/8 - 7/11/2021 (coupon expires on 8/31/2021).
50 people who purchase qualifying products will receive a 10% OFF coupon for Furifu online and in-store locations
Qualifying Products: Super Stay Matte Ink (70/80/117/130/175/210), HyperSharp Liner (BR-2/BR-3/BK-3), Lashionista (01). For details, see the campaign page here

Source: PR Times

Written by:

Krys Suzuki

Krys Suzuki

Krys is a Japanese-fluent, English native speaker from New York City. A former JET participant and private English teacher, Krys now works full time as a remote Japanese-to-English translator, author, and artist, with a focus on subjects related to Japanese language, travel, and culture. (JLPT Level N1.)

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