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Japan Rilakkuma Wedding Plan Features Elegant Decorations, Complete With Fancy Rilakkuma Cake

Japan Rilakkuma Wedding Plan Features Elegant Decorations, Complete With Fancy Rilakkuma Cake

Date published: 2 August 2020
Last updated: 27 October 2020

Could Rilakkuma make a guest appearance on your special day?

After Japan’s Escrit released a Pokémon wedding to the joy of fans everywhere, they’ve furthered their quest for bringing extra magic to weddings all across Japan with the finely dressed Rilakkuma couple – starting from July 2020.

Escrit has stylish chapels all over the country, but with weddings sometimes being heralded as a stressful affair, adding your favorite relaxed bear to the mix could be the comfort everyone needs.

With everything the way it is right now, and people being wary about leaving the house for much other than the grocery shopping, there are fears that the bridal industry will see a decline too. In order to combat that, Escrit is trying to revitalize the bridal scene, starting with Rilakkuma.

The Rilakkuma wedding is a surprisingly elegant affair, with incredible flower arrangements and gorgeous little touches to the decorations.

While introducing Rilakkuma to the scene, Escrit wanted to keep the familiar wedding-like feelings in place, and the ambience seems nothing short of classy.

The wedding package includes a number of tasteful Rilakkuma extras, such as the Rilakkuma cake topper, adorable greeting cards, a ‘Rilakkuma Dessert’ and even an insanely cute ‘Kiiroitori Soup’.

Of course, the wedding also includes a special ‘Greeting Plan’, where Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma come to celebrate with you. Rilakkuma dons a dashing bow-tie and top hat, while Korilakkuma looks ready for her Instagram shot with a decidedly feminine flower crown.

The wedding cake takes on the traditional tiered form, but with adorable Rilakkuma flourishes and is in-keeping with the pastel pink theme. Did you ever think Rilakkuma could be this sophisticated?

Escrit handles over 8,000 weddings a year, and is continuing to respond to the diverse and evolving needs of the wedding market, and this Rilakkuma wedding is just one part of that.

Escrit offers a free wedding consultation, and you can find out more on the official Escrit website here. Should you be deciding to tie the knot soon, don’t let Rilakkuma’s efforts go in vain – let him wear that top hat and be prepared to go into married life in style!

Source: PR Times

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Cassandra Lord

Cassandra Lord

Cassandra is a British writer and translator living the residential life just outside of Tokyo. She loves finding out hidden things about Japan, and more importantly sniffing out the best food! She's never satisfied with just one hobby, and spends her time finding out new ways to use her creative skills – though the most pertinent here might be her love of Japanese calligraphy!

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