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Hugely Popular with Foreign Tourists in Tokyo! Check Out These 9 Popular Japanese Souvenirs for Summer 2018

Hugely Popular with Foreign Tourists in Tokyo! Check Out These 9 Popular Japanese Souvenirs for Summer 2018

Date published: 8 August 2018
Last updated: 17 August 2018

People want to experience something Japanese when they come to Japan. Especially its food culture is one that is uniquely different from that of other countries, and here you can experience the real thing. For the best souvenir experience for foreign visitors, we have carefully selected nine shops that have proven to be especially popular with foreign visitors shopping at ecute shops. These are facilities found in JR stations in and around Tokyo of which there are eight. The name “ecute” is a combination of word eki, Japanese for “station” and “cute”. The following is a list of this summer seasonal goods that have been big sellouts for souvenirs. They are all limited items sold only in Japan. If you are coming to Japan or already here, don’t miss a chance to check these items out.

Product name: Tokyo An Pancake
Maker: Tokyo Anpan Mame Ichizu (limited to Tokyo ecute)
Price: 480 yen (including tax)

Tokyo Anpan Mame Ichizu specializes in anpan (buns filled with sweet bean paste) that is loved by Japanese of all ages. It uses an from the Tokachi region of Hokkaido, noted for its low sugar content, and the highest quality tsubuan (bean paste with large beans) sandwiched in pancakes. Only the best domestic products are used. These impressive looking treats make excellent souvenirs.

Product name: Tartelettes de L'ete
Maker: le billet produit par a la campagne (limited to Tokyo ecute)

Le billet is a western style confectionery in Tokyo noted for its seasonal sweets both inside and outside of Japan. Its tartellet is especially popular and the limited seasonal ones make refreshing summertime gifts. They come in a variety of flavors: mango, lemon peel, pineapple, and coconut and are as delicious to the eye as to the palate!

Product name: Eggplant from Gunma prefecture and special ginger barbecue sauce Hamburg steak bento
Maker: Tsubame Grill DELI (limited to Tokyo ecute)
Price: 1,280 yen (including tax)

This is a special hand-made box lunch of the popular western-style restaurant Tsubame Grill. Its fantastically tender Hamburg hamburger steak in a rich barbecue sauce comes with one whole fried eggplant. It is so soft that it melts in the mouth and has a pleasant texture. Just the perfect meal for summer.

*Sales period: Friday, July 13 - Sunday, September 2

Product name: Sukiyaki Croquette
Maker: Asakusa Imahan Shinagawa BeefStand (limited to Shinagawa ecute)
Price: 300 yen (including tax)

Asakusa Imahan has been in business more than 120 years and is famous for its sukiyaki and shabushabu. This is its croquette that is made with magnificent Kuroge Wagyu beef and other ingredients used in its sukiyaki. It is an Asakusa Imahan original found nowhere else in the country but here. It goes especially well with Japanese sake!

Product name: Croissant Mangue
Maker: PAUL (limited to Shinagawa ecute)
Price: 518 yen (including tax)

This is the most popular croissant this summer. PAUL uses butter imported from France for its croissants and this one is filled with custard cream and whipped cream into which slices of mango are sandwiched. On sale until Sunday, August 19.

Product name: Natsu no Tempura Kakke Udon
Maker: Tenobe Udon Mizuyama (limited to Shinagawa South ecute)
Price: 980 yen (including tax)

This tempura udon served only in summer is topped with one whole Conger eel. The crispy texture of the eel matches perfectly the firm, supple udon noodles and has a slightly sweet taste. The prawns and beefsteak plant leaf together with the grated daikon radish make just the perfect summer treat.

Product name: Watermelon Jelly
Maker: Kyobashi Senbikiya (limited to Shinagawa South ecute)
Price: 648 yen (including tax)

Senbikiya is one of the oldest fruit vendors in Tokyo established about 120 years ago. This summer selection using high-quality luxury fruit for which the shop is famous is being offered at a very reasonable price. The jelly has balls of mouth-watering watermelon on top as refreshingly cool and pleasant to the eye as it is delicious to the palate. Only 40 of this summer treat are offered each day, so it’s best to go early if you want to get one.

Product name: Roast Beef Chirashi
Maker: Chirashi Sushi Kanzan
Price: 1,200 yen (including tax)

The roast beef is cooked to medium rare and served chirashi sushi style. This delicious dish of roast beef can be enjoyed for only 1,200 yen. Only 30 portions are prepared each day which makes it a prized item, so you need to go early to get one. Sale ends on Sunday, August 19.

Product name: Natsu no Fuwakoro Panda
Maker: Waraku Beniya (limited to the Ueno ecute)
Price: 360 yen (including tax)

These meringue cookies are made with refreshing pineapple with just a touch of sweetness and mouth-watering crisp strawberries that melt in your mouth, presented in cute round panda shapes. The instant you put one in your mouth, even without biting it, it will gently dissolve and fill your mouth with flavor. This box of little pandas makes an eye-catching and special gift. Sale ends on Sunday, August 19.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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