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It’s Back! McDonald’s Black Thunder McFlurry

It’s Back! McDonald’s Black Thunder McFlurry

Date published: 17 June 2020

On your last trip to Japan, you may have seen Black Thunder chocolate bars in the convenience stores. This small, inexpensive chocolate bar filled with crunchy cookie bits is popular with young and old alike. This summer, McDonald’s is bringing back the Black Thunder McFlurry, one of the most popular McFlurry flavors of all time.

The combination of cool, creamy ice cream and chocolate crunch is the perfect thing to get people through those sweltering summer days!

The Black Thunder McFlurry blends McDonald’s creamy soft-serve ice cream with chocolate sauce and chunks of chocolate cookies and biscuits like those found in Black Thunder chocolate bars.

Black Thunder is almost like a brownie that became a cookie, or a rocky road in biscuit form, and its chocolatey goodness lends a rich note to the signature vanilla ice cream.

The cookie itself gives the ice cream a unique crunchy texture that feels like biting into a Black Thunder bar. With each crunchy bite, you’ll see why Black Thunder has been a Japanese icon for more than 25 years.

Product Information
Product name: McFlurry Black Thunder
On sale: June 10 to mid-July 2020
Available at: Nationwide McDonald’s stores (may not be available at some stores)
Price: 290 yen

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
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