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Calling All Japanese Curry Lovers! Nails Almost Good Enough to Eat

Calling All Japanese Curry Lovers! Nails Almost Good Enough to Eat

Date published: 8 April 2020

Bring your favorite Japanese food with you wherever you go!

Fashion brand Felissimo’s sub-brand for humorous items YOU+MORE! has released gel nail stickers featuring different types of Japanese curry as part of their Japanese food series. These fun stickers feature different types of curry and rice, and you can customize them with your favorite toppings! Japanese curry fans won’t want to miss this unique and fun item!

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  1. A New Take on Comfort Food
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Product Information

A New Take on Comfort Food

A New Take on Comfort Food

Japanese curry has its roots in Indian curry that was brought to Japan by the British around 150 years ago. Since then it has become a popular and much-loved comfort food. There are many varieties available, but the standard is meat and vegetables stewed in a curry sauce and eaten over rice. To this you can add other meat and vegetable toppings of your choice.

YOU+MORE! offers a new way to enjoy your favorite curry. These colorful stickers give you many choices of curry, rice and toppings, and even include spoons!

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

These nail stickers are easy and fun to apply! First stick the curry sticker to you nail. Add toppings and spoons of your choice. Finally, finish with a topcoat of clear nail polish.

The set includes one sheet of curry stickers, featuring both mild and spicy curries, as well “dry curry,” a type of curry fried rice, and one sheet of topping stickers, which includes some slightly unorthodox choices like avocado, as well as a selection of spoons. Mix and match to create an original set of nails that shows off your love for curry!

Product Information

Product Information

YOU+MORE! Curry Rice Gel Nail Stickers and Puffy Art Stickers
1 set: 1,600 yen (+ tax)
Available here: https://feli.jp/s/pr200318ym/2/

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