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Daiso 100 Yen Haul: Top 5 Crazy Quality Japanese Stationery on a Budget!

Daiso 100 Yen Haul: Top 5 Crazy Quality Japanese Stationery on a Budget!

Date published: 7 March 2020

Daiso is a world-famous Japanese 100-yen store. It’s like a dollar store, but way cooler! There are 3,367 stores nationwide, with a whopping 5,542 in total around the globe. That means that no matter where in Japan you go, you’ll never be too far from exciting finds at great prices! Daiso have been providing the world with top-notch shopping on a budget since 1977, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their stationery game.

New stationery always makes you feel like you’re starting fresh, with a new opportunity to learn and create something cool and unique. Even if you somehow haven’t hopped on the stationery bandwagon like the rest of us, you can’t deny that you still need it in your life; we all at least write lists, Christmas cards, or post-it notes. Why settle for bland, unexciting erasers and labels, when you could cheer up your drab notebooks and have the most fabulous desk in your office? Swing by and deck out your desk or sort out your souvenirs!

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Origami Paper: A Classic Must-Have!
  2. 2. Funky Erasers: From Adorable Animals to Sushi You Might Not Want to Eat
  3. 3. Stylish Notebooks: Gorgeous Leather-Like Notebooks for a Fraction of the Price!
  4. 4. Stickers: For All Your Organization and Customization Needs!
  5. 5. Washi Tape: Let Your Creative Side Go Wild!
  6. You Know You Want to Buy It All, and at These Prices There’s No Excuse Not to

1. Origami Paper: A Classic Must-Have!

1. Origami Paper: A Classic Must-Have!

Right out of the gate, Daiso offers the chance to dive into a world-renowned, timeless tradition. Japanese crafts mean origami, and origami means fun for everyone! Origami offers so much: there are simple shapes that even small children can play with, and complex, creative structures that the more artistically-inclined among us can attempt. There are so many origami books available all over the place, and these days almost any design imaginable is available at the click of a button online – so you can let your creative side run wild! Doing origami alone is a great creative outlet or way to relax, but it’s also a fun project to do with kids or loved ones on a cozy night in.

There are plenty of typical Japanese designs, whimsical flowers and leaves, and geometric patterns. The gorgeously-patterned paper gives the humblest creations a massive aesthetic boost, and more difficult sculptures are made all the more fantastic. Thanks to these elaborate, elegant designs, anyone can make origami to brag about! Of course, there are also sets of both matte and shiny solid colors, so you can keep it simple and crisp.

At 100 yen for a pack, how could you not buy more than one? Depending on the design, there are different amounts of paper in a packet: twenty, sixty, one hundred, or even three hundred and fifty sheets! You’ll find a number on the packaging next to 枚, or mai, meaning sheets. You’ll have more than enough paper to practice until you get it just right, without feeling like you’re throwing money down the drain.

Ancient legend has it that if you fold 1000 paper cranes or senbazurui, you’ll be granted one wish, happiness, or good luck. That is a heck of a lot, but cranes are believed to be mystical creatures that live for 1000 years, hence you make one crane for each year. The good luck they bring and the effort required to get there mean that they are a popular gift for close loved ones. While you’d need to buy three packs of these charming little multicolour sets to get all 1000 done, you can get started for just 100 yen. Decorate your space or gift them and spread the wishes and goodwill!

Naturally, you’re not necessarily limited to using origami paper to do actual origami. Feel free to use these beautiful, neat pieces of paper for arts and crafts, DIY projects, or just to make your everyday lists and notes a bit more impressive. You should still give it a try if you haven’t yet, though; it’s remarkably therapeutic.

2. Funky Erasers: From Adorable Animals to Sushi You Might Not Want to Eat

2. Funky Erasers: From Adorable Animals to Sushi You Might Not Want to Eat

These super cute erasers are perfect for brightening up your desk and having a bit of fun at school or work. There’s bound to be at least one in the huge mix that’s perfect for you: there are a range of animals, foods from around the world, transportation, and even school supplies! Stationery-themed stationery? Only in Japan...

These animal erasers make little great gifts for just about anyone of almost all ages. There are plenty of cute critters to choose from, like these multicolor puppy sets and these plump pandas. You can buy as many as you want to take back home since they won’t take up much space in your luggage. They’re especially good because you can choose to keep them on display forever or use them up, so you don’t need to worry about burdening the minimalist in your life with unwanted knickknacks. Still, it’s hard to imagine anyone not being drawn in by these charming, vibrant little figurines. However, do keep in mind that you shouldn’t give these temptingly colorful yet less-than-nutritious erasers to any kids under the age of three.

Speaking of not eating them, we especially love these realistic sushi erasers. They just scream “Japan”, and they were even made right here! Bring a bit of the island nation back home and mentally relive all your delicious sushi dinners every time you mess up your notes. And just look at the detail on the eggs and the tuna! They’re a perfect mix of quirky and functional that mean everyone will love these fun sets.

3. Stylish Notebooks: Gorgeous Leather-Like Notebooks for a Fraction of the Price!

3. Stylish Notebooks: Gorgeous Leather-Like Notebooks for a Fraction of the Price!

Everybody loves a new notebook. The promise of new contacts, a new subject learned, or a record of your memories; it just gets everyone excited and the creative juices flowing! But not all notebooks are created equal, and ideas as important as yours deserve to be recorded in a fantastic notebook worthy of them. No matter what you plan to write or what your stationery style, your perfect notebook is waiting for you at Daiso!

A leather notebook is an unmistakable sign that its owner has class and cash, and that what’s written inside it is definitely something remarkable, possibly top-secret. How would you like to enjoy such an air of mystery and sophistication without actually forking over a load of cash? Unlike the other options on this list, these faux leather notebooks will unfortunately stretch your budget all the way from 100 yen to (shock and horror!) 300 yen. Still a far cry from the eye-watering prices you’ll find attached to the real deal.

The stylish little metallic clasp will keep your most important projects protected even if you stuff the notebook into your bag in a hurry. Open it up, and you’ll find that it’s actually a spiral notebook, despite its outward appearance. Remove and rearrange the 30 pages of B6 paper easily, without any aggressive tearing and compromising the structural integrity of your all-too-important notes. There is also a pen holder, so you immediately have somewhere to put your new Daiso pen, and space for cards. Keep your finances, a list of business contacts and their cards, or creative projects all in one place.

Daiso do have you covered if you would still rather keep it to 100 yen an item. This simple yet just as classic notebook features a stretchy band to keep it closed, and offers 48 pages of B6 paper.

As the notebooks’ covers are all made from plastic, they are a great find or gift for vegans or anyone else who just isn’t a fan of real leather for one reason or another. They are also available in colours and designs other than black, such as this chic dark red. This pocket-sized beauty is perfect for keeping important notes and information close at hand.

There are styles available other than faux leather, too. As always, there’s something for everyone here! If cute characters and dreamy designs are more your speed, you have to grab these surprisingly sturdy notebooks. Where else would you find genuine Disney merch for 100 yen!? Grab one featuring a strap if you’ll be taking it with you on the go, or without if you want to work in the comfort of your own home.

4. Stickers: For All Your Organization and Customization Needs!

4. Stickers: For All Your Organization and Customization Needs!

Stickers! Perfect for children and the young at heart, Daiso offers thousands of funky stickers for decorating and customizing whatever surface you stick them to, as well as a more adult range of stickers for organizing journals and planners.

Of course it wouldn’t be Japanese stationery without plenty of food-themed stickers, but you can also get your hands on little Mount Fujis, animals, and more familiar themes like stars or hearts. These glittery stickers are extra eye-catching and pretty, and feature some true local cuisine, not just the crowd favourites!

Their 3D, squishy stickers are a must-have! Visual and tactile fun for people of all ages, the soft stickers are unsurprisingly very popular with kids. Give them a squish yourself! It’s just so satisfying. These fishy friends also feature bubbles, balls, and starfish, so no space is wasted.

As if these stickers haven’t charmed your pants off already, even the packaging is part of the experience! Have a blast reading through all the funny phrases, names of animals and foods, and questionable translations.

Their journaling stickers offer a slightly more grown-up chance to have fun with scheduling and make a boring task more enjoyable. There are a few different themes to pick from, such as travel, beauty, and exercise.

For obvious reasons, we had to nab a set of the travel stickers! The best part is that these stickers aren’t just decorative, but also functional. There are options for various kinds of transportation, so you can give yourself an easy reminder of how you’re going to get around. Now you can spruce up your Japan journal and liven up your travel planner!

5. Washi Tape: Let Your Creative Side Go Wild!

5. Washi Tape: Let Your Creative Side Go Wild!

Give your bullet journal some oomph or just spice up your notebooks with some washi tape! Every taste imaginable is represented here, and you can even find Daiso stores with an entire aisle dedicated to this snazzy decorative tape. Endless patterns and colors will ensure none of your stationery is short of fabulous ever again. They can also be used to decorate cards and gift wrap, so you can personalize presents and wow the recipient with how detailed and thoughtful you are.

Elegant metallic geometric patterns for those with edgier tastes, and sweet shells and coral for the mermaid princess at heart. You can now cheaply coordinate your miscellaneous stationery, no matter how dissimilar, so that it all perfectly reflects your style and personality. If you were to buy all new matching stationery to create the elegant, well-designed workspace of your dreams, it would cost an arm and a leg. Not anymore thanks to Daiso! You could also potentially indulge in a huge variety of tastes and themes, and organize a whole library of fully-customized and systematically arranged notebooks.

Like so! Get your journal looking stylish and well-designed with minimal effort and no artistic talent required.

The absolutely adorable animals go without saying at this point, but it’s a chubby shiba! How much more loveable could this tape be? Opening a notebook to see this little face smiling up at you is sure to melt your heart every time.

Get festive with an elegant gold Christmas tree tape, or satisfy your sweet tooth with a range of treats! These themes lend themselves perfectly to recipes, dream diaries, and more!

As an added bonus, they even have this adorable cat tape cutter! Too cute!

You Know You Want to Buy It All, and at These Prices There’s No Excuse Not to

It can be tough getting gifts for everyone back home – especially when you factor in classmates and co-workers, where you might want to just get something small, in bulk, to hand around.

But stationery is the ideal gift for just about anyone; everyone needs to write at some point, whether it’s school notes or just a shopping list. Daiso’s affordable range of stationery takes the financial stress out of the picture, letting you focus on having fun shopping in Japan and getting excited about all the beautiful stationery. Bring home a bit of Japan home that will remind you of the trip of a lifetime every day!

Katie Clayton

Katie Clayton

Having lived in Jamaica and the UK, Katie now finds herself most at home in Japan. She’s an English teacher and a translator with a passion for fashion, and she’s a pro at hunting down beautiful locally made products and thrifted gems. Two of her favorite pastimes include eating and relaxing at onsen – though preferably not at the same time!

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