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'MEAT&WINE': Fantastic Eats at Crazy Cheap Prices in Tokyo’s Shinjuku!

'MEAT&WINE': Fantastic Eats at Crazy Cheap Prices in Tokyo’s Shinjuku!

Date published: 26 February 2020
Last updated: 27 February 2020

This cool and casual meat bar in Nishi Shinjuku is the perfect place to chill with great food and great wine in the heart of Tokyo! Diamond Dining Co., Ltd. has opened their new “MEAT & WINE Wine Hall Glamour NEXT Nishi Shinjuku” where you can sip wine at crazy low prices, starting at 60 yen. Let's see what they have in store for us!

Although you pay a small (500 yen) entrance fee, you'll soon make that up in incredible deals - their specialty is offering wines incredibly close to market prices! With highballs for just 60 yen, and beer for 160 yen, you'd think they would have no more room for cheap drinks on the menu... But you can even get full bottles of wine starting from 800 yen! (We were shocked too!)

If the low-price drinks aren't enough to tempt you, there's more - the food is incredible! With each dish being made onsite, you really know you're getting quality gourmet dishes. Let’s take a peek at the exclusive menu...

Shinjuku Store Dish Recommendations

Shinjuku Store Dish Recommendations
Recommended dish no.1: Grilled Kokusangyu Ichibo (beef, 1,990 yen)

In recent years, lean meat has really been in the spotlight. This dish really combines delicate taste with serious visual impact! When it first arrives at the table, we’ve been recommended to try it with the original taste of the meat together with salt and wasabi. After getting a full understanding of the taste of the meat, then try it with the original sauce that combines fond de veau and Vinho da Madeira to emphasize the essence of the red meat.

Recommended dish no.2: Aged 48 hours Pork Shoulder Roast Grill (pork, 1,490 yen)

This thick-cut pork shoulder may look somewhat tough in texture – but looks can be deceiving! Once you raise it to your mouth, you’ll realize the pork is delightfully tender. The secret is their maturation process in which they use a 2-day herb marinade. A MEAT & WINE specialty created with 48 hours of labor and love.

Recommended dish no.3: Grilled Beef Rib “Finger Meat” (beef, 1,590 yen)

Since its debut at other branches, this has been the most popular dish at MEAT & WINE. This meat comes from the tender rib area, and the meaty appearance is certainly reflected in its delectable taste! If you’re lost in the sea of delicious-looking items on the menu, this is definitely a good place to start!

1. Grilled Kokusangyu Beef Heart (1,490 yen) 2. Freeze-matured Pork Belly Grill (1,590 yen) 3. Healthy Homemade Chicken and Herbs (1,490 yen)

“Freeze Maturing” is a technique for aging at freezing temperatures, making the meat fluffy and juicy even once cooked, a perfect pairing with any of the wines on offer. Of course, a healthier option is the herb chicken, which has recently been popular in Japan for its high-protein, low-fat properties!

1. MEAT&WINE Meat Shabu Shabu (750 yen) 2. RED HOT Fire Chicken (990 yen)

A luxurious part that is often used for steaks, this melt-in-the-mouth sirloin is specifically tailored to shabu-shabu. The chicken on the other hand packs a punch even from first sight! The juiciness of the fried chicken with spicy undertones is complemented by the stimulating and refreshing spiciness of chili. Perfect with beer or a highball!

1. Oyster Nori Ajillo (680 yen) 2. Crab Crab Crab! With Miso Dip and Toast (880 yen)

It’s not all meat! If you have someone who is not so much of a meat fan, these original seafood dishes might be a better option.

Despite the distinctly Japanese tastes, the crab dish goes well with the Western-style bread accompaniment. Speaking of Western-style, the Oyster Ajillo is not to be missed! With a Japanese twist of nori seaweed, this is something you won’t find elsewhere!

1. Rich Meat Sauce Pasta (1,050 yen) 2. Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! Risotto (980 yen)

A little peek into the drinks menu!

A little peek into the drinks menu!

As you fill your stomach with their signature meat dishes, make sure you leave some room for the crazy cheap drinks too!

Here's a taste of what they have on offer to wash down your meal:
◇ Highball sour (8 types) (From 60 yen!)
◇ Huge! 1L Cup (4 types) First appearance in Nishi Shinjuku! A huge cup that exceeds expectations in cost performance (From 230 yen)
◇ Straight from the barrel: sparkling wine (red and white) (From 250 yen)
◇ Beer and beer cocktails (5 types) (From 100 yen)
◇ Cocktail (25 types) (All 150 yen, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)
◇ Soft drinks (7 types) A great choice for those who don't like alcohol. (From 60 yen)

Wine list preview
◆ Senorio de Mareste Brut (bubbly) 800 yen
◆ Japanese Awa Koshu & Chardonnay (bubbly) 1,200 yen
◆ Pietre del Sole Bianco (white) 800 yen
◆ Ceresa Grillo di Sicily (white) 1,000 yen
◆ Pietre del Sole Rosso (red) 800 yen
◆ Aroma Español Tempranillo (Red) 1,000 yen

So, MEAT&WINE does exactly what it says in the name! With a special focus on cheap drinks and delectable meats, this is a must-do on your trip to Tokyo – See if you can find any of the other stores around town too!

  • MEAT & WINE Wine Hall Glamour NEXT Nishi Shinjuku
    MEAT&WINE ワインホールグラマー NEXT 西新宿
    • Address 〒160-0023 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku City, Nishishinjuku, 7-chōme−11−17 ブレステンビル 2F
    • Nearest Station 3 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Station Exit D5 on each line
      3 minutes on foot from Toei Oedo Line Shinjuku West Exit Station Exit D5
      8 minutes walk from Exit A9 of Shinjuku Sanchome Station on the Fukutoshin Line
    • Phone Number 03-5937-0980
    • Business Hours: Mon-Thu 17:00-23:30
      Fridays and the day before national holidays 17:00-4:30
      Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 15:00-23:30
      Regular holidays: None
      Number of seats: 66
      Average cost per visit: 3,500 yen

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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