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SHIBUYA 109: 8 Popular Shops Inside Tokyo’s Fashion Capital!

SHIBUYA 109: 8 Popular Shops Inside Tokyo’s Fashion Capital!

Date published: 31 October 2019
Last updated: 9 September 2020

Since it opened in 1979 the fashion building SHIBUYA 109 has led the way in the latest trends among the younger generations and is a familiar landmark in Shibuya known to many. Its floors are filled with all sorts of trendy brands that draw attention not only in Japan but all over the world.

Here we’ll introduce 8 SHIBUYA 109 shops and their products which are popular among the Japanese!

SHIBUYA109 Overview

SHIBUYA109 Overview

SHIBUYA109 is the place where young ladies’ fashion trends begin. There are more than 120 shops inside the building offering a cornucopia of hot items including apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, and sundried items, and at reasonable prices! The core target is young people, but most of the shops have items that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

When is the best time to shop in SHIBUYA109?
Two major sales, the Winter sale (January 2 ~ 31) and the Summer Sale (June 30 ~ July 31) are huge events.

The Winter Sale draws long lines of shoppers as each store sells fukubukuro (lucky bags) on the second and third of January. There is also a special sale before and after August 15th. A Halloween campaign is being planned for October.

Payment system
Payment can be made with UnionPay, Alipay, and Wechat PAY and the floor guides are in three languages: English, Chinese, and Korean.

1. R&E: Low-heel shoes comfortable for walking (B1F)

R&E is especially popular with young ladies in their 20s who are acutely attuned to the latest trending fashions because it offers a broad selection of items keyed to their expectations.

One special feature of the shoes is that they are easy to wear in spite of having high heels, combining practicality with fashion and it is this feature that brings back repeat customers.

There is a large selection of low-heel shoes on display, too, the most popular being the enamel open-toe pumps (7,300 yen). From a few years ago these were offered during the season and this year they have been made with a new type of enamel. The most popular color is the pink beige.

One recommendation is the low-heel sandals made with clear and glitter materials (7,900 yen) that is very trendy this year. These stylish sandals not only make your legs look attractive but are comfortable to walk in, qualities that make them very popular with the ladies.

Enamel open-toe pumps highly popular with repeat customers
Glitter-sole low-heel sandals that bring style to your legs are this season’s trend-setter

2. Peach John: Popular lingerie brand that accentuates feminine beauty (3F)

“Life Is Beautiful” is the theme at Peach John, the lingerie brand popular with women. Its popularity, both at home and with foreign visitors, is due to the excellent quality of its products.

The very popular “Dream Bra”, worn even under light clothes, provides dream-like comfort as its name suggests (3,480 yen). The special process by which it is made means there are no seams and the wire support is unnoticeable. There also are no product tags so it fits smooth against the skin comfortably.

The tube-type “Lacey Strapless” bra that hides cleavage (2,480 yen) is a standard favorite. It is appreciated for the fact that it can be worn even with open-back western-style dresses and is especially popular with Chinese visitors. It is made with a material that feels cool to the touch and is just the perfect item for this summer.

Here, too, you can also find body care products in addition to lingerie such as the “Bomb Bust Cream Rich” (2,980 yen).

Simple yet stylish and highly functional “Dream Cup Bras”
The “Lacy Strapless” bra that hides cleavage
Recommendation: “Please try out this fantastically comfortable and functional Dream Bra”

3. One Spo: For that sporty and sexy look (4F)

“One spo” is a fashion brand with a new concept that blends sexy with sporty. There is a wide selection of items noted for their original, unfettered design. Some may think it difficult to give feminine expression to a sporty style, yet these attractive designs manage to do just that.

Popular this season is the 2WAY shirt that shows a bit of shoulder (5,900 yen). This can also be worn as a sleeveless dress when you tie the sleeves of a shirt around the waist. You can further arrange the line around the shoulder using a belt.

The popular shoulder belt shirt dress (7,452 yen) offers a selection of different width and color straps of different materials.

Popular 2WAY layered dress that accentuates feminine charms by showing shoulders
Cute shoulder belt dress using different border materials
Recommendation: “one spo is recommended for those who like trendy fashions with a sporty flair!”

4. MURUA: Offering a casual elegance popular with all ages (5F)

MURUA creates a unique mood of femininity based on a cool masculine black coordination that enhances it. The allure of this mature design is its ability to evoke a sense of femininity in a chic and composed way.

The popular lace pants (7,900 yen) debuted in early 2018. The fabric is a subdued white lace material accentuated with vertical lines. This item that has a striped pants pattern is very popular with repeat customers. The knit tank (3,900 yen) comes in a standard white and black as well as in other colorful variations using blue and orange.

Lace pants popular this season (left) and chic striped pants (right)
All-round easy to wear knit tank top which is a standard favorite

5. PUNYUS: Has a rich display of delightful striking fashions

The PUNYUS brand is produced by the popular comedienne Naomi Watanabe who has drawn international attention for being selected by TIME Magazine as one of the top 25 most influencers on the Internet with 8 million followers on Instagram, the most in Japan.

Regardless of size or genre, the store invites girls to enjoy the many colorful items, apparel and accessories, that come in cute, casual, pop and many other styles. The shop enjoys customers of all ages, from teens to older women as it offers sizes up to 6L.

Lately the store has enjoyed a growing number of foreign visitors. T-shirts having food motifs (3,990 yen) are very popular, especially the one having a sunny-side-up fried egg motif which has remained unchanged since it first went on sale. Another always popular item is the “Itadaki mouse” character because the food shown changes with the seasons.

Products having popular motifs
New T-shirts having the popular “Itadaki Mouse” character
Recommendation: “I recommend this tote bag (large 1,990 yen, small 1,550 yen). Please come and look at this stylish item.”

6: moreru mignon: Exciting space where you can create your own dreams in print seals! (7F)

The photo sticker specialty shop “moreru mignon” was completed in September 2017. The interior resembling a land of sweets was designed in collaboration with the popular sweets artist KUNIKA. While the main target is high school girls, it was also designed to attract many others to visit this popular photo spot.

This space delights visitors with its large, cake-like sofa, large donut shapes, and a bathtub full of candy – sweet scenes inviting them to take photos to their hearts’ delight.

The shop is quite crowded on Saturdays, so weekday afternoons are a better time to come. This is a good place to stop by to take a break from shopping or a place to wait for a friend. There is even a room set aside where you can touch up your hair and makeup before you take pictures (the space can be rented as a hair salon).

Photo stickers are 500 yen each time. There is a corner in the rear selling sweets, such as gummy and lollipops, plus other items that fit the image of the shop and look great in the photos you take.

Large cake-shaped sofa positioned to make it easy to include in any photo
Upper left: Mirror room for taking unique photos; lower left: makeup room; upper right: photogenic donuts; lower right: the sweet room, a photo spot reserved only for those taking photos for print seals
PR recommendation: “Please enjoy all the other places in the shop ideal for taking photos in addition to the photo sticker area. Take a picture like this!”

7. SBY: For a great collection of trending items, come here!

SBY offers a richly diverse selection of the latest trending items be they cosmetics or sundries. This shop continues to shine light on the most popular trending items with the latest most up-to-date information, as its concept “Keep On Shining” suggests, to the delight of both customers and shop staff.

It has a wide selection of false eyelashes made in-house varying in color, length, and shape making it easy to find the ones best suited to you. Prices range between 1,000 and 1,400 yen depending on type). There are also more than 500 types of color contacts.

And in one corner of the store is a café where you can enjoy such sweets as tapioca drinks, starting at 380 yen, and crepes starting at 370 yen (prices vary according to type).

In the rear of the shop there is a makeup room where you can try out the various items being sold in the store (there are electrical outlets; limited to women only).

A rich selection of false eyelashes in all sorts of colors and sizes
SBY café space
Makeup space for trying out products
Recommendation: “We have all the latest trending items, so come and check them out”

8. Swankiss: Overflowing with romantic cuteness, this shop will set young girls' hearts aflutter!

Swankiss aims to satisfy the wishes of all girls to remain cute forever. The theme to which it aspires is one of cute and fancy items that can be worn either for special occasions or daily use.

These clothes are also used by models and artists. Everything here is designed to keep alive the cuteness sought by girls of all ages. This romantic girlish style is also popular with foreigners and is truly symbolic of the cute culture originating in Japan.

LOVE, with its heart motif, is a series of all sorts of items such as wallets (8,500 yen), bags (8,000 yen), and cut-and-sew (8,000 yen). It also handles lots of lace, and cute swimwear with a western feel as well as many other unusual and unique designs which are perennial favorites!

Bags, wallets, and small items with heart motif
Swimwear popular every year
Recommendation: “Lots of cute items, so please come and take a look!”

All of the shops introduced this time have their own unique qualities regardless of genre, be it cute, cool, stylish, or pop and they all are trend setters in Japanese fashion.

Here you will find items you didn't know existed and just looking at them all is a pleasure in itself. For those conscious of the latest trends and fashions then these are shops that must be visited.

All of the floors in this building overflow with the latest trends, so if you are visiting Japan and want to experience the latest trends firsthand, then you definitely will want to come here!

Hours: 10:00 a.m. ~ 9:00 p.m.

* Café and restaurant
7F Café Ma Maison 10:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m.
7F Chirico di NAPOLI 11:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m.

Building closed: January 1st
Access: 3-minute walk from Hachiko Exit of JR Shibuya Station

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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