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Date published: 7 January 2021
Last updated: 4 February 2021

TOKYO SKYTREE is the world's tallest free-standing radio tower and one of Tokyo's most recognizable tourist attractions. From December 23, 2020, through March 31, 2021, TOKYO SKYTREE is showcasing its special "EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE," an event celebrating the latest movie, EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time.

In addition to the huge Evangelion on display in the Tembo Galleria, the characters and other Evangelion's characters are on display. Exclusive souvenirs, limited-time cafe menu items, and the unique photo service that featuring composite photos with the characters make this a must-see collaboration for fans.

* Schedule, activities, and available products subject to change. Please check the official website for details before visiting.

Top photo © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

The Tembo Galleria exhibition is amazing!

The Tembo Galleria exhibition is amazing!
Tembo Shuttle (elevator) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

The exhibition is being held in the Tembo Galleria, 450 meters above the ground. You'll feel the excitement as soon as you enter either of the two "Tembo Shuttle" elevators that will take you to the Galleria.

The elevators are decorated to recreate the insertion of the "entry plug" into an Evangelion, and during the 30-second ascent, riders are presented with famous scenes from the Rebuild of EVANGELION series and imagery that will only heighten your anticipation for the main event.

初号機強襲 (Shogoki Attack) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

Exit the Tembo Shuttle into instant amazement!

初号機強襲 (Shogoki Attack) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

You'll be welcomed by a huge Evangelion Unit-01 ("Shogoki") head bursting through the Galleria floor. It's a perfect opportunity to get a picture with the impressive machine!

エヴァアーカイブ (Eva Archive) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE
エヴァアーカイブ (Eva Archive) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

On the walls of the 110-meter-long Tembo Galleria, you'll be introduced to Evangelion, characters, and quotes from the Rebuild of EVANGELION series. While being immersed in the unique Evangelion font outlining the series' concepts, visitors are invited to venture further into the world of Evangelion.

コア化した大地 (Tokyo-3) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

The turn from the Tembo Galleria into Tembo Galleria Floor 450 has been reimaged as "Tokyo-3," the main setting of the series. There you can take a photo with a life-size version of the Rei Ayanami character.

序・破・Q そして、シンへ (Beginning, Middle, End, and New) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

The Galleria also introduces all four installments of the Rebuild of EVANGELION series, from EVANGELION: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, released in 2007 to 2021's EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time.

コアを破壊せよ (Destruction of the core) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

At SKYTREE's highest observation point, "Sorakara Point" – 451.2 meters above ground – there's another photo area with a "progressive knife" piercing a "core." Along the ramp descending from Sorakara Point to the Tembo Shuttle, a diorama featuring figures from the "Kaiyodo EVANGELION Figure World" series depicts famous scenes, further bringing the Evangelion world to life.

Exclusive, limited-edition collectibles!

Exclusive, limited-edition collectibles!
EVANGELION トウキョウスカイツリー®計画 クリアファイル (EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE Clear File) (440 yen each) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

In one corner of Tembo Galleria Floor 450, there's a souvenir shop that offers limited edition pieces exclusive to the EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE.

EVANGELION トウキョウスカイツリー®計画 立体アクリルスタンド (EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE 3D Acrylic Stand) (2,200 yen each) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

Some of the fun products available include five different "pop-up acrylic stands" (2,200 yen each) depicting 3D character art created specifically for this TOKYO SKYTREE event and metal key chains that feature character images and a charm of their associated weapon. There are plenty of other limited-edition items that can only be bought here, appealing even to non-fans, like "print cookies" with five different character images.

EVANGELION トウキョウスカイツリー®計画 アクリル2枚パネル (EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE Acrylic 2 Panels) (6,380 yen each) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE
EVANGELION トウキョウスカイツリー®計画 メタルキーホルダー (EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE Metal Keychain) (1,320 yen each) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE
EVANGELION トウキョウスカイツリー®計画 プリントクッキー(EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE Print Cookies) ( 842 yen) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

Those who purchase an item over 3,000 yen (tax included) will receive an exclusive shopping bag. The bags aren't available for sale, making them a highly sought-after bonus. (*Some products not eligible. Available while supplies last.)

Limited-time menu items at SKYTREE CAFE!

Limited-time menu items at SKYTREE CAFE!

Throughout the event, the SKYTREE CAFE on Tembo Deck Floor 340 will serve menu items inspired by Evangelion characters like unique beverages colored to match the characters they represent: light blue and white "ブルーヨーグルトドリンクVer.レイ (Blue Yogurt Drink Ver. Rei)" is mildly sweet with and refreshing aftertaste, slightly bitter red and orange "ブラッドオレンジジュースVer.アスカ (Blood Orange Juice Ver. Asuka)" and sweet and sour pink "ストロベリーソーダドリンクVer.マリ (Strawberry Soda Drink Ver. Mari)" (900 yen each).

In addition to the extensive drinks lineup, there are plenty of sweets like the "ピアノチーズケーキVer.シンジ&カヲル (Piano Cheesecake Ver. Shinji & Kaworu)," based on the scene of Shinji and Kaworu's duet (1,300 yen). Be sure to try it!

オリジナルコースター(綾波レイ) 他、全5種 (Five coaster types) © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

What's more, every time you order, you'll get one of five randomly selected coasters, so you'll want to buy as many drinks as it takes to get your favorite character! The cafe's interior has also been decorated to resemble a classroom in the Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School the characters attend, making it another must-see for fans.

With plenty of special points of interest, this winter, head to EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE!

With plenty of special points of interest, this winter, head to EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE!

There are many other options to excite visitors!

Each day, a special photo service makes it possible for visitors to have their picture taken "with" their favorite Evangelion character with their associated Evangelion "looking" into SKYTREE from outside as a background (1,800 yen). Even SKYTREE's mascot, Sorakara-chan, is part of the festivities, wearing an Evangelion-themed costume reminiscent of Rei Ayanami's plug suit as she welcomes visitors.

『「残酷な天使のテーゼ」スカイツリーラウンドシアターVer.a.k.a 高橋洋子 from KING SUPER LIVE』SKYTREE ROUND THEATER © Khara/Project Eva. ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

In the SKYTREE ROUND THEATER, which uses the windows of Tembo Deck Floor 350 as a giant screen, Neon Genesis EVANGELION TV series' immortal opening theme "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" is presented along with a video of singer Yoko Takahashi's live rendition. The powerful sights and sounds of this HD music video were edited by Masayuki, the assistant director of the Neon Genesis EVANGELION TV series – it's a must-see!

© Khara/Project Eva. ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

Experience the world of Evangelion against the beautiful backdrop of Tokyo's night view in a way that can only be experienced at TOKYO SKYTREE.

© Khara/Project Eva. ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

For the EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE duration, the tower itself will be lit up with five patterns to match Evangelion Unit-01, Unit-00, Unit-02, Mark.06, and Unit-08. The colors change every 3 minutes, and being able to enjoy the show even after you leave TOKYO SKYTREE only adds to the event's cool factor!

Making full use of the latest technology, TOKYO SKYTREE is dressed in Evangelion colors to celebrate the upcoming movie release. Even if you're not a fan of the anime series, it definitely adds to the event's cool factor, so be sure to check out EVANGELION in TOKYO SKYTREE in winter 2020-2021!

COVID-19 Countermeasures at TOKYO SKYTREE

COVID-19 Countermeasures at TOKYO SKYTREE
Sorakara-chan welcomes you wearing a limited-time costume and a mask to combat infectious disease © Khara ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

COVID-19 prevention measures include:
•Available hand disinfectant
•Proper ventilation
•Protective partitions
•Staff wearing masks, washing and disinfecting hands regularly, gargling, and temperature monitoring
•Implementation of admission restrictions and refusal of entry for those in poor health
•Visitors request to wear masks and undergo temperature measurement upon entry

* All prices include tax. Subject to change without notice.
* Schedule, activities, and available products subject to change. Please check the official website for details before visiting.

Text by Shinsaku Umeda. Translated by Gabriel Wilkinson.

* The official names of each exhibition production and product name are written in Japanese.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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