Shigenoyu has a Miyatsukuri style (a typical Tokyo public bathhouse architecture mimicking shrine pavilions) appearance with a well-kept garden, and illustrations of Mt. Fuji on the wall of the bathrooms. Its motto is “public baths are an oasis of the town” and the traditional Japanese-style public bathhouse has been well accepted by local people. The public bathhouse is operated in a traditional style and the modern facilities are very limited. However, it keeps the facilities clean and comfortable. Bubble bath, supersonic-wave bath, sit & lie down bath, sauna and shower booth are available. Ota ward has started its “omotenashi (hospitality) project to welcome foreign visitors” since 2013 and this public bathhouse has the Public bath pointing guidance manual (in 5 languages) as well as the poster, Please enjoy Japanese public bath (in 5 languages) explaining how to have a bath created in the project. Staff members explain to you as politely and attentively as possible, so foreign visitors can also enjoy comfortably. A 10-minute walk from Anamori Inari Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line. Please note that this place uses the bandai system (Bandai is a counter for a staff member to collect a fee or watch over the dressing rooms, placed near the entrance) and you might find a male member of staff on duty.

Location Information

  • Address

    3-16-1, Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0043

  • Nearest Station
    Anamori-Inari Station
    ・ Keikyu Airport Line
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese
  • Closed

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