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Exploring the World's Largest MUJI Store!

Exploring the World's Largest MUJI Store!

Last updated: 25 November 2019

There is perhaps no other brand that perfectly encapsulates both Japanese culture and trends like MUJI. From its humble origins as discount retailer to a lifestyle brand boasting more than 7,000 products found in 27 countries across the globe, MUJI is here to stay! And it has conquered the world in its own unique way—by distinguishing itself through sleek, minimalist design and low-waste packaging. You can find everything from clothing, cosmetics, skin care goods, stationery, travel goods, food, beverages and even furniture under the roof of a MUJI store!

MUJI Yurakucho Flagship Store

MUJI Yurakucho Flagship Store

But did you know there’s a MUJI store where you can find all of the above—plus shop for fresh produce, dine at a café, rent bicycles, and even explore the MUJI hut? It’s all possible at MUJI’s global flagship store in Yurakucho, where takes about 10-15 minutes walking from Tokyo station. We recently visited MUJI Yurakucho flagship store to find what exactly makes this store stand out from the rest.

Built in 2011 and renovated in July 2017, the MUJI Flagship Store covers 3500 square meters and is the largest MUJI store in the world. You may be surprised that this one story building can house everything in MUJI’s product lineup, but even the design of the building is true MUJI. MUJI Yurakucho is actually a three story building!

1F-Green Market, MUJI Hut, Home Gardening, and Information Desk

1F-Green Market, MUJI Hut, Home Gardening, and Information Desk

As soon as you enter, you'll immediately notice the grocer. The Green Farmer is exclusive to MUJI Yurakucho and is a major part of the flagship store's renewal. It features only organic fruits and vegetables direct from farms that use little to no chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The average Tokyoite is so far removed from farmland, so MUJI decided to bring the farm to Tokyo.

To enhance the connection between produce and its farmers, you’ll find the stories of Japanese farmers and their farms played on television screens throughout the Green Farmer. Stick around for awhile and be amazed at the hard work that farmers put into bringing fresh, healthy produce to our tables.

In addition to fresh produce, here also stocks various types of organic teas, dressing, canned foods and condiments. MUJI carefully select which ones to line up and categorize them as Shokoku-ryohin—literally meaning finest selected goods from all over Japan. Again, the goal of this Green Farmer is connect urban dwellers with the countryside, so there's plenty of local merchandise to choose from.

As you browse the shelves, the MUJI Hut will no doubt catch your eye. Don’t be afraid—go on and enter! The MUJI Hut is a single story prefabricated mini-home that covers 9 square meters but it's spacious enough for 3 to 4 people. If you see sofa or furnishings that catch your eye, you can find them on the 3rd Floor.

On your way to the elevator, you’ll pass the Home Gardening section and the Info Desk. A little-known secret about MUJI Yurakucho is that you can actually rent bicycles. So if you’re looking to explore the Tokyo/Ginza area like a local, stop by the Information Desk and rent one of MUJI’s sleek, fashionable bicycles for a few hours. Bicycles can be rented for 1,080 yen a day. You'll need a form of ID (e.g. passport) and a cash deposit of 3,000 yen.

2F-Foods, Clothing, Stationery, Skin Care & Cosmetics, Bookstore, Kids’ Space, MUJI Café, and Tax-Free Counter

2F-Foods, Clothing, Stationery, Skin Care & Cosmetics, Bookstore, Kids’ Space, MUJI Café, and Tax-Free Counter

The second floor is where all the action takes place. You can find all of MUJI’s fan favorites here as well as discovering new things for yourself. As you ride the escalator to the second door, you’re immediately presented with the latest seasonal wear. In addition to trendy, yet functional men and women’s clothing, you’ll also find children’s clothing as well as a wooden play-space and books for little ones. You may also have your clothes altered on the second floor.

Of course, you can’t forget the vast selection of MUJI stationery, books, food items, kitchenware and health and beauty products. In fact, everything is so conveniently located, you might not know where to start!

Beyond the clothing area is where the skin care, cosmetics, and other health and beauty items are. The layout is very easy to navigate, so you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re searching for.

If you’re here for MUJI’s famed pre-packaged curries, head to the food and beverage area. Grab your favorites and a few new ones, along with some traditional Japanese snacks and teas. Head to the nearby kitchen area and see how MUJI has effortlessly brought its simple and clean Japanese aesthetic to western tableware.

Going back to Food and Drinks area, you will find the sleek and stylish Café & Meal MUJI ahead. Try and see how the fresh fruits and vegetables taste different, if you are willing but may not be able to pack those fresh products into your suitcase. Also, drop by the fashionably styled café for a meal and get a few baked goods to go. You'll find a variety of bread in the bakery, including freshly made sandwiches and danishes, too!

3F-Home Furnishings, Appliances, and Bedding

3F-Home Furnishings, Appliances, and Bedding

Even though you’ve finished your shopping, there’s still one last floor to visit. Let your eyes browse the arched bookshelf of MUJI BOOKS as you make your way to the third floor. Once you’ve explored the third floor, you’ll see why MUJI is more than a clothing retailer and a brand—it’s a lifestyle. Here you can purchase bicycles, home appliances, furniture, and bedding.

Feel free to try out one of the many sofas and chairs on display. No doubt you’ve picked up the Japanese custom of removing your shoes before entering a home, so get a few MUJI slippers made from recycled materials to bring the MUJI lifestyle to your home!

Before you head to the check out, stop by the stamp service section called “MUJI YOURSELF”. Here the stamps are provided free of charge to decorate, for example, a notebook. Or you can also find a shopping bag for free nearby the stamp table, so why not use this bag for a gift to your friends and family?

When it’s time to check out, stop by the tax-free counter. As a majority of MUJI’s international customer base is Chinese, there are staff who can provide guidance in Chinese, and English as well.

We hope you enjoyed exploring MUJI Yurakucho Flagship Store with us!

Getting There:

Getting There:

MUJI Yurakucho Flagship store is located adjacent to exit D9 of Yurakucho Station on the Yurakucho Line. Yurakucho Exit D9 can also be accessed within 7 minutes by getting off at Hibiya Station on the Hibiya and Mita Lines. It will take 2 minutes from Yurakucho Station (Kyobashi Entrance) by using the Yamanote Line or Keihin Tohoku Line.

  • Muji Yūrakuchō
    無印良品 有楽町店
    • Address 〒100-0005 Infos Yurakucho 1-3F, 3-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    • Nearest Station Yurakucho Station
    • Phone Number 03-5208-8241
    • Website: www.muji.com

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Teni Wada

Teni Wada

American by birth, Japanese by choice, and traveler at heart, Teni Wada is a Tokyo-based content creator who enjoys browsing combini shelves for limited edition drinks and snacks. Find out more about her Tokyo life and travels over at Instagram @wadateni and blog babykaiju.com.

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