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  • Soka Matsubara (Big Bonsai Road)
  • Soka Matsubara (Big Bonsai Road)
  • Soka Matsubara (Big Bonsai Road)
  • Soka Matsubara (Big Bonsai Road)
  • Soka Matsubara (Big Bonsai Road)

Soka Matsubara (Big Bonsai Road)

国指定名勝「おくのほそ道の風景地 草加松原」(Big Bonsai Road)


This road of pine trees is approximately 1.5 km long and was designated as Scenery of the Narrow Road to the Deep North (“Oku-no-hosomichi”) in March 2014. With 634 pine trees planted along it, including an old tree with a trunk measuring 2 m in diameter, it can truly be called the Big Bonsai Road. Recommended to those who want to experience the natural beauty of Japan, Soka Matsubara has also been selected as one of the 100 Roads of Japan and 100 Landscapes of the Tone River. You can also enjoy blooming cherry trees here in spring. On the south side is Fudabakashi Park, which reproduces a ship’s wharf from the Ayase River’s transportation days. This park has a statue of Basho Matsuo, who is said to have visited Soka, as well a number of atmospheric structures including the Jinzaemonseki Weir, which has been designated as a prefectural cultural properly; a watchtower that overlooks the pine and the Ayase River; and two arched bridges, Hyakutaibashi Bridge and Yatatebashi Bridge, both of their names tied to Basho’s “The Narrow Road to the Deep North.” Get off at Matsubaradanchi Station on the Tobu Sky Tree Line, leave through the east exit and head east along the main street away from the station. A five-minute walk from the station, Soka Matsubara runs north-south along Prefectural Road 49, the Adachi-Koshiya Line.

Location Information

  • Address

    1, Sakaecho, Soka-shi, Saitama, 340-0011

  • Nearest Station
    Dokkyodaigakumae Station
    ・ Tobu Isesaki Line (Tobu Sky Tree Line)
    East Exit
    5 minutes on foot
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese
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  • Washroom: available
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